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  • BTS Video Chronicle RuneScape Legends
    11-21-2015 09:02

    Chronicle - our coming strategy cards - is that the focus on. Mod ThatJim and Mod Fox offer an summary of what Chronicle has future for RuneScape fans and on the far side. They conjointly cowl the coming closed beta, that you'll be able to still register to play via the Chronicle web site.

    Podcast Mod Neena Exposed


    It's Mod Neena's activate the podcast. Listen certain  a conversation regarding the lifetime of a PMod, studio visits for players, the Player Gallery and the way repeatedly she has died in RuneScape.

    Developer A DarkScape


    This week's featured  was regarding the devilish world of DarkScape. A team of mods tackled your questions about the sport, its latest changes and up to date updates - and you'll be able to recap the complete factor here or on rsgoldfast.
    Have a good weekend, Scapers - see you on Monday for mammoths!


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