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​Top 10 Best Skills to Make Money in RuneScape

Oct-21-2022 PST

RuneScape 3 is a massive role-playing game that features an expansive world, and money runs this world. More than twenty-seven different skills are available that you can master to make money in RuneScape. Only members can access these twenty skills, while only seventeen skills are available for non-members. Here are the four categories of skills in RuneScape.

· Combat

· Gathering

· Support

· Artisan

Each skill has its pros and cons. Some skills provide you with both money as well as experience points while others don’t feature anything at all. You have to work on both Prayer Skill and Magic Skill to successfully complete your adventure. Making money is very easy as various activities are available in the game. This article features the top 10 best money-making skills in RuneScape.

1. Slayer

Slayer is a combat skill where you have to complete slayer tasks assigned by Slayer masters on the game map. Even beginner slayers can make a lot of money in RuneScape. You can train various combat skills such as ranged, magic, defense, attack, constitution, and strength at the same time. With the right skills, you can make around two million in-game currency per hour.

2. Hunter

Hunter is a dedicated gathering skill where you can hunt some high monsters to make around seven million currency with just one hour of grinding. To maximize your earnings, look for an empty server and use more than one box trap at the same time. Check your level before fighting against monsters, as some monsters are very difficult, and they can kill you in a few hits.

3. Rune crafting

The whole training process of rune crafting provides you with billions in RuneScape. Craft runes such as mud, dust, mist, steam, lava, smoke, etc., for maximum benefit. When you craft these runes, the training process will speed up, but you first have to upgrade the skill to level six. To get things done, you will have to do a lot of grinding as you need various materials to craft runes.

4. Farming

As the name suggests, you have to grow various things to make money, and herbs are your best option. Some of the most profitable herbs that you can farm in RuneScape are Tortsol, Spirit weed, and Ranarr. If you have already harvested these herbs from the farmland, clean them to increase the profit. You will also get experience points for growing and harvesting herbs are a bonus along with all the money.

5. Herblore

Herblore is a fairly profitable skill in RuneScape because the prices of its products go up and down in the grand exchange from time to time. It is an artisan skill that provides you with one hundred and fifty thousand for each item that you sell to the NPC at the market. You can avoid grinding by purchasing the raw material from the market and making items to sell them again and earn a profit of more than ten million.

6. Mining

Mining is a gathering skill where you collect resources from the map and sell them at the grand exchange to make around one million in an hour. Mining is very similar to smiting, and most Smithers level up both skills at the same time for added benefit. When it comes to mining resources, Runite is your best option, but you need to upgrade the mining to level fifty.

7. Fishing

The Fishing skill is a very different gathering skill when it comes to its functioning. While fishing, you will be relaxing in RuneScape. Various high-level fish are available in the game that you can catch to earn profit by selling them. If you manage to catch some good fish, you can make around one million in an hour or so.

8. Woodcutting

With woodcutting, just cut down the right logs and receive both experience points as well as currency in RuneScape. It is a skill for beginners who are new to the game and want to learn more about skills. You don’t have to do any extra effort rather than picking up the axe and chopping some trees on the game map.

9. Divination

Divination is all about taming the right energy type to make billions in profit. Some of the best methods for making money with Divination skills are elder energy, coursed energy, and incandescent energy. The cursed energy is the most profitable skill that will help you earn three million in just one hour.

10. Fletching

Fletching lets you make bolts and sell them at the grand exchange at a good price based on the raw materials. Ascendri, onyx, and bakriminel bolts are very profitable Fletching methods. You can make around one billion if you manage to upgrade the Fletching to the max level. It is a very easy money-making skill.

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