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​Tips For Creating a 1 Defense Pure OSRS


​Tips For Creating a 1 Defense Pure OSRS

One Defense pures have always been the most common build on Runescape due to the ease of starting one up and the additional challenge of fighting. The idea is to create a glass cannon of pure offensive stats to keep it as powerful as possible within the combat bracket. Ofcourse, there are a few things to keep in mind while creating such an account.

Managing Your Hitpoints

While having a decent life pool is desirable during fights, having too high of health compared to your offensive skills can knock you into a higher combat bracket. Players intentionally plan on using means to train without gaining hit points experience, albeit being much more difficult.

For example, there is no alternative to starting off your pure’s melee stats without questing. Tree Gnome Village, The Grand Tree, Fight Arena and Waterfall Quests are definitely doable on a fresh account to get basic stats.

If you want to get a little more extreme, you can train lots of Strength levels using Barbarian fishing over combat. You may only get around 5,000 experience per hour, but it adds up if you plan on training fishinganyway.

For range, cannoning all the way to your desired level will give no hitpoints experience at all, even when being expensive. This is very popular for low-level rushing accounts.

Magic can easily be splashed, even until level 99 if your budget allows it. High-level alchemy, jewelry or bolt enchanting, or super-heating are also viable magic training methods.

Determining Your Prayer Level

Your prayer level is another factor that determines your combat level, so you must decide how essential it is for your build. Some players, especially F2P pures, choose tostay at 1 prayer to guarantee the lowest combat level compared to their strength or range.

For example, if you want to venture into Mortaynia to unlock tons of content, you will have todo Priest  in Peril for some mandatory prayer experience. This would ruin your plans at staying 1 Prayer. At the very least, you will unlock low level prayer boosts to strength which would stack with your potions.

For getting a fire cape, it is quitedifficult to do without at least protect from missiles and magic, requiring 40 prayer. This is one of the reasons whyend-game pures just go ahead andget 40/43 prayer or higher.

Choosing a God Book

The shield slot would otherwise be neglected on 1 defense pure without a god book. There are a few options to choose but a Zamorak book would be the best option for hybriding. This adds +8 to all offensive stats, including magic and range, plus a +5 prayer bonus. A Guthix book would be a budget versions of this with +4 offensive and defensive stats.

Some pures choose a Bandos Book for the +2 strength bonus and it’s extremelylow cost, but it really isn’t worth it. You won’t find much benefit towards your max hit and you are disadvantage for hybrid Pking.

Mith Gloves Versus Combat Bracelet

Mithril gloves are pretty muchthe standard since it is the maximum item availble via RFD for 1 defense pures. It offers some of the best stats for pures and is very cheap when purchased from the RFD chest. Combat bracelets are very similar to mithril gloves and can be used starting at level 3. It is also 1 point higher in defensive stats, although 1 lower in defensive stats.

Considering the combat bracelets are very cheap at the moment, getting mithril gloves for your pure is entirely optional. You can still save money by opting for mithril gloves, but the gap is closing in regards to price.

Preventing Accidental Defensive Experience

The biggest tragedy for a pure is accidentally gaining experience in Defense, which can be donein many ways. Since there is no rolling back stats in this version of the game, some people have quit their careers over small mistakes.

One common way is accidently switching your spell casting to the defensive stance, which splits magic and defensive experience. Another is using longrange on your bow when training or pking.

Wrapping Up

In most cases, creating a 1 defense pure is one of the most basic ways to build an account in the game, although highly restrictive. You’ll find different dynamics in how you can play your account, but ultimately you won’t be able to use very much gear, do some quests or access certain PvM content. Otherwise, it is an enjoyable way to PvP in the game. And thank you for your time, buy best osrs gold from RSGoldFast so easy & fast, enjoy!

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