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RuneScape Twisted League Gamemode Guide


RuneScape Twisted League Gamemode Guide

Just like Deadman mode or Ironman Mode, the Runescape Twisted League offers a competitive and unique way to play Oldschool Runescape. Inspired by region-locked accounts that have been popular on Youtube, you will play as a solo character that cannot leave the continent of Kourend. Within this guide, you should be well prepared for your journey once it finally launches.

Understanding the Rules of RuneScape Twisted League

Aside from the obvious fact that players cannot trade with each other nor leave the Kourend-Kebos area, the Jagex has already though up some rules to make everything fair. The most notable rule of the RS Twisted League is the fact that experience rates will be boosted by 500%, making it rather similar to Deadman Mode tournaments.

Conveniently, the respawn location will be set to the Kourend Castle, which is near the crypt. The home teleport spell will also default to this location.

Teleports or ships that would otherwise take you outside the area are blocked accordingly, so don’t even try it. You can still take ships or teleports to other ends of the island. Rushing for the Xerics’ talisman would be a good idea.

Anti-dragon shields are obtainable even though you cannot do the Dragon Slayer quest. This is likely due to so many dragons encountered for Slayer that would be near-impossible to kill without. You can get this from multiple general stores on the island.

How Can I Get Prepared For The Twisted League

The best thing any player could do is research the Runescape Wiki to find everything you can about Kourend, including stuff you didn’t know. It would be good to find out certain monster drops, how to get favor for each house, and what shops are around. For instance, the best place to get a rune axe would probably be the Woodcutting guild.

There are also a few Youtube channels that feature Kourend-only ironmen that may be useful. Watch the first few episodes to see how you can be a resource while stranded on the continent.

It may also be a good idea to gain early access to the Woodcutting guild, in which you can train up fletching, gain gold, make magic bows, and make planks to train construction. Other routes may include training runecrafting at the library, Hunter by searching for worms or getting combat out of the way at sand crabs. There are lots of possibilities on this diverse continent.

Item Drops

Jagex decided to change around how some end-game drops work so that users don’t need to leave Kourend. It also makes it a bit less complicated overall, so it might be work going for these items.

The Kodai Wand no longer needs Master Wand to create and simply drops from the chest. If you’re going from the lance, the hydra claw is instead dropped as the entire lance for the sake of convenience. The ferocious gloves no longer need to be upgraded from Barrows gloves and is also a rare drop from the Alchemical Hydra.

There are also a couple of relics that emulate quest items that would have been obtained elsewhere. The Abyssal Accumulator is like the Ava’s Accumulator but saves 85% on ammunition. Other perks are available to be purchased with points, but the full details are reserved for the launch of the game mode.

What is Runescape twisted League Reward Poll?

The reward poll will allow the Runescape player base to decide what the in-game rewards for the different tiers of the winner will be. These rewards may consist of a mix of benefits that will be transferred over to your main account and benefit you within the tournament itself.

The polled ended on October 24 and had some surprising results. Every single one of the proposed rewards had passed, with just over 31,000 players voting.

The three tiers of cosmetic outfits that will be given to their main accounts had passed and will be in the live version. These costumes will represent participation in the league, so it may be a limited-time outfit if there aren’t future leagues of the same type.

There will also be reward banners and they will be similar to Kourend house banners. You can hold it in your weapon slot just the same.

To go along with the banner, you can also purchase special trophies that will be held in the shield slot. These trophies will represent the league you’re in and you can store it in a player-owned house.

There will also be a special Slayer helmet recolor, assuming your main account has the 1,000 Slayer points to unlock it in general.

Ancestral Robes will also get its ornament kit to qualifying players. You can choose between green, white or black with this kit. The poll mentioned that these would cost quite a lot of points.

If you have a player-owned house, there is a wall kit to show guests that you took part in the league.

If you gain and ensure pets during the league, it will be transferred over to future leagues if you use the same account. Mind you, it is still quite rare to get skilling pets in general. The insurance cost for pets is free, fortunately.

Is This Available to free players?

Oldschool Runescape has a free version but with limited gameplay. If you would like to compete in this new game mode, you will need a premium subscription. This can technically be bought without using real-life money by buying bonds with your in-game osrs gold. Fortunately, both the desktop and mobile game clients are playable by free-to-play accounts.

Wrapping Up

This new league is experimental and we have to see how everything goes within the next few days. While it may not be action-packed, it could be what Runescape needs to revive the population during this time of year and bring some excitement for skillers. If you think you have what it takes to be a top skiller and PvM master, make sure you have your membership renewed to get in early.

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