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​OSRS Heroes Quest Guide

Aug-30-2021 PST

This quest is about proving yourself worthy enough to enter the Heroes’ Guild. There are quite a few challenges waiting in this bumpy path, along with a list of items that you have to gather. During the journey, you’re required to have a companion with you in order to complete the quest. A good suggestion is to join a clan chat and find a partner. So, do you think you have what it takes to take on the quest? Follow the guide below for a smoother experience.

Quest Requirements

· 55 Quest Points

· Shield of Arrav

· Lost City

· Merlin’s Crystal

· Dragon Slayer 1

Skill Requirements

· 53 Cooking

· 53 Fishing

· 25 Herblore

· 50 Mining

Items Required

· Ice Gloves (Can be obtained during the quest)

· Fishing Rod & Bait (Can be obtained during the quest)

· Dusty Key (Can be obtained during the quest)

· Harralander Potions (UNF) / Harralander + Vial of Water

· Pickaxe

Black Arm Gang Requirements

· Black Full Helm, Plate Body, and Plate Legs

Phoenix Gang Requirements

· Ranged or Magic Attack Method

Recommended Items

· Weapon & Armour (To defeat the Ice Queen)

· Energy/Stamina Potions

· Anti-Dragon / Dragon Fire Shield

· Anti-fire Potion

· Games Necklace (To teleport to Burthrope)

· Varrock Teleport

· Amulet of Glory (To teleport to Karamja)

Enough combat level to defeat; Ice Queen (Level 111), Entrana Firebird (Level 2), Jailer (Level 47), and Grip (Level 22)

To start this quest, you must first speak to Achietties who can be found wandering outside the Heroes’ Guild. Speak to her about joining the guild and she’ll tell you that you need to bring her three items: Fire Feather, Entrana Firebird, Cooked Lava Eel, and Master Thieves Armband.

Master Thieves Armband

For this part, you’ll need a partner who can join the opposite gang. You can find one by asking in one of the popular in-game clan chats or an available friend.

Black Arm Gang Member


If you’re joining the Black Arm Gang, you’ll need to purchase a Black Full Helm, Black Plate Body, and Black Plate Legs. First, you’ll have to speak to Katrine, who can be found west of the south Varrock gate. She’ll give you a password (“Four leaved clovers”) and bring it to your notice that you have to steal candlesticks from ScarFace Pete, who resides in Brimhaven.

Reach Brimhaven through any means possible and head directly to the gang’s office, which is located east of the bar and south of the Agility Arena. Wear your armour pieces and speak to Trobert there to receive id papers that are useful to enter ScarFace Pete’s mansion. When you try to enter the mansion, you’ll be stopped by Garv and these papers will help you pass through. Once you’ve successfully reached inside, speak to Grip and ask him about your duties as a Black Arm Gang member. He’ll give you a Miscellaneous Key, which you’ll have to give to your partner who is in the Phoenix Gang.

Now, head to the north-eastern room and wait for your friend to be on the other side of the wall. Search the cupboard there and a guard will come around to tell you that Grip doesn’t like it when his things are touched. Ignore it, and Grip will enter the room. While he’s yelling at you, your friend will kill grip from the hidden room, and once he’s dead, you must pick up the key that he drops.

Head to the room on the 1st floor that has coins lying around on the floor and opens the chest located north of the first room to obtain the candlesticks. You’ll get two, so give one to your friend and go back to Katrine in Varrock to receive the Master Thieves’ Armband as a reward.

Phoenix Gang Member


If you’re choosing to become a part of Phoenix Gang, then head speak to Straven at the hideout in Varrock to get the password for Alfonse. Next, you’ll have to head to Brimhaven, but before you do, grab a bow and arrow or magic attack gear from your bank. Get the miscellaneous key from your Black Arm Gang partner first and go to the restaurant called The Shrimp and Parrot in Brimhaven. Upon reaching there, you’ll have to speak to two people; Alfonse the waiter and Charlie the cook. Give them the password and the cook will tell you about a secret in the kitchen, nearby the Guard Dogs.

Go north-west from there and enter the eastern door of the mansion. When you’re inside, use the miscellaneous key on the northern door to reach a closet and shoot Grip with whichever attack method you’re using. He’ll drop a key that your Black Arm Gang partner will pick up and use it to open the treasure room on the 1st floor to obtain two candlesticks. One of which will be traded over to you.

Fire Feather


Fire Feather is an item that can only be picked up using Ice Gloves, and these gloves are dropped by the Ice Queen located beneath the White Wolf Mountain. If you already have one, you can proceed further by heading to Port Sarim (Bank your inventory and equipment’s apart from the Ice Gloves). Speak to Gerrant at the post to obtain Blamish Snail Slime, and from there, head to the docks and speak to Monk of Entrana to travel. Go to the eastern section of the island and you’ll be able to see an Entrana Firebird. Kill it and pick up the feather while equipping your Ice Gloves.

Cooked Lava Eel

You already have Blamish Snail Slime from Gerrant from earlier, so use a Harralander Potion (UNF) on it to make Blamish Oil and use it on a Fishing Rod to obtain an Oily Fishing Rod. There are two locations that you can head to catch Lava Eels; Taverley Dungeon and Wilderness Lava Maze.

Taverley Dungeon

Grab your rod and bait, and head to Taverley using a balloon, or by teleporting to Falador and walking west over the Agility Shortcut. You also have the option to teleport to your house, if you’re POH is in Taverley. Enter the dungeon, and if you have 70 Agility, you can use the shortcut to easily reach the location, or else you will have to walk along the route through the dungeon to get there. You’ll also need a Dusty Key to enter the door near the Lesser Demons to reach the Blue Dragons. Right next to the Baby Blue Dragons, you’ll find a Fishing Spot that can be identified by the icon on the mini-map.

Wilderness Lava Maze


You can reach the Lava Maze by teleporting there using a Burning Amulet, casting the Gharrock Teleport in the Ancient Magicks book, using a Waka Canoe from Edgeville (requirement: 57 Woodcutting) and walking west to reach the entrance, and using the Wilderness Obelisk to reach level 35 or 44 Wilderness and walking there. Once you reach the maze, walk through the entrance, past the Black Knights and keep heading down the path until you see a Fishing Icon on the mini-map. You’ll be able to catch a Lava Eel there (It is also a part of the Hard Wilderness Diary task).

After successfully catch a Raw Lava Eel, cook it over a fire or range and head back to the Heroes’ Guild to hand the three items over to Achietties. The quest will be successfully completed and you will gain 29,232 experience which is spread over twelve of your skills. Great job!

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