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​OSRS Best Necklace - How to Get Them

Jan-19-2023 PST

Necklaces are useful items that you can wear to a battle in OSRS to deal with high-level enemies using their special abilities. Along with all the war benefits, some of the games necklace osrs also assist you in teleporting to the desired location on the map. You can craft the majority of amulets, but some high-level amulets require grinding. Below are the nine best necklaces in OSRS, along with the guide to obtain them.

Amulet of Torture

As the name suggests, the Amulet of torture is undoubtedly one of the best necklaces in OSRS with great offensive boosts. There is no defense boost, but the 15% attack and the 10% strength bonus combined with other good gear can do what was considered possible earlier.

Equip it in situations where you need better-attacking power. It is zeynte jewelry, so you need a minimum of 75 hit points to wear it. Enchant the zeynte Amulet at magic level 93 or buy it from the grand exchange.

3d Age Amulet

3d age amulet is the best alternative to the occult necklace osrs as it requires magic level 65 as compared to the 70-magic level. It is one of the rarest items in OSRS, and getting your hands on one is a struggle. For P2P players, buying it from the grand exchange at a hefty price tag of 20m isn’t a big thing, but F2P has to grind for it in hard, elite, or master clue scroll casket. There is no other amulet for the necklace slot in the whole OSRS like the 3d age amulet.

Amulet of Blood Fury

Amulet of blood fury is the enhanced version of the original fury. The only difference between these two is some passive effects, while the other stats are almost the same. You need to enhance the Amulet again after every ten thousand hits as it reverts to its original Amulet of fury form. It comes up with a 10% attack bonus, 15% defense bonus, and a 5% prayer bonus.

Amulet of Eternal Glory

Amulet of eternal glory is one of the most expensive amulets in the game, with a price tag of 40m coins at the grand exchange. Its 10% attack bonus, 3% defense bonus, and 3% prayer bonus are enough to make players’ favorite. You don’t have to charge it again once you get it, and there is no limit on teleports.

Salve Amulet(ei)

The salve amulet is way better than its original version because it was enchanted at the nightmare zone. To upgrade it, you need a minimum of eight hundred thousand points and a place in the nightmare zone. It is the best choice if you are going on an adventure and will face undead as it offers a 20% attack, strength, range, and magic bonus. You need to complete the haunted mine quest and mine some crystals afterward to get the original version. Enhancement is possible after the completion o the tarn’s liar quest.

Amulet of Chemistry

Amulet of chemistry focuses on other special effects, including a special effect to increase your chances of creating four doses instead of three in herblore skill by 5%. You can use this Amulet only five times and create a new one as it degrades with each charge. Enchant the jade amulet with a level 2 enchantment after reaching magic level 27.

Amulet of Power

Amulet of power is a dream come true for F2P as it offers a 6% boost of both attack and defense. It is available at the grand exchange for some coins, or you can save some coins and craft it by yourself if your crafting skill is above level 70. You can also enhance the diamond amulet at HAM storerooms, requiring magic level 57. The Amulet also gives you a 1% boost in prayer, so keep a spare piece in your inventory as you will need it later.

Gnome Amulet

Gnome Amulet comes up with a 13% melee defense bonus, making it the best alternative to the Amulet of defense in OSRS. If you are at the start of the game, Gnome is the best option for you for the amulet slot. Complete the “Tree Gnome Village” quest to receive the gnome amulet as a reward and stick to it until you find a better amulet.

Amulet of Strength

Amulet of strength is the best choice for new players as they can craft it with level 49 magic and level 50 crafting to enchant skills. Those who love to kill monsters in OSRS can kill the giant mole in the member world for the Amulet. This Amulet has no other gear bonus, making it the least favorite of pro players. It works best against enemies with lower defense because of the damage.