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​New Bounty Hunter Rewards OSRS

Nov-30-2019 PST

Considering that Bounty Hunter is kind of dead and consists of a lot of bug abusers and bot farms, it was recently revived with a rather complex update. The value of Mysterious Emblems will be redefined, new challenges will be given to players, and the profit potential of Pking went right up.

Of course, some players have struggled to try to understand how the new update works and aren’t fully taking advantage of it. This guide will clear up how the new challenges and rewards work so you don’t waste your time with trial & error.

The Points System

Instead of just getting emblems, you now get points for every target kill you get. When you go on a kill streak, you get rewarded with even more bonus points in various tiers, similarly to Slayer points. On your tenth kill, you are awarded 25 points. Going all the way to kill #1,000, you are awarded 150 points.

While it’s hard to get a calculable monetary value for each point, you will probably be spending the on bounty crates at 5 points each. Aside from that, there are various POH items and teleport to target teletabs that some players may want.

Exploring Bounty Crates

Bounty crates have varying RNG when it comes to rewards, but it typically may be between 150,000 and 200,000 gold each. There are common supply drops found in desirable quantities, like high-level runes, sharks, Anglerfish, and potions. There are also tiers 1-5 of emblems, making some crates quite lucrative.

The ornate maul handle is the single rare, unique item in crates and it’s used as a decorative version of the Granite Maul. It is currently around 800,000 gold each and it wouldn’t be surprising if it dropped in the future.

As for supply drops, they may drive the prices down but it should still be a stable way to make money. Some popular Pkers have reported making over 3 million gold per hour from crates, and it can average 300,000 gold per kill. For a skilled player, this would be better than the majority of PvM content in terms of gold per hour.

What Are Archaic Emblems?

If you find Archaic Emblems in your bank, don’t panic. These are just the old versions of mysterious emblems that Jagex is trying to phase out, probably due to how they were abused with bots. You can use them with the old points shop in the meantime to get rewards and upgrades.

Unlike the old confusing version, the new mysterious emblems max out at level 5 and are directly traded for osrs gold via the new Emblem trader. Regular emblems are 75,000 gold while tier 5 emblems are 1.2 million.

Just like in the old system, having kills with emblems in your inventory will allow you to upgrade them. The main difference is that your enemy must also have an emblem in their inventory to work. This is to encourage people to have more risk in their inventory at the benefit of higher rewards potential.

Fortunately, you will be given a notification if your target has an emblem in its inventory to take out the guesswork. Unlike before, people would lie about what they risk and home their opponents would needlessly be risking high-tier emblems.

Unique Rewards Failed Polling

There were various upgrades and unique rewards that were polled and failed, which is why the bounty rewards shop seems rather empty.

One such reward would have been a rare drop that would upgrade the Abyssal Dagger’s special attack to use less special attack energy and increase its accuracy by 20%. Another would have been a Saradomin Sword upgrade that would significantly increase the maximum hit of the special attack. It’s easy to see why these two didn’t pass since it would change up the way people used these weapons.

They also added the prospect of Vesta, Statius, and Morrigan weapons to be added as extremely rare drops to crates. Since people didn’t want the live game to become similar to Deadman mode, this idea failed horribly.

Hotspot PK Zones

As a means of distributing players around the Wilderness, players would be given bonuses if they are in certain rotating hot zones around the map. This includes all major areas like the graveyards, Ice Plateau, Mage Bank, and various ruins and wilderness boss locations.

While in a hot zone, every kill has triple the points rewards than in low-level Wilderness. If you get on a kill streak, your target has a chance of dropping multiple emblems and upgrading upon dropping.

The hotspots will change every 30 minutes so it would be beneficial to teleport around to keep up with the herd. Since several spots are on the Ancients Spellbook, it would help to have it on.

Bounty Tasks

Kind of like Slayer Tasks, you will be assigned to PK in a certain style for bonus points. If you kill someone doing the task, you gain a bonus of 10 points, which is worth 2 loot crates. Every thirty minutes, these tasks will cycle to something else in case you couldn’t pull off the previous one.

An example of a task is killing your opponent without using any jewelry. There are harder ones, like killing your opponent only using a ranged attack as the final blow. There are examples of Youtubers doing these tasks in case you wanted to get an idea of how it’s executed.

A Revamped Interface

Developers decided to make a more comprehensive interface to the familiar Bounty Hunter minigame screen found in the corner. There is now a clickable button to pull up a menu, and you can perform various tasks. There is a button to skip your current bounty task, a timer on your tasks, and a notification of where the current hotspot is. There are also directional arrows to tell you where your target may be found.

Final Thoughts

It’s still quite early to tell whether the new BH update will revive this style of Pking, although it does seem like a better way to make money. If you prefer a more simplistic 1v1 pking, the PVP worlds are still active as always. By the way, BLACK FRIDAY BLITZ PROMOTION - Win the 50M free OSRS Gold from, good luck.