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How to Achieve 99 Crafting in OSRS

Jun-11-2024 PST

Crafting in Old School RS is often viewed as a skill that requires hefty investments of OSRS gold to swiftly ascend the ranks. However, with careful planning and strategic choices, it's possible to achieve the coveted 99 Crafting skill cape without breaking the bank. In this guide, we'll explore various methods and techniques to efficiently level up your Crafting skill while minimizing losses and maximizing profits.

How to Achieve 99 Crafting in OSRS

Navigating the Early Levels

To kickstart your journey to 99 Crafting, it's essential to efficiently navigate through the early levels. One of the most popular methods for this stage is crafting leather armor. Starting from level one, craft Leather Gloves and gradually progress to higher-level leather items as your skill improves. Leather Bodies become accessible at level 14, offering a significant boost in experience points.

To execute this method effectively, ensure you have a sufficient supply of leather, needles, and balls of thread. While this approach may result in a minor loss of gold, the sacrifice is worthwhile for swiftly reaching level 20 Crafting. This initial investment sets the stage for more lucrative training methods later on.

Additionally, completing quests can provide a substantial amount of early experience points in Crafting. While questing may not be as efficient as dedicated training methods in terms of experience per hour, it offers a refreshing break from the grind and can supplement your skill progression. Some recommended osrs quests for Crafting experience include:

Sheep Shearer: This beginner-level quest rewards players with Crafting experience upon completion, serving as a quick boost to early levels.

Goblin Diplomacy: Another beginner quest that offers Crafting experience as a reward, providing a straightforward way to earn additional skill points.

Misthalin Mystery: This novice quest introduces players to the concept of crafting pottery, offering valuable Crafting experience as a reward.

Exploring Profitable Training Methods

While traditional Crafting training methods often prioritize experience gain over profitability, there are alternative approaches that allow players to earn a modest profit while leveling up. These methods may sacrifice experience per hour but offer a more sustainable way to progress through the skill.

One profitable training method involves crafting jewelry, such as gold rings or necklaces. While the experience gained from crafting jewelry may be slower compared to other methods, the resulting items can be sold for a profit on the Grand Exchange. By carefully managing your resources and market prices, you can maintain a steady income while steadily increasing your Crafting skill level.

Another profitable avenue is crafting battlestaves, which require combining orbs with unpowered orbs to create enchanted staves. While this method requires a higher initial investment in materials, the resulting battlestaves fetch a considerable price on the Grand Exchange, making it a lucrative choice for skilled crafters.

Optimizing Your Training Routine

As you progress through the Crafting skill, it's essential to continually assess and optimize your training routine to maximize efficiency and minimize losses. Keep an eye on market trends and adjust your training methods accordingly to capitalize on profitable opportunities.

Investing in additional Crafting supplies, such as gemstones or high-level materials, can also open up new training avenues and increase your earning potential. Experiment with different crafting methods and find the approach that best aligns with your playstyle and financial goals.

Crafting Your Path to Success

Achieving 99 Crafting in Old School RuneScape is a rewarding endeavor that requires dedication, strategy, and a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances. By leveraging a combination of traditional training methods, profitable crafting techniques, and strategic resource management, you can master the art of Crafting and earn your well-deserved skill cape.

Whether you choose to pursue rapid experience gain or prioritize profitability, the journey to 99 Crafting is filled with opportunities for growth and discovery, you can get more osrs items and gold easy. So gather your materials, sharpen your needles, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime as you craft your way to success in the world of Old School RuneScape.