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​Callisto Guide 2020

Feb-29-2020 PST

Callisto, the ginormous bear that roams the wilderness has terrorised OSRS players for years. The level 470 beast found south of the Demonic Ruins has the potential to instantly kill players with its attacks. If you’re not careful, you’re done for! Therefore, meticulous and proven strategies must be implemented to take down the bear. If you’re successful in your endeavours, you can reap the rewards of the bear, such as the tyrannical ring, dragon pickaxe and more!

Before we jump into it, you should keep in mind that Callisto is only found in the wilderness, which means you can be attacked by other players of similar combat level. In addition, it’s found in multi-way combat area, which means you can be attacked by multiple players. Therefore, don’t bring anything you’re not willing to lose!

We’ve got a comprehensive guide to take down Callisto, so let’s jump straight into it!

Recommended Stats

For this method, you should have at least 70 strength (90+ recommended), 70 attack (90+ recommended), 70 defence (90+ recommended) and 44 prayer (70+ recommended). If you choose to take a ranged approach, you should have at least 75 ranged (90+ recommended).

Recommended Equipment

To beat Callisto, you can either go do a melee approach, or a ranged approach. Lucky for you, we’ll go through each approach.

Melee Approach

For the melee approach, you’ll using a Viggora’s chain mace. This is due to the chian mace being the best weapon to use against Callisto, in regard to high offensive bonuses. We recommend you use the attack style ‘spike’ when you’re against Callisto, to ensure you have the most DPS.

We’ll now run through the gear you should equip yourself with before heading to Callisto. On the left, you’ll see the gear we recommend the most. If for some reason you don’t have the level requirements to wear it, or you can’t afford it, use the gear to the right of it, until you stumble upon something you can use to assist you when you fight Callisto.

Helm: Slayer Helmet (i) (when on task) > Neitiznot faceguard > Helm of Neitiznot

Amulet: Amulet of Torture > Amulet of Glory

Cape: Infernal Cape > Fire Cape > Ardougne Cloak 3/4 > Mythical Cape

Tops: Proselyte Hauberk

Bottoms: Proselyte Cuisse / Proselyte Tasset

Weapon: Viggora’s Chain Mace

Shield: Avernic Defender > Dragon Defender > Rune Defender

Ammo: Rada’s Blessing 4 > God Blessing > Amethyst Arrows (if using magic comp bow)

Gloves: Ferocious Gloves > Barrows Gloves

Boots: Dragon Boots > Rune Boots

Ring: Berserker Ring (i)

Special Attack Weapon: Dragon Claws > Magic Comp Bow

Ranged Approach

The setup we’ve provided for those who choose to range Callisto utilizes magic defence, while exploiting ranged bonuses to defeat Callisto. Just like before, work from left to right!

Helm: Slayer Helmet (i) (when on task) > Archer Helm > Snakeskin Bandana

Amulet: Necklace of Anguish > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory > Amulet of Power

Cape: Ava’s Assembler > Ava’s Accumulator > Ranging Cape > Ava’s Attractor

Tops: Black D’hide Body > Red D’hide Body

Bottoms: Black D’hide Chips > Red D’hide Chaps

Weapon: Craw’s Bow > Armadyl Crossbow > Dragon Crossbow > Rune Crossbow

Shield: None if using Craw’s bow > Book of Law > Unholy Book > Book of Balance

Ammo: Rada’s Blessing 4 > God Blessing > Diamond Dragon Bolts (e) (if using crossbow) > Diamond Bolts (e) > Broad Bolts

Gloves: Barrows Gloves > Black D’hide Vamb > Red D’hide Vamb

Inventory Setup

Melee Approach

- Wilderness Sword 4 (Or Annakarl teleport tablet)

- Rune Pouch (filled with earth, water and soul runes for Vulnerability. Alternatively use magic comp bow)

- Dinh’s bulwark for player killers

- Dragon Claws

- Looting Bag

- 2 Divine Super Combat Potions

- 1 Stamina Potion

- 1 Anti-venom+

- 8 Saradomin Brews

- 6 Super Restores

- 2 Anglerfish

- Ring of Wealth (i)

- Royal Seed Pod

- Teleport to House to restore stats (or ring of duelling)

Ranged Approach

- Stamina Potion

- Divine Ranging Potion

- Antidote++

- 3 Prayer Potions

- Dragon Ruby Bolts (e)

- Royal Seed Pot

- Plenty of food

How to Get to Callisto

There are numerous ways to get to Callisto. You could use the Wilderness Sword 4 teleport to the Fountain of Rune and head south-west. 

Or, you could use the Annakarl Teleport on the ancient spellbook and go south. Alternatively, you could always run there from the games necklace teleport to the Corporal Beast lair.

Callisto himself is located on the ‘bear’ label on the map, as shown adjacent.

How to Defeat Callisto

So – now that you’re at Callisto, and you’re all geared up, it’s time to take him on!

You should be aware of the southern safe spot, because that’s where you’ll be spending the majority of your time. This saves you from the immense amount of damage Callisto deals.

To safe spot Callisto, you’ll first need to tag him, then walk east to the lesser demon, and then run south to the eastern edge of the poison spiders. Hopefully Callisto follows you. If not, you should try move around, as he’s most probably stuck under visible or invisible objects. Continue running south until you spot some remains. Stand 2 tiles north of the remains until Callisto is approaching. When he’s close by, move south immediately. If done correctly, Callisto will be stuck and able to be safe spotted. It may take a few attempts to get this right, so don’t worry if you’re not successful initially! We’ve attached a labelled map to show the proper protocol to safe spot Callisto.

When tagging Callisto, consider casting the ‘vulnerability’ spell, which has the potential to lower Callisto’s defence. This adds to your DPS, thus speeding up the kill, making you more money! Alternatively, you can use a magic comp bow special attack to tag Callisto. These special attacks can deal serious damage which can significantly reduce the time it takes to slay Callisto.

As Callisto is quite deep in the Wilderness, it can be very hard to escape player killers as they come. In the unfortunate instance that a player does come and attack you, you should quickly change into black d’hide body and chaps. To be even more safe, use a Dinh’s Bulwark. Make sure you’re potted up, as well as eating food to increase your chances of escaping.


Now, the part we all want to see – the drops! Callisto has a wide variety of drops which makes it very worthwhile to slay. Let’s start with the ‘lower’ side of the drop table. Every Callisto kill will drop big bones, and has a common chance to drop rune pickaxes, blood runes (200), chaos runes (400), death runes (300), uncut ruby (20), uncut diamond (10), mahogany logs (400), coins (15,000-19,999), dark crab (8), super restore (3). The uncommon drops are rune 2h Sword, soul runes (250), cannonballs (250), limpwurt roots (25), magic logs (100), red dragonhide (75), coconut (60), uncut dragonstone, ranarr seed (5), snapdragon seed (3), supercompost (100), dragon bones (30). The rare drops are the tyrannical ring, dragon pickaxe, dragon 2h sword, grimy toadflax (100), magic seed, palm tree seed, yew seed, dark fishing bait. The pet drop is also super rare, at 1 in 2000.

Well, there you have it – our Callisto guide! We wish you the best of luck in taming the giant bear, and we look forward to seeing you again for another guide. By the way, get cheaper osrs gold from RSGoldFast quickly, more off gold and 100% fast.