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A Guide to the Best Range Helms in OSRS

Nov-17-2023 PST

The world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is filled with archers and ranged combat enthusiasts, all striving to maximize their gear for precision and power. One key element in optimizing their equipment is selecting the perfect range helmet. A carefully chosen range helmet not only improves ranged accuracy and damage but also complements an individual's overall combat strategy. In this guide, we will explore some of the best range helms available in OSRS and help you make an informed decision.

A Guide to the Best Range Helms in OSRS

Archer Helm

The Archer Helm is a great choice for ranged combatants who prefer versatility. It provides a balanced boost to both ranged attack and defense bonuses. This helm can be obtained by completing the Fremennik Trials quest, making it accessible to mid-level players. Its solid stats and reasonable requirements make it a reliable option for those seeking a well-rounded range helmet.

Karil's Crossbow Helmet

If you are an avid user of the Karil's crossbow or crossbow bolts, Karil's Crossbow Helmet is an exceptional choice. This helmet offers excellent ranged attack bonuses and provides a significant boost to your Karil's set effect. To acquire this helm, you need to defeat the Barrows Brothers and receive it as a reward. Its unique set effect, combined with its impressive stats, makes this helmet a top-tier option for advanced players.

Robin Hood Hat

For players who prioritize ranged offense and critical hits, the Robin Hood Hat is an iconic choice. This hat provides a substantial boost to ranged attack bonuses and increases the likelihood of landing critical hits with ranged attacks. It can be acquired as a rare reward from elite Treasure Trails, making it a prized possession among fashion-savvy rangers.


The Coif is a budget-friendly option that provides a decent boost to ranged attack bonuses. It is relatively easy to obtain, as it can be crafted using a needle and thread with a piece of tanned leather. While it may not offer the same level of stats as some of the other helms on this list, it is an accessible choice for new or low-level players looking to improve their ranged accuracy.

Void Knight Helm

The Void Knight Helm is an excellent choice for players who have completed the Void Knight quest series and unlocked the Void Knight gear. This helm enhances your ranged accuracy and damage, making it a popular choice for players engaging in high-level PvM (Player versus Monster) activities. It can also be upgraded to an Elite Void Knight Helm, further increasing its bonuses. The Void Knight gear is obtained by exchanging commendation points earned from the Pest Control minigame.

When picking the right helm for your needs, consider your combat style, budget, and the specific activities you plan to engage in. Each helmet offers unique benefits, so it's important to prioritize the stats that align with your playstyle. Additionally, keep in mind any additional requirements or quests needed to obtain certain helms.

Remember, optimizing your gear is just one aspect of becoming a formidable archer in OSRS. If you want to get these helms, RSgoldfast OSRS Gold will provide you with the best help. Practice your marksmanship, master combat techniques, and stay informed about the latest updates and strategies to truly excel in ranged combat. Good luck on your adventures!