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This month finale for the epic Myreque storyline River of Blood.


This month finale for the epic Myreque storyline River of Blood.

I have some thrilling news to speak about this month, beginning with an incredible amount of updates about vampyres which culminates within the finale for the epic Myreque storyline – River of Blood.


For individuals who require a quick reminder, the Myreque plot were only available in 2005 which is the brutal tale inside the rag tag volume of refugees, fighting a desperate battle within the darkness of Morytania. This 7-part chain of harsh horrors has got us directly into the middle within the Vampyric

homeland, now its grim conclusion awaits those brave enough to stay their neck out amongst individuals who have to feast applying this.


Morytanian Madness (RuneScape members only)


If you’ve under got yourself ready for your Morytanian madness that awaits, they’ve got monthly filled with vampire-themed content to obtain the blood pumping, the initial which have been calling, In Memory within the Myreque. In it, you’ll be capable of produce a monument in honour of these fallen

friends you’ve lost within the quest series, creating statues for Construction XP which be described as a great charged prayer altar, giving bonus prayer points to individuals involving it.


Players who complete these statues in April will get a much more rewards too, so stake your claim the moment inhumanly possible!


You’ll also be able search the lands for your Lost Toys – some 13 strange playthings which, when complete, can unlock a brand new cosmetic reward and enable someone to find some good precious columbarium keys. It’s a chuckle to lift the dark and broody mood that vampyres often bring!


Finally, you’ll be capable of explore the most recent ghoulish crypt we’ll be adding, complete with a brand new, high-level “ravenous ghoul”, which drops a really useful item, linked for the quest finale.


They’ve also graphically reworked Paterdomus – the temple for the china of Varrock, promoting top quality vistas to relish the Morytanian swamps. It’s also the main objective for your quest - and so on a quest it is…


River of Blood (RuneScape members only)


In River of Blood, the battle-lines are utilized the River Salve, the armies of Misthalin await a battle the likes which has not been seen because the times within the first god wars. Leading the vampyre army is Vanescula, the Mistress of Darkmeyer - wielder inside the brutal weapon that may end all

freedom in Varrock.


It’s a desperate time, with Gielinor around the brink of disaster. Strengthen this amazing time within the Salve and kit the Varrock army to handle this threat. Only then will your forces be sufficiently strong to defeat this legion of undead and convey a stop by using this terrifying tale.


They’ve taken the spirit of inside the quests before it to provide this 5th age saga the ending it deserves, taking oneself on trips across Morytania to exhibit yourself regarding its hidden secrets and loose ends, such as the art of Haemalchemy. Rewards are suitably amazing, but I won’t spoil that surprise now.


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