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The Runescape Treasure Hunter – Death Lotus coaching


The Runescape Treasure Hunter – Death Lotus coaching

Death Lotus coaching involves RuneScape from 00:00 UT on thirteenth August till 23:59 UT on nineteenth August.

How to begin

Please note that this is often members-only content, and isn't obtainable to adult male players.


Open the Treasure Hunter interface and – once you close up it once more - you will get a Death Lotus scroll. Open it to search out details of sixteen deadly deeds – organized on a four-by-four grid. These increase in problem with every row – from straightforward tasks (the prime row) like killing ten enemies with throwing knives up to elite feats like defeating Araxxi, Nex or the Kalphite King.


Track down the Death Lotus master at numerous spots round the world to urge 2 stamps – every of which may be accustomed auto-complete a task. you'll try this once per completion of the scroll. Look out for a lot of stamps on Treasure Hunter, too.



Complete rows to earn prizes like prismatic stars, prismatic lamps and money baggage. extra service columns to unlock items of a cosmetic Death Lotus assassin outfit.


Completing the whole scroll can unlock an incredible weapon override. Do therefore up to fourfold to unlock the sai, acid bomb, glaive and dragon workers.


You'll get new colors for your cosmetic outfit the second, third and fourth time you complete the cardboard.


Finally, upon finishing the scroll fourfold, you will conjointly get a Meditation rest animation token, which may be accustomed learn the animation, or traded. you'll conjointly get these as a rare prize on Treasure Hunter.


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