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The Runescape Patch Week Solomon's Store Character Showcase


The Runescape Patch Week Solomon's Store Character Showcase

This week's unharness may be a quiet one, and that we wished to allow you to grasp why.


We'd originally planned to unharness the most recent participant quest the sunshine inside in the week – along side a colossal enlargement to the traditional curses and spells which will open up whole new ways that to play the high-level game.


Late last week, we have a tendency to created the choice to delay the quest's unharness by every week. Had we have a tendency to gone ahead as originally planned, it would not have met the high standards necessary for such a posh, thirstily anticipated piece of content – notably one with extensive effects on different areas of the high-level game.


Put simply, we'd rather take another week to allow the content the polish and quality that you just be, instead of place it out before it's prepared.


We're operating arduous to bring the sunshine inside up to scratch. within the meanwhile, see the patch notes for details of today's fixes and tweaks, and browse on for details of associate degree epic addition to Solomon's Store and this week's live-streaming schedule.


Please settle for our apologies for the delay, and any disappointment this might have caused. Next week's update's set to be a doozy, with the sunshine inside, multiple on-screen action bars and adult male cluster bossing and completionist cape capability. we have a tendency to hope you may agree it's definitely worth the wait!

Today, the primary of 3 showcase items from our terrifyingly proficient artists involves Solomon's Store: the Barbarian Outfit.


Character creator Mod Ante has been given the prospect to chop loose and flex his artistic muscles, arising with styles that swank his vision and ability.


The theme for today's unharness was merely 'melee', and also the Barbarian Outfit does not spoil. Comprising a full cosmetic override outfit – with weapons – associate degreed an imposingly husky walk animation, it is a sturdy rummage around for battle-born brawlers everyplace.


Pick up the Barbarian Outfit these days, and keep a watch out for ranged and magic-themed offerings, coming back shortly.

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