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Summer Beach Party, Crystal Skillchompa and Achievement system Launch in Aug


Summer Beach Party, Crystal Skillchompa and Achievement system Launch in Aug

With August coming ahead, there are lots of gameplay coming in Runescape, including Returned Summer Beach Party, Achievement system part 2 and Crystal Skillchompas. See more details as below:


Returned Summer Beach Party


As indicated before, Summer Beach Party will return to the Lumbridge Crater today and end til September. Previous events including terrorbird racing and Clawdia will also return with some alternations. During this time, you can take on the lobster-like boss monster Clawdia, try on the coconut shy, or treasure hunts, sandcastle building, battleships, rockpools, beach ball rolling, hook a duck, weightlifting, or barbecues! You will also have a chance to get new rewards, such as a hammock rest animation and sandcastle pet.


Crystal Skillchompas


Crystal Skillchompas, a new tier of skillchompa, is located in north of the Tyras Camp. You are required a whopping level 97 hunter to catch and given XP training for Divination, Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting. Now with a higher Agility level adding, you are allowed to catch up to 4 skillchompas in one trap.


Achievement system part 2


According to player's suggestions, Achievement system part 2 will release with some new features and interface improvements. Based on its difficulty, you will be granted different points for every achievement you've earned. What's more, random fun stuff, minigames and PvM encounters will be also added soon.


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