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Runescape The Ninjas Have Infiltrated the Artisans' Workshop


Runescape The Ninjas Have Infiltrated the Artisans' Workshop

The Ninjas have infiltrated the Artisans' Workshop, making a big batch of updates to the venerable Smithing activity. They've made it a whole lot more user friendly, and introduced some cool new rewards including auto reloading for your dwarf cannon! The team are planning to do more focused updates like this, bringing older parts of the game up to today's standards. If you've got an idea for a particular part of RuneScape that you'd like to see given the Ninja treatment, let us know on the Ninja Spotlight forum thread.


Smithing burial armour has a new side interface, making the activity more responsive and user-friendly:
By default, the first ingot type in your inventory will be selected.
The interface will respond as you swap ingots in and out of your inventory.
Selecting new armour pieces can be done while smithing, and will be applied on the next loop.
Selecting new ore will immediately stop and restart the smithing process with the new ore.
Anvils in the burial armour area now have ‘quick start' as the default left-click operation.
The quick-smithing effects of the Varrock armour now apply to track-making and burial armour.
When creating a perfect sword, you can request an off-hand equivalent.
The required amount for the mithril swords daily challenge has been reduced.
Daily challenges for adamant and rune swords have been added.
When using a heated ingot on the water pool, you'll be given the opportunity to change your entire inventory at once, rather than one at a time.


Ceremonial sword-making has been made smoother:
Tongs can now be stored on the tool belt.
A single left-click on the anvil now places the ingot and the plans, and opens the interface.
Ingots can be used directly, without heating them first.
The artisan burial overlay has been relocated to the left of the screen, remains opened everywhere in the workshop, and displays your current respect.
The attack rate of ceremonial swords has been rebalanced.
When withdrawing or depositing ingots, only metals currently held will be offered. Note that this doesn't filter by ingot type.
Dent size chances have been tweaked to be fairer, in terms of leading to perfect successes.
Dent messaging is now filtered.
A warning message now displays when handing in ceremonial swords that would award 0 XP.

New Rewards
Restocking cannon (100% respect, requires royale cannon unlock): Grants your cannon the ability to reload automatically. You must have cannonballs in your inventory and be within 15 squares for this to work.
Ceremonial sword orders (50% respect): Increases the orders received by the workshop, occasionally allowing you to choose which ceremonial sword you wish to make.
Sword polishing kit (10% respect): Gives 10 sword polishing kits, which - when held in your inventory - prevent a ceremonial sword from breaking.
Bonus package (100% respect): Gives 8 mithril ingot IV, 4 adamant ingot IV, 2 rune ingot IV, 50,000 Bonus Smithing XP and 10 sword polishing kits. Note that the ingots in this bundle cannot be exchanged for ore, and do not count towards daily challenges.


Solomon's Store – Vitality Accessories
Solomon's expanded his Vitality Suit line this week - with the Vitality Accessories Pack.
The pack comprises a two-handed weapon override for each combat style, plus a spectacular cape - awesome additions to the base suit, or a selection of eye-catching accents for any outfit.
As with the other Vitality items, the accessories change colour as your life points drop, and can be recoloured for a full-health colour of green or blue – both shifting towards red at lower life points.
Note that it is possible to recolour the Vitality Suit and Accessories in other colours, but the colour-shift effect only works with a base colour of blue or green.
Grab the Vitality Accessories Pack now! If you need more RuneCoins, you can redeem Bonds in-game.

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