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Runescape Latin American Spanish is living

Apr-26-2013 PST

Runescape Latin American Spanish has officially released: this is our fifth localized version of the game. Spanish-speaking Runescape players can now enjoy Runescape in dedicated game world of text translation, all the game and a Latin American Spanish site, and wikipedia. We will support English, German, French and Brazilian Portuguese edition game next to all the content in the future.

Remember - and other specific language version of the game RUNESCAPE - Latin American Spanish save someone else using the same game. If you have completed a non-repeatable content - such as a task - in another language, you will not be able to do again in the new version of the game.

To access the Latin American Spanish Runescape, need to access, and in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page to select the Spanish flag. Then, log in and start the game!

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