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Runescape Helwyr Event will be begun on 15th, April


Runescape Helwyr Event will be begun on 15th, April

Recently, Jagex has annouced that Runescape Helwyr Event will be begun on 15th, April. Now, let me tell you some information about Helwyr.

Where can you find Helwyr?

Helwyr is situated in the southeastern area of The Heart. Player should get 40 Serenist killcount (20 if the player has got the 50% killcount reduction perk, requiring 4,500 Reputation), in order to enter his chamber. In this way, player can easily receive killcount by visiting Seren's Encampment or by visiting nodes that Serenist forces are attacking.

Pay attention to this: This is a dangerous event. If you die here, you will lose your items! In order to reclaim your items, you will need to return to Death or your gravestone.

How to fight with Helwyr?

Compared with the other generals in The Heart, Helwyr uses only melee. Therefore, we suggested players bring power armour to fight with Helwyr. What's more, melee (especially with a halberd-type weapon) with the AOE abilities is very useful for clearing the summoned Cywir Alphas.

Do not keep running from Helwyr, because his only attack style is melee, he will skip attacks and go straight into another ability which can cause more havoc.

Hopefully the above tips are helpful for you to effectively fight with Helwyr.

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