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Runescape 3 will be released on July 22, 2013


Runescape 3 will be released on July 22, 2013

We are very pleased to announce that Runescape 3 formal launch date: July 22. We have finally revealing the core content of 3: Runescape Lumbridge. This will be a epic scale of world events, your decisions and actions, to shape forever story Gielinor. The future is in your hands Runescape. It's a brave new era for Runescape in technology, stories and games.

The HTML5 game client: the next generation of browser technology. It brought great visual quality, improve lighting and rendering distance and color, loaded into the moment, in your browser without the need for a plug-in or Java. New audio engine: high fidelity audio and music, with all the BAFTA prize winner James hannigan, written by Slovakia symphony orchestra orchestral.

The dawn of the age: 6 the gods back to Runescape. Entrusted by the guardian, player has the authority to decide which god will win and lose the hegemony of the struggle. Lumbridge battle: large epic world events can shake the basis of Gielinor, is it driven entirely by your actions. Week week, your choices will determine the flow of battle, characters, places and story, the end result will set the course for the future fate of Runescape.

New interface systems: design, ease of use and depth of mass customization, the NIS allows you to quickly change the UI based on your play Runescape, at any given moment. In addition, also including functional upgrading, such as key bindings, and a small map, can adjust the size of the more choice, at your fingertips. Upgraded cameras, overhaul and update, a new camera to you in the game free to view the Gielinor have never like this. New community site: you of the specifications of the customize your social experience, a new easy to navigate site, focus on your needs. Divination: ready to unlock divine power from the surrounding environment, a new skill for Runescape 3, arrived in a few weeks after launch.

Please keep in mind that 3 is the continuation of the current Runescape game, so you use the existing characters, do not need to create a new account. You can also continue to play, if you want to use the Java client - you will get all the benefits of 3 Runescape, only without the visual upgrades. Participate in our tests, HTML5 and new interface system, and try to before the arrival of Runescape 3. The NIS Beta is open to all, the complete HTML5 Beta is coming. Keep eyes for detailed information!

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