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RuneScape Free weekend begin on Nov.24


RuneScape Free weekend begin on Nov.24

A huge surprise,The RuneScape Free Weekend will begin at next weekend. From mid day on November 24th until midday on November 27. that right, RuneScape will be opening the gates of Gielinor for 72 hours. It also means you can enjoy all your favorite games for free in 72 hours. This is the Thanksgiving Day event on RuneScape?


Warm Tips:


1.Anyone without membership can use RuneScape, but just in RuneScap,not in Old school RuneScap.


2.It is not include RuneMetricsor any additional, just for membership.


Buried Treasure RuneScape, in going on and will end at 23:59 on the 20th November. there are 36 chests among has 6 special chests, try to find them and get the rewards. Good luck for you!


Have fun in your game! More cheap Runescape Gold for Sale. See you on" Black Friday" Carnival Event!


Rsgoldfast Team

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