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RS Week Changes F2P improvement, Preserve Prayer and Binding spells


RS Week Changes F2P improvement, Preserve Prayer and Binding spells

This week, Jagex will make some changes in Runescape, including F2P improvement, Preserve Prayer and Binding spells.


Improvements to F2P


If you are a F2P players, monks of Zamorak drop Zamorak robes will be accessible for you in the Asgarnian Chaos Temple and in Varrock Palace. In addition, a portal from Clan Wars will be added which teleport players to the Castle Wars lobby. But the portal is only accessible for members.


Preserve Prayer


From Preserve Prayer, the boost offered by the prayer will be increased to 50% and the rate at which it consumes prayer points to 3 points per minute will be lowered.


Binding spells


Jagex had made two changes to the normal spell book which should improve its viability in combat. The first change is Shackle, a new spell, will bind players to the spot for 20 seconds, which is the same as the duration of being frozen by Ice Barrage. The second change is to the Protect From Magic protection prayer which no meant that it no longer halved the duration of the Bind, Snare, and Entangle spells.


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