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OSRS New high level solo boss on Jan.4


OSRS New high level solo boss on Jan.4

In the January,2018, not only we can expect that Dragon Slayer 2, but also be able to encounter a new high-level solo boss in the old school RuneScape on January 4. the new boss called Vorkath.


The solo boss Vorkath has only one front leg, but it uses its wing as the other leg to bear the weight. First you must complete Dragon Slayer 2 quest before you can challenge Vorkath, it has combat level between 600 and 700. if defeating Vorkath, you will be rewarded Superior dragon bones, requiring 70 Prayer but granting 150 Prayer XP when buried. What’s more, Vorkath also drops a Wrath talisman, Wrath runes, and Dragonbone Necklace etc. Wish you good luck.


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