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OSRS New Milestone Fireworks and karambwanji and karambwan Changes

Aug-12-2017 PST

This week runescape 2007 brings the new milestone fireworks launch and changes of karambwanji and karambwan fishing.


New Milestone Fireworks


With the release of new firework, you will receive a moew grandiose animation when reaching level 99 in a skill. What's more, when achieving level 99 in all skills, you will get a more grandiose animation. The red and gold animation will be bright, colourful and longer-lasting. When reaching the maximum total level, you will get a displayed message.


karambwanji and karambwan Changes


There are 50 karambwanji in Tiadeche's Karambwan Stall at a default cost of 10gp each now. In your inventory raw karambwanji can be stackable. As the bait, raw karambwanji are required to fish for karambwan, which more access to fishing. All existing cooked karambwanji will be exchanged for raw karambwanji upon login.


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Rsgoldfast Team