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OSRS Fossil Island Recharging Iban's Staff


OSRS Fossil Island Recharging Iban's Staff

With Fossil Island coming soon, Jagex has made some changes and added some gameplay. As we talked about Kudos information display, a challenge in Champion's cape and elite clue gamble in Friday's post, today we will talk about recharging Iban's staff and OSRS Mobile version development.


New Service of Recharging Iban Staff


You can recharge Iban staff in the Dark Mage of West Ardougne, which costs you 100k coins for a standard Iban Staff and 250k coins for the upgraded version. When you finish Underground Pass, you will save from an arduous trek down the Pass itself.


OSRS Mobile Version Development


OSRS Mobile version is still on its way now. Jagex has released some of its interface work to do mobile testing outside the test environment. The Barbarian Guard from the Outpost can now be contacted via the Lunar spell, which means you can toggle the automatic vial-smashing feature without having to visit him in person. Cats now have a right-click Chase option for sending them to chase vermin. You can now choose a total of 36 rather than 35 from Barrows Brothers Slay boss assignment. Teleportation jewellery now has separate bank placeholders for the fully-charged and completely depleted versions of each item.


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