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OSRS Christmas event 2017 guide

Dec-14-2017 PST

Christmas 2017 is coming soon. OSRS Christmas event 2017 has begun. Here is some guide, please read it carefully can help you claim the rewards.


² Speak to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village.


² Talk to Diango and go to his workshop in the north-westernmost building in Draynor Village.


² Speak to the Foreman and get the key and the pass phrase to the grotto.


² Head back to Diango and then tell the pass phrase to the Wise Old Man.


² Go to the grotto in the Land of Snow.


² Cover the curtain with snow, which is torn apart and enchanted by the Wise Old Man.


² Return to the Wise Old Man, who will give you a teleport tablet before teleporting you to Thessalia’s shop in Varrock.


² Iffie will sew you a snow imp costume after Thessalia refuses your request.


² Come back to the Wise Old Man via the teleport tablet.


² Pick the second chat options whenever there are two options with the same answer.


² Head east outside the grotto and talk to Dolph.


² Catch 3 snow sprites with fine mesh net outside the grotto and use them on Dolph.


² Speak to the Wise Old Man and find a Santa suit from the wardrobe.


² shrink the suit with hot water.


² Take the suit to the Wise Old Man.


² Find the key to Santa's vault in the corner.


² Find the Santa's seal from the shelf in the vault.


² Talk to the Wise Old Man and write a promissory note with Santa's seal on it.


² Take Santa's empty sack and come back to Draynor Village via the North Pole.


² Terrify the pixies, wearing Anti-Santa outfit.


² Go down the trap door in the building the pixies were picketing.


² Talk to the foreman with the empty sack in your inventory.


² Give the presents (given by the foreman) to the Wise Old Man.


² Board the ship just south of The Rusty Anchor pub and speak to Cabin Boy Colin with The Corsair Curse quest completed. Or use the spirit tree in Feldip Hills with the Tree Gnome Village quest completed.


² Talk to Santa near the dock, east of the large throne.


² Return to Draynor Village and talk to the Wise Old Man for completing the event.


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Rsgoldfast Team