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New Wyvern on Fossil Island OSRS

Sep-12-2017 PST

Recently,Fossil Island announced that 4 new Wyverns increased, there are Fossil Island announced the addition of four new Wyverns, which are: Ancient Wyvern OSRS, Taloned Wyvern OSRS, Spitting Wyvern and Long-tailed Wyvern. You can be found them in the Wyvern Cave. Here we give you a brief introduction.


Talk about Wyvern, we all known and most familiar is Skeletal Wyvern. A large number of players looking for Skeletal Wyvern Strategies .It's so high hard to make a lot of people frustrated. Skeletal Wyverns are dangerous foes. So you must use high Defence, Attack, and Hitpoints. Equipment. All of goods you need more gold can buy on But remember places a Slayer level of 72 at least to be harmed, you will be succeed.


Now ,let's talk about four kinds of new Wyverns.


1. The strongest species of Ancient Wyvern

Above all ,the Slayer level of 82 at least to be harmed, and than, Players should need an element, mind, dragon fire shield and ancient wyvern shield to kill them.


2. The other three Wyvern

All need the Slayer level of 66 at least to be harmed.The equipment players need is the same: a(n) ancient, mind, elemental or dragon fire shield. If player does not have or cannot afford a dragon fire shield. It will be easy to be killed by Wyverns.


Anyway , these are some suggestions for you! If you want to kill more easily in Wyvern on Fossil Island, You need more powerful equipment. And you can RS 3 Gold and RS 07 Gold from the


Enjoy your game!


Rsgoldfast Team