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Mining & Smithing Rework Postponed


Mining & Smithing Rework Postponed

Earlier this week, they shared more information on the Mining & Smithing rework within the live stream, on our forums and across social networking.


That resulted in great deal of feedback inside you all, which they didn’t need to rush through or ignore. With that in mind, we’ve taken the challenging decision to postpone Mining & Smithing for your coming year.



It’s needed the Mining & Smithing Rework may be the update you'll need: it changes the activity you play, and that means you requested it in last year’s survey.


But, once we presented the look, it had been clear that individuals weren’t close enough as for your you would expect. You had lots of fair feedback and concerns, including problems with the core regions of the update. In particular, you felt the update was bloated with items you didn’t need or

didn’t need changing, yet was leaving a great deal unfinished.


They need to make sure that individuals realise why right first-time. They also need to spend time emailing you, to pay attention to and solve the core issues. Let’s create a thing that benefits the activity now combined with the long-term, whilst meeting your expectations.

What now?


Mining & Smithing’s September schedule slot will likely be full of numerous updates that concentrate on improving the activity, and we’ll share those updates 2-3 weeks. They will additionally have a very amount of the larger time for you to get yourself a jump for your epic Sliske's Endgame quest!


Once again, we're sorry for your delay, even so the world thinks we’re making the best decision for Mining & Smithing and the activity for a long time.


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