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Midsummer event, Auto smash vials and Void mage buff back to Runescape


Midsummer event, Auto smash vials and Void mage buff back to Runescape

Pay attention, Runescape players! This week runescape brings Midsummer event, Auto-smash vials and Void mage buff. Wanna cheap rs gold to enjoy this event? Rsgoldfast is the best site for you to buy cheap rs gold.


Return of the Midsummer Event


On this Friday, the midsummer event is back for you. In Cambridge, you can see an eclectic mix of sweltering heat and torrential rain. Each day you can receive a cryptic clue, and a disc of returning for offering to help. You also can receive a half wine when you complete this task successfully. You can get a new Hand Fan and rewards from previous Midsummer events.


Note that if you lost this items you can reclaim from Diango or a POH toybox.


Auto-smash vials


There is an option offered by Barbarian Guard to toggle the automatic breaking of vials after consuming potions. You can find it at the Barbarian Outpost and it will require you to complete the Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl.


Void mage buff


This week, both the normal and elite sets will increase from 30% Magic accuracy to 45% Magic accuracy. This the elite set has received a Magic damage boost of 2.5%.


In addition, you can get 27.5% Magic damage bonus from other existing boosts like full elite Magic void equipped alongside an Occult necklace and Staff of the dead.


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