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Kree'arra Event Begins on 19th Aug and Buy Cheap RS Gold


Kree'arra Event Begins on 19th Aug and Buy Cheap RS Gold

This Saturday Aug.19th brings Kree'arra event in Runescape. Kree'arra event is a hard mode version of the fight, located at Armadyl's Eyrie lobby, world 39. You can get the drops of Kree'arra Event. See more details as below.


Requirements of Fighting Kree'arra


Kree'arra is the Aviansie general of Armadyl in the God Wars Dungeon, accompaning by his 3 sergeants, Flight Kilisa, Wingman Skree, and Flockleader Geerin.


1. Partial completion of the Troll Stronghold quest


2. 60 Agility or 60 Strength for the boulder north of Trollheim


3. 70 Ranged to enter Armadyl's Eyrie


4. Access to Teleport to Trollheim is highly recommended


5. 70+ in Melee / Ranged / Magic and Defence is highly recommended


Equipment of Fighting Kree'arra


Kree'arra is within God Wars Dungeon, and we suggest players at least have Teleport to Trollheim unlocked. You can also use God wars teleport or a Max Guild boss portal adjust to Kree'arra. From Trollheim, climb down the cliffsides go north past the thrower trolls, past the large rock, and down the entrance into the dungeon near the wolves. Once there, run south and cross the chasm into Armadyl's Eyrie - this requires 70 Ranged, which is not boostable.


To get into the boss room, you need 40 Armadyl followers inside the dungeon. This can be done anywhere in the dungeon. All monsters in the dungeon are aggressive to those that do not display an item of allegiance to their god. The shard of Zaros, Ancient Book, and any piece of equipment dropped by Nex will render all combatants in the main dungeon docile. For a full list of protection items, see God Wars Dungeon#God-related protection.


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