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Dimension of the Damned is easy, Jagex increase difficulty


Dimension of the Damned is easy, Jagex increase difficulty

Dimension of the Damned game is starting, some players feedback that too easy, Jagex intends to increase its difficulty by adding various of mechanics. and how will Jagex going to improvements?


A few hours after the start of the game, RuneScape team will get feedback from the players. There are most of the players said that the mode is repeated and boring, has been constantly killing zombies, no funny. After that Jagex responded that has plans to improve Dimension of the Damned in the future and promises to increase the technical difficulty.


In addition, there is a question of fairness for changes in the game. They responded that if the changes affect the fundamentals of the system to a points where players are getting increasing/decreasing scores during the sessions, they will look to reset the high scores. because they also don’t want the players to play the game mode for 10 days.


Mysteria is beginning


From now on to the 23rd at 23:59 is game time. In Mysteria, the 6 below promotions will be active for 4 hours, and swapping out to the next promotion, the promotions will change every day. You must knows that.


1. Smouldering Lamps


2. Lava Lanterns


3. Meteor Storm


4. Celebration Lamps


5. Hydra Lamps


6. Supernova


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