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Deadman Protection, Unlocks and Worlds


Deadman Protection, Unlocks and Worlds

With the release of the new Deadman Season, there are three key points you should know:

Deadman Protection

After 23:59 UTC on March 31st, players will be protected in this 6 hours when logging into the Deadman season. But there is one thing that you should pay attention! During this 6 hours, your protection will be took out if you want to participate in PvP. During this 6 hours, you can't participate in PvP. However, if you want to remove your protection early, please tell the Doomsayer. In this time, no one can attack you and you will get experience at double the usual Deadman rate.

Deadman Unlocks

In this 6-hour protection, all players will complete all quests, all music tracks for all players will be unlocked and ancients will become accessible.

Deadman Worlds

When the new Deadman Season is lauched, the extrs worlds have now been removed, such as world 400, world 401, world 410 and world 411.

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