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Complete Digsite Quest to start adventure in a new island OSRS

Sep-08-2017 PST

Your long-waited Fossil Island has kicked off already with a new island added! Completing the Digsite Quest, stocking up 100 Kudos and speaking to Curator Haig Halen to start your adventure now!


Train your Mining Skill in Volcanic Mine


The majestic arched caverns are a picturesque back drop for the glittering caves where is the place for you to train your mining skill. Volcanic Mine requires you 180 Kudos and 50 mining. Note that your items will be retrieved if you die in the mine but they will be kept till you return.


Go Diving in Underwater Adventures


In Underwater Adventures, you can dust off that old fishbowl helmet you have sitting in the back of the closet and explore a brand new environment. If you run out of air, you'll reappear at the surface by mermaids.


Battle with three new breeds of wyverns


There are three new breeds of wyverns you can battle with in Varrock Museum.


Other activities in Fossil Island


Help the museum staff out by giving them some badly needed amenities and use your construction skill to help build their camp. Clean your fossil finds and add them to display cases in Varrock Museum's new floor. Collect feathers by crafting a birdhouse trap.


Find other funny Fossil Island activities and get start your adventure now! As Double Weekend will return on September 15, you can buy osrs gold with 3% off extra gold: BTS3 now! Enjoy exploring all that Lumbridge has to offer!


Rsgoldfast Team