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Changes of Dungeoneering and Week's Fixes


Changes of Dungeoneering and Week's Fixes

This Monday brings a number of changes of Dungeoneeing skill and week'fixes. Furthermore, you can buy cheap rs gold with discount code on Rsgoldfast.


Changes of Dungeoneering


Dungeoneering map will be updated as the dungeoneering party work through a dungeon. Base on the size of the dungeon, the map will scale, which will also apply to Sinkholes. It will be reduced to two if players needed to form a party for a large dungeon. All skilling plots in dungeons will be added to icons. The three Dungeoneering dedicated worlds will be combined to one.


This week's fixes

1. Sigils from Sophanem Slayer Dungeon will have 1000 maximum charges and will only require 1 vital spark to recharge.

2. Excalibur's special attack will display healing hitsplats for all of its duration.

3. Lucky chaotic and barrows items will be keepsakeable.

4. The time for tool tips to appear after hovering over icons on the buff bar will be increased slightly.

5. Additional information will be added to the Voice of Seren tool tips for some Prifddinas clans.

6. The jellyfish guarding the seaweed patch in the Giant Oyster distraction and diversion will be moved so that it does not interfere with pathing.

7. The currency pouch favorite slots will work correctly again.

8. It will be possible to buy unstable essence in batches of 100.

9. A threshold will be added for obtaining the Vitalis pet, following the successful result of a player survey.

10. Carapace armour and Batwing robes will be made craftable by free players.


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