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Blast Furnace, Lighthouse Dungeon, and Blast Mine Improvements


Blast Furnace, Lighthouse Dungeon, and Blast Mine Improvements

This week brings improvements of Blast Furnace, Blast Mine, and Lighthouse Dungeon in Runescape. See more details here.


Numpty and Thumpy - Blast Furnace's Newest Recruits


There are two newest recruits in the Blast Furnace, Numpty and Thumpy. Pipes, cogs and the drive belt will be repaired in Blast Furnace. Jagex has now increased the cost of the Blast Furnace to 72,000gp per hour.


Two Changes in Lighthouse Dungeon


Now, Jagex has implemented two changes to improve visibility on any would-be competition. You are accessible to see whether the Dagannoths on lower level when stood above the ladder. In addition, a peek option on the Iron Ladder will give you a summary of the number of players present on the floor of the dungeon.


Blast Mine - Overlay Interface


Now Lovakengj Blast Mine offers an overlay interface which will allows you to track the amount of each ore you have collected.


Toggle Option - Amulet of Chemistry


Toggle option has now added in Amulet of Chemistry to stop your character from making more potions once the amulet breaks.


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