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Become Deadman to Get $20,000 in Deadman Autumn Invitational


Become Deadman to Get $20,000 in Deadman Autumn Invitational

The Deadman Autumn Season, the sixth seasonal iteration of Deadman Mode, is live now! Are you willing to become one of the top 2,000 Deadmen to get $ 20,000 in the Deadman Autumn Invitational? If not, you can watch this season at RuneFest 2017. If yes, see the requirements as below.


When will Deadman Autumn Season end?


This season will last until Thursday 27th, July.


What do you need to do in Deadman Autumn Invitational?


You need a active membership and familiar with the new season changes.


What is the new season changes?


From world 400 to world 411 will be active to chanllenge in Deadman Mode.


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