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Balthazar's Big Raffle return to Runescape on August 29th


Balthazar's Big Raffle return to Runescape on August 29th

Jagex anoununced this Thursday that Balthazar's Big Raffle will return to Runescape on August 29th. Exicted or thrilled? More detailed information show as below.


Five-day Balthazar's Big Raffle last


Balthazar's Big Raffle event wll last for 5 days from August 29th to October 2nd. Balthazar's Big Raffle is only accessible to members not Ironman players.


Collect one ticket from Balthazar


Collect one ticket each day from Balthazar by the Burthorpe lodestone. Completing a daily challenge or hunting down Gilly Willikers the clown when he capers around the Misthalin and Asgarnia lodestones, you can also pick up one extra ticket. You'll also receive a piece Gilly's clown outfit for every five tickets you use.


Each day you can get different and special items using the ticket. There are 2,500 Golden Godsword on Monday, 40,000 two portable deposit boxes on Tuesday, 20,000 three large protean packs on Wednesday, 5,000 Golden Warpriest armour set on Thursday, 20,000 three deathtouched darts on Friday, 3,500 Golden Barrows (Guthans, Ahrims, Veracs, Akrisae) on Saturday, 3,500 Golden Barrows (Dharoks, Karils, Torags, Akrisae) on Sunday.


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