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Adopt an enormous Cat to Support WWF's Conservation Work


Adopt an enormous Cat to Support WWF's Conservation Work


Adopt a Big Cat to Support WWF's Conservation Work

Answer quiz queries in an exceedingly special huge Cats edition of The Drop and gift Bonds to adopt four cat companions and unlock exclusive titles - raising awareness of the plight of those vulnerable animals, in partnership with WWF.


Head to Burthorpe and visit the environmentalist to urge started. the large Cats quiz can begin double hourly – on the hour and at half-past. Answer queries properly to earn points, which may be accustomed adopt companions and unlock titles.


You can conjointly speak to the environmentalist to gift to WWF victimization Bonds. for each Bond given to the environmentalist through Gregorian calendar month 20th-August seventeenth, Jagex can gift a minimum of £2.85 to WWF in support of their world conservation effort.


Doing thus helps you to adopt a lot of companions, and earns non-Ironman characters an enormous cats gift per Bond – containing seven Treasure Hunter Keys.

Update: we'll shortly be implementing a fix to permit adult male characters to gift Bonds and adopt the lion and ounce cubs.

Speak to the environmentalist to open the Sanctuary interface, wherever you'll collect your companions and unlock your titles.



 Panthera onca Cub | nine points
 cub | nine points
 cub | one Bond
 ounce Cub | five Bonds (total)

For ensuing four weeks, you'll use a beast of burden pouch on any of the cub companions to impart identical advantages to your feline friend.



    Snowy Assassin title | a pair of points
 concealment Predator title | a pair of points
    King of the Jungle title | a pair of points


The Big Cats quiz lasts period – the primary week themed around jaguars and therefore the second around tigers. you'll earn up to twelve points within the 1st week, and twenty four within the second.


As a bonus, taking part over the course of the event also will earn you XP lamps:

    Answer one Panthera onca Week question | one little XP lamp
    Answer all twelve Panthera onca Week queries | one medium XP lamp
    Answer one Tiger Week question | one little XP lamp
    Answer all twelve Tiger Week queries | one medium XP lamp

The environmentalist can keep around for an additional period to permit access to the Sanctuary.


Get involved and provides liberally over ensuing period, and tell your friends concerning this fantastic cause. you'll establish a lot of concerning our alternative in-game charity events in support of WWF below.

Visit WWF's web site, too, and establish a lot of concerning impressive work they are doing to safeguard the world's species.


Mazcab | Solo Content

The portal to Mazcab's been open for every week currently, and notwithstanding you are not able to raid, there is a whole load to try and do there.


Be sure to envision it out if you haven't already – there aren't any entry needs, and therefore the outlandish, alien Nemi Forest is ripe for exploration by anyone. Rescue lost goebies, manipulate ancient artefacts and tackle the exotic flowers to uncover long-buried mental object secrets, pets and a lot of.


You can reach Mazcab by talking to Wizard Chambers at the docks between Lumbridge and Al Kharid – he'll transport you straight to Tuska's back, wherever you will find the portal. as an alternative, head to the thief Camp static magnet or head south on the Kharidian Desert outline, then swim over to the fallen body of Tuska.

Ninja Fixes | Vampyres

Later this year comes ensuing quest within the deliciously dark Myreque series, therefore the Ninjas have created their most daring infiltration nevertheless. They've snuck into Morytania and created a coffin-load of tweaks, fixes and quality of (un)life enhancements to the Myreque quests and therefore the space normally.

Read the patch notes for full details. If you've got nevertheless to play this much-loved quest series – that could be a demand of the new quest - there is ne'er been a far better time to try and do thus. Steel your nerves, and obtain ready now!

Big Cats in Burthorpe

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