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[OSRS]Changing Name in Game and Sortable Lists


[OSRS]Changing Name in Game and Sortable Lists

This week's update brings some truly satisfying improvements to Old School: the ability to change your name in game and the ability to sort your friends list, ignore list and friends chat!

In-game Name Changing

It is now possible to change your display name within the Old School RuneScape game client! To access the name change menu, go to Settings -> Chat & Notifications -> Display Name.

The display name menu will show you a few bits of information about your account.Initially, it shows how long you have until you get your next free name change and how many extra changes you have redeemed with bonds.To check whether a name is available or not, click the 'Look up name' button found near the bottom of the menu. Type in the name you would like to check and press enter.If the name is available, the button found at the bottom of the menu will now show the name and the status box in the middle of the menu will show "Not taken".

Using this menu comes with all the usual checks for inappropriate names.If you would like to change your account to use the available name, click the button found at the bottom of the name change menu.And it is as simple as that - enjoy your new display name!

Once you've changed your name you will need to log out and in if you wish to change it again using the in-game menu.If you've recently redeemed a bond for a name change, you may need to log out and in for the in-game menu to recognise this.Unfortunately, it isn’t currently possible for the game to know if a reserved name is reserved to yourself. If you’re trying to change your name back to one you’ve used previously and is still reserved to your account, you will need to do this through the Runescape website rather than the in-game menu.

The name change module comes under very heavy load when new batches of names are released. If the system’s too busy to take your request, the form will display “System unavailable”; if this happens, please try again later.

Sortable Friends List, Ignore List and Friends Chat

Due to a technical limitation of Old School, we've seen some issues being caused by the sorting of very long lists.Rather than removing the update entirely to avoid these issues, the sorting feature will remain available for lists 200 or under in length.Lists which exceed 200 in length will not be sortable by display name or by world.We'll be working with the engine team to seek a solution to this limitation. Apologies for the inconvenience.

The friends list, ignore list and friends chat menus now feature the ability to sort the players listed. Simply use the small sorting arrows now found at the top of these interfaces to change your sorting mode.Within your friends list you can sort by display name and world.Within your ignore list you can sort by display name.Within friends chat channels you can sort by rank, display name and world.

You can also sort like this within your clan chat settings menu.All of these interfaces also include a legacy sorting option, allowing you to switch back to the original sorting method. Your choice of sorting is remembered over logout.

Direct Glider Travel

The gnome pilots found around Gielinor have been given some extra training and are now able to fly to any destination without needing you to go via the Grand Tree.It is possible to check the availability of a name without being eligible to change your name.

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