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  • ​Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bonus
    ​Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bonus

    Nov-22-2018 PST

    Hello, everyone! RsGoldFast store is launching a BIG promotion for the coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As you know that the two Festivals have been the important part in our shopping life. RsGoldFast much appreciated for all your support in the past, Nowadays, you can enjoy and receive 2%-10% Free Runescape Gold (OSRS Gold and RS3 Gold), UP TO 10% Bonus. This means Purchase more Receive Free More. After Click {Buy Now}, you will see your bonus in your shopping cart. Full amount RuneScape Gold in your order will be delivered to you During the promotion. Buy OSRS Gold and Enjoy Up ...
  • ​Why I Do not Use Corrective Overrides
    ​Why I Do not Use Corrective Overrides

    Nov-21-2018 PST

    Something I was cerebration about was why in added amateur like GW2 I get a lot of amusement unlocking banknote and dyes and tweaking my appearances above characters as I do, but never do in Runescape, and am about afraid at the idea, like it's unnatural. I anticipate it's abundantly angry that the actuality that it's a accepted override in a bold breadth you change gearsets frequently. In amateur like GW2 and WoW, the overrides are angry to the specific section of equipment, so if you're switching amid catchbasin and DPS sets, there is a beheld aberration amid them that is absolute obvious. ...
  • ​Alchemy as a skill
    ​Alchemy as a skill

    Nov-20-2018 PST

    Hello new adolescent Scapers! So I've been arena Runescape 3 for a acceptable little bit of time now. I apperceive that Jagex is alive with the absolution of adaptable Runescape 3, the coffer rework, and the mining and smithing rework a allotment of added things. But I had an absorption arise to mind. Runescape would plan in fact able-bodied if they fabricated a abracadabra skill, it could be advised like an aristocratic accomplishment with the aggregate of 80 in Divination, Magic, and Runecrafting. What I am cerebration is the players apparatus is chalk, which there would be altered ...
  • ​Returning amateur mini rant
    ​Returning amateur mini rant

    Nov-19-2018 PST

    Hey I started up my Runescape anniversary again. This bold is way bigger than I had bethink it! The cartoon are absolutely nice (I adulation the way abysmal demons look), and assertive updates like stackable clue scrolls accomplish the bold that abundant added fun. One affair I am accepting a botheration wrapping my arch around, however, is all the abuse time-managed content. I don't accept what the argumentation abaft it is. The endure time I logged out I was aggravating to get the adventure cape, and logging in now one year afterwards I anon acquainted a bit queesy canonizing the menaphos ...
  • ​Making 2h ranged viable
    ​Making 2h ranged viable

    Nov-18-2018 PST

    There are several issues adverse 2h ranged. 1. Too agnate to magic, so abridgement of action triangle diversity. 2. Bifold apply ranged is bigger due to aggravate bang and bakriminel bolts. 3. Salt the Wound and Mutated Dazing Attempt (the abilities that were declared to accomplish 2h ranged viable) are not acceptable to use due to the adversity of architecture and advancement stacks. So the afterward is my proposed solution. Makes ranged a little altered from magic, gives 2h ranged a slight addict to accompany it afterpiece to on par with bifold wield, and makes Puncture assemb ...
  • ​Make auras accessible for Thaler
    ​Make auras accessible for Thaler

    Nov-16-2018 PST

    The axial purpose of adherence systems, from what I understand, are to accolade players for one of two things: time played, or associates length. At the moment, our adherence does a bit of both; it is primarily comprised of the latter, but breach is still important, as auras accept a beyond appulse on college akin players (specifically, high-level pvm). As a rework for auras/loyalty is already awaiting (and heavily requested), I had an abstraction beforehand today and seems like an acclimatized alteration that could be fabricated to Thaler. As I see it, Thaler has both of those aspect ...
  • An altercation for added alcove per ks
    An altercation for added alcove per ks

    Nov-15-2018 PST

    Disclaimer: The examples of allowances I use actuality should be apparent as examples of the affectionate of allowances I'm cerebration about and not necessarily suggestions of absolutely what I ambition to see in the game. I do not accept abundant ability to apperceive whether or not my archetype allowances will be too OP and breach the game. Therefor commenting that "x advantage will breach the adventurous because of y and z reasons" is not arguing adjoin my position, OSRS gold but is accepted because it highlights why that archetype advantage isn't capital in it's accepted state. To ...
  • ​Really wish to get aback into Runescape
    ​Really wish to get aback into Runescape

    Nov-14-2018 PST

    Been playing, but in fact wish to get aback into the game. I apperceive this is a bit of an odd post. I got aback into Runescape on a alpha annual aback in 2013. In 2017 I was afterwards internet for about a year, on top of a laptop shorting out completely, and aback afresh i haven't been as into the game. I've fabricated endless alts, and acquire a somewhat adapted account, but even over the endure year of accepting internet admission again, it just hasn't acquainted the same. I anticipate the way i went about arena the bold and the abilities i rushed are what did it. Currently I'm 3.5b xp, ...
  • ​Achievements absurd by Ironmen
    ​Achievements absurd by Ironmen

    Nov-13-2018 PST

    As of the accomplishment bonanza update, there are 3 achievements that are uncompletable by Ironmen (and 1 awful arbitrary one). And afore anyone starts traveling off about how 'you chose to absolute yourself', Ironman approach is declared to absolute the agency in which you can admission goals, not collapsed out accomplish them absurd to obtain. These achievements are: - Cops and robbers: requires arena Heist which we can't access. Solution: acquiesce us to play Heist but not buy any of the XP rewards. - Traveling down with the ship: requires arena Fishing Trawler which ...
  • About the success of OSRS and OSRS Mobile
    About the success of OSRS and OSRS Mobile

    Nov-12-2018 PST

    I'm in fact adored about the success of OSRS and OSRS Mobile but... I'm absolute afraid to what admeasurement it makes my affection bead if I appointment their sub (to see newbies adequate the Mobile acquaintance + memes of course) and see all those "remove RS3" petitions and just accepted disdain, toxicity and channeled abhorrence appear our game. I adeptness just be sentinental, but I did abound up arena RuneScape (started in ′06) and adapted to changes, abdicate with EOC, but came aback to abide arena on my RS3 annual aback I artlessly wasn't accommodating to alpha all over in ...
  • ​Why do we consistently to accord Jagex the annual of the doubt
    ​Why do we consistently to accord Jagex the a ...

    Nov-11-2018 PST

    For example, a jmod replied on my column about the adherence arrangement 5 months ago adage advice about a rewor would be accessible in the advancing weeks. That never happened, so giving them the annual of the agnosticism something acquire to acquire appear up which meant they didn't acquire time for it. They never just said that though. Instead, a brace months afterwards we get accession cilia acknowledgment adage its advancing up in the advancing weeks. Never happened. Giving them the annual of the agnosticism again, we can acquire they advised to but something came up. But this aeon just ...
  • ​Having fun while grinding
    ​Having fun while grinding

    Nov-09-2018 PST

    I am f2p at the moment to try out the bold and see if I like it. I accept been a affiliate on OSRS a few times but the batty grinds collection me crazy. So I heard that in RS3 there are added fun agency to alternation abilities etc. What would you acclaim me accomplishing starting off? Btw I accept watched videos on youtube on this affair but they are appealing abortive tbh. It's not necessarily that skilling is added fun in RS3, but there are faster methods for every skill, as able-bodied as QOL improvements like presets or activity confined that accomplish it a lot added adequate an ...
  • ​The Abundant Divide
    ​The Abundant Divide

    Nov-08-2018 PST

    It seems with the absolution of OSRS Adaptable and the consecutive acceleration in amateur count, that both communities are at allowance added than ever. I avidly play both OSRS and RS3. I started arena RuneScape if it was what OSRS is now (around 2006) and accept connected to play throughout the years, rolling with the punches Jagex has thrown. Sometimes I'd abdicate for a year or two, but never because of an update, I just consistently got apathetic with the bold or had added IRL things to anguish about. All that accepting said, I started arena RS3 actively afresh in Spring 2017. I adulati ...
  • ​Optimising AFK bureaucracy for Airy Warriors
    ​Optimising AFK bureaucracy for Airy Warriors

    Nov-07-2018 PST

    I've been absent an AFK money maker for my capital annual while I play on my ironman. So far, I've been accomplishing airy warriors in my apache dungeon, but I anticipate my bureaucracy could be optimised. I've got a bulk of questions I'm aggravating to answer actuality - so aggregate may be a bit disorganised. I've done a bit of plan aggravating to acknowledgment the questions myself, but feel chargeless to jump in with your own input/corrections. How assisting are Airy Warriors? Around 5.6m an hour. That's with 5 airy warriors in a apache alcove and the bank two banty advantage from ...
  • ​The Completionist Cape was a mistake
    ​The Completionist Cape was a mistake

    Nov-06-2018 PST

    The Completionist Cape was a mistake. Here's why. A lot of bodies in this subreddit say that OSRS gets a lot added agreeable than this sub, and they're right. OSRS has added bosses, new quests including sequels to Dragon Slayer, My Arm's Big Adventure, and Monkey Madness, and has an absolute goddamn continent's annual of agreeable that just doesn't abide in RS3. Why is this? The go-to acknowledgment I see is that OSRS is easier to advance for, and to an extent, this is true; the cartoon are simpler, and low-poly models are easier to architecture than some absurdly abundant ones like Solak or ...
  • ​My assessment on updates every week
    ​My assessment on updates every week

    Nov-05-2018 PST

    I see alot of complains about the promises that breadth made. And I assumption it is because not admeasure of bodies apperceive the aberration amid 2010 development and 2018 development. 2010 doesn't accept to cover every bright because we breadth not acclimated to absolute abundant gaming. The new amateur in 2018 all accept 'sick' cartoon about realistic. That takes admeasure of added time. Runescape aswell bigger massively. they went to NXT and carbon every bit of cipher to C#. That was a huge step. But acutely there is still alot of 'spaghetti code'. But that is something that come ...
  • ​My 2 cents in RuneScape
    ​My 2 cents in RuneScape

    Nov-04-2018 PST

    I started arena Runescape about 2010 if I was abandoned 12. I played f2p for a while afore I absitively to use "mommy's acclaim card" to get associates like a year later. I anticipation it would advice me apprentice added about the bold but just fabricated it added confusing. I took a few year breach afterwards 2013 could could cause I just didn't accept what to do anymore(not a maxed appearance like 60 in a lot of skills) till afresh if I absitively to try afresh from blemish (original annual was hacked.) The acumen i mentioned this is that there has consistently been the both ...
  • ​Proposed Rune Accessory Fix Instead of Complete Nerf
    ​Proposed Rune Accessory Fix Instead of Compl ...

    Nov-03-2018 PST

    This amend has been continued accessible by abounding players and is such an amazing QoL amend and this goes for every action style, not just mage. The a lot of account amplitude this amend saves in a preset is 2-3 spaces and is that in actuality such a big accord with how bad switchscape has gotten recently? Also meleers and rMaddens can currently accompany absorber dome+spellbook swap+disruption shield, and already the 100% accurateness sigil comes out can accompany spellbook swap+vuln as well. So these assorted rune pouches save EVERY action appearance account space. ...
  • ​Give ranged some identity
    ​Give ranged some identity

    Nov-02-2018 PST

    I feel like an amend to convulsion captivation assorted bolts and arrows accompanying wouldn't be enough, even admitting it's so abominably bare at this stage. Ranged needs its own set of buffs to not abandoned achieve it in band with affray and magic, but aswell something that sets it afar from those 2 styles. Appropriate now appealing abundant aggregate ranged does, either affray or abracadabra will do it bigger than ranged of RS gold. The abandoned affair ranged is aloft at is application mech chins, which in actuality disregards bakriminel bolt furnishings (one of the abandoned id ...
  • ​Thoughts of a fifteen year additional amateur on RS Mobile
    ​Thoughts of a fifteen year additional amateu ...

    Nov-01-2018 PST

    Hello players I capital to acquaint myself, my name is William and I acknowledge you annual this little cord of thoughts I accept on Runescape Mobile. I was a continued time lurker on the RS Reddit for some time now, and abandoned afresh I accept absitively to accomplish a contour because I in fact capital to sit down, yield some time and allotment my honest thoughts on the accepted accompaniment of diplomacy in the bold and how abounding Runescape Mobile can change things(RuneScape Mobile gold more cheap sale). My journey, like abounding of castigation too began a continued time ago. ...
  • ​Pleague assignment annual helper
    ​Pleague assignment annual helper

    Oct-31-2018 PST

    The accident is now over. It concluded @ October 29th 23:59 in bold time. Annihilation will analysis off anymore. Just a simple annual with suggestions for allowance you accomplishment the affliction doctor assignment list. If you apprehend annihilation else, I'd at atomic advance annual the aboriginal two tips. Ahead of the bold and Home Remedy!- Accomplish abiding to complete a reaper assignment as able-bodied as actualize a all-powerful assemble application III(Made with 10 ablaze activity and 5 apple-pie cadatine at akin 82 divination) accustomed if you intend on prestiging the an ...
  • ​Manual Analysis GoldFarmer
    ​Manual Analysis GoldFarmer

    Oct-30-2018 PST

    They accused me of this a brace of years ago. This happened in 2016, with my aboriginal account. Appropriate now I use addition account, with which I exceeded by much. Honestly if I recovered my account, I would allegedly not use it. As I said, I already acquire a abundant bigger one. However, I'm absolutely abiding that it was a mistake. He was a complete alive player. I played abounding hours, but I was consistently absolutely poor. I about managed to pay a band every 14 days, even affairs my things. I never did annihilation awe-inspiring or illegal. in fact, he was ac ...
  • ​Dear Runescape and acknowledge you so much
    ​Dear Runescape and acknowledge you so much

    Oct-29-2018 PST

    I acquainted like autograph a big acknowledge you to Runescape- a bold which assuredly formed my adolescence and shaped the accepting that I am today. I acquire aback chock-full arena but I couldn't backpack on in activity afterwards cogent my arduous gratitude. I'm not abiding if this is the complete abode to column it and I apologize if it's not but actuality goes. WARNING: WALL OF TEXT INCOMING --- Talk at academy was that some guy apparent these alleged "Hill Giants" ambuscade in some underground mazes whose exp was unimaginably fantastic. As I was walking to my classroom, ...
  • ​Divine Allegation prices are accomplished as is
    ​Divine Allegation prices are accomplished as is

    Oct-28-2018 PST

    Remember how aural the aboriginal 6-8 months of apparatus absolution 90% of the association was accusatory about how big-ticket the aliment bulk of accuse are? Well, while cipher complains about it anymore but I am in actuality blessed all-powerful accuse are this bargain (even admitting I've aggrandized on about everything). When it was expensive, I captivated both an aggrandized and unaugmented T90 version. There were some apache tasks that were ablaze HP (or Abyss) that could've acclimated T90s but not augmentation. T90 weapon cost/hour: ~150k (15 hours) vs Aggrandized T90 weapon c ...
  • ​What would be a astute way to absorb 100M gold
    ​What would be a astute way to absorb 100M gold

    Oct-27-2018 PST

    Look here... Everyone!!! I came aback to Runescape afresh and I accomplished I accept 100 actor gold pieces lying in my bank. I don't apperceive how it concluded up there but the endure time I logged in was about 8-10 years ago. My statistics are about 1450 complete akin and 98 action level. I wish to apperceive how I can absorb the money to accomplish added money in the future. I was afraid a year ago and was affected to actualize new annual so I'll acquaint you a bit of what I did. Luckily one of my abutting adolescence accompany that play OSRS lent me ~120M account of RuneScape gol ...
  • ​Normal membership vs. premier club
    ​Normal membership vs. premier club

    Oct-26-2018 PST

    I cannot assume to get a able answer/solution to this botheration nor anyone acclamation it. Im a abiding amateur from a continued time ago (over 6 years if I acclimated to play this bold as a kid f2p) and I just capital to play runescape afresh and actively go all in with the action of absent to in fact go endgame and max out and aggregate so I bought a one year membership. So basically I bought a one year associates appropriate abroad and bound begin out that Arch club existed, and did some analysis and begin out what the abounding allowances were. So instantly I capital to acquisition out ...
  • ​Refining Quest Requirements: Suggested changes
    ​Refining Quest Requirements: Suggested changes

    Oct-25-2018 PST

    Sliske's Endgame requires a lot of quests - added than any in the game. However, if you attending down the continued alternation of requirements, you will eventually acquisition that abounding quests - about earlier ones - don't in fact crave aggregate that they say they do. I've gone through the account and accept aggregate some appropriate changes. As far as I can recall, few of these quests are in fact abased on annihilation in their requirements, admitting in some cases they were in the past. I don't apperceive how abundant of an appulse this will accept overall, but it should in fact ac ...
  • ​In charge of opinions
    ​In charge of opinions

    Oct-24-2018 PST

    I accept just gotten 75 slayer, which opens up gargoyles for me. I don't apperceive whether or not to get 1 added akin (about 85k) and get 86 mining to do rune ores, get like 100k added fishing xp for sharks, or continuing on accomplishing slayer. Which should i do for constant acceptable money? If it's rune ores, area is the best abode to do so, if it's sharks, area should i angle them for the best money, and if it's slayer, should I just sit at gargoyles behindhand if i accept a assignment or not. Gargoyles are consistently over 2 mil an hour off assignment with alone Skeletal and a ...
  • ​Premier Club Exclusives are a disappointment
    ​Premier Club Exclusives are a disappointment

    Oct-23-2018 PST

    Last year, abounding humans bought the arch club amalgamation for the promised 4 "exclusive" arch club content. While the Hellion Ambience is ok, it pales in allegory to the antecedent years Pantheon Aura. Not to acknowledgment that this year, there was no summer aura, clashing the antecedent years enlightenment/illumination auras (this could accept been a able "exclusive" to awning btw). Despite this, the affiance of the 4 "exclusives" seemed to be absorbing and agitative to attending advanced to. This is a way for humans to buy and abide their membership, and it was a success, business-wis ...
  • ​There any fan modders out there
    ​There any fan modders out there

    Oct-22-2018 PST

    Is it possible/ok to accomplish a Runescape or God Wars fan mod from the Abatement From Heaven civ 4 engine? (Disclaimer, the 'Good Civilizations' and 'Evil Civilizations' in the annual are not my writing. That's from a screenshot of a wikia page, and labels according to alignments congenital into FFHII). Can it be done and are there any fan modders out there? I've adapted some of the files' backdrop into Runscape music theme/god logos but accept in actuality no abstraction how to amalgamate the civs into god factions/empires or agnate in the XML accepting so accept accustomed up so far. I a ...
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