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  • OSRS Beginners Guide On 2020
    OSRS Beginners Guide On 2020

    Jan-15-2020 PST

    When you are new to OSRS it can be tricky to know what to do, and all the things that are available to you. In this guide I will cover the basics to get you started on your adventure throughout OSRS. When you first login you will start at tutorial island, this will explain how to use all of the F2P (free to play) skills in the game, as well as other account features like, friends list, banking and how bonds (membership) works. Follow tutorial island closely on your first time to fully understand everything as you can't go back here later unless you create a new account. In the final section ...
  • OSRS Zerker Guide
    OSRS Zerker Guide

    Jan-10-2020 PST

    Intro A zerker is a special kind of PVP build making use of the berserker helm, which is the lowest defence level headgear to give a strength bonus. The helm bonus is +3 and it requires 45 defence to use. All zerker builds have 45 defence and the helm, but combat levels and other gear choices can vary depending on which combat level you wish to reach. Due to having a defence requirement, zerker builds do have more access to game content than 1-def pures. Because of the increase in available game content, a zerker build can use more methods to train, although generaly it is more expensive and ...
  • 2020 Happy New Year
    2020 Happy New Year

    Jan-07-2020 PST

    Welcome to, Happy New Year to all lovely clients and best wishes for 2020. Thank you for your company. We will continue to work hard to improve our service, give back your support. RSGoldFast Offer Hot Gold Old School RS Gold: RuneScape 3 Gold: RSGoldFast Offer Special Deal 20% Off Special Deal Page: All The Time. RSGoldFast Offer Fun Activity RSGoldFast Spin Page: More Interest ...
  • ​Partial Agility Rework Concept By Lord-Ice
    ​Partial Agility Rework Concept By Lord-Ice

    Jan-02-2020 PST

    Today i read a RuneScape post, so i want to share it with you. Just talk about Agility on RuneScape. The day dwindles on a decade. A new day will dawn soon for all the world. A new opportunity to create, improve, and explore. And personally, I don't like the idea of entering this brave new world with Agility in the condition it's in. But I have had thoughts on this that I think it's time to share. This isn't a full rework of the Agility skill, since such a thing could take a year or more to develop. Instead, this is aimed at a more surgical approach to fixing the skill: instead of sweeping everythi ...

    Dec-22-2019 PST

    Thank everyone greatly support in the 2019. Now 2020 is walking to us and we pretty pleased to launch the Big Christmas Promotion of RsGoldfast. During Christmas Promotion, every customer who places an order at RsGoldfast has a chance to participate in our Luck Draw (Spin Wheel). We have prepared 1,000 Million OSRS Gold stock at Give away. If you join the activity, if you are lucky one, you will win 50M OSRS Gold at our website. All prizes of this Luck Draw are random, but winning rate is 100%. However, please follow several rules as below while joining the activity. 1. You must place ...
  • RuneScape Twisted League Gamemode Guide
    RuneScape Twisted League Gamemode Guide

    Dec-09-2019 PST

    Just like Deadman mode or Ironman Mode, the Runescape Twisted League offers a competitive and unique way to play Oldschool Runescape. Inspired by region-locked accounts that have been popular on Youtube, you will play as a solo character that cannot leave the continent of Kourend. Within this guide, you should be well prepared for your journey once it finally launches. Understanding the Rules of RuneScape Twisted League Aside from the obvious fact that players cannot trade with each other nor leave the Kourend-Kebos area, the Jagex has already though up some rules to make everything f ...
  • ​Easy Items To Flip in OSRS
    ​Easy Items To Flip in OSRS

    Dec-04-2019 PST

    It’s no secret that flipping items on the Grand Exchange can be very profitable, and sometimes even more so than actually playing the game. For those of us with little free time to extensive market research, it just isn’t worth doing this big flips. Fortunately, you can still play it safe and make enough passive GP for bonds and gear upgrades by flipping more obscure or high-volume items. This guide will go over some of the lazier flips that are almost guaranteed to make a weekly profit. Battlestaves To start with something easy, if you have any level of the Varrock Diary, ...
  • ​New Bounty Hunter Rewards OSRS
    ​New Bounty Hunter Rewards OSRS

    Nov-29-2019 PST

    Considering that Bounty Hunter is kind of dead and consists of a lot of bug abusers and bot farms, it was recently revived with a rather complex update. The value of Mysterious Emblems will be redefined, new challenges will be given to players, and the profit potential of Pking went right up. Of course, some players have struggled to try to understand how the new update works and aren’t fully taking advantage of it. This guide will clear up how the new challenges and rewards work so you don’t waste your time with trial & error. The Points System Instead of just getting ...

    Nov-26-2019 PST

    Dear RsGoldFast Customers, If you bought from us before, you would know that Spinner Lottery at RsGoldFast has been a long-term activity for your fun,certainly it is also a good way to get free RuneScape Gold from us. Recently, to celebrate Thanks Giving Day & Black Friday, we have increased the winning rate to be 100% for sure and the biggest prize you win has been raised to be 50M OSRS Gold from previous 10M. If you are lucky, if you always support RsGoldFast, you will have the chance to win the 50M free OSRS Gold from us. During the promotion time, we are making sure eve ...
  • Tips For Beating Galvek From Dragon Slayer 2
    Tips For Beating Galvek From Dragon Slayer 2

    Nov-22-2019 PST

    Galvek is currently one of the most legendary fights found within the latest Master level quests in Runescape. Admittedly, there are much harder bosses, but for a mid-level account making progress, it is a surprisingly hard fight. As long as you have a decent ranged level, gear and a willingness to die a few times, he is still kill-able by the average player. Gearing Up The key thing to this fight is that ranged attacks are only viable and forget about magic considering his magic level. Another caveat is the fact the anti-dragon potions will not work, so a shield is necessary. This l ...
  • ​Training Slayer While Doing Nightmare Zone OSRS
    ​Training Slayer While Doing Nightmare Zone OSRS

    Nov-14-2019 PST

    If you plan on getting a high melee level for your alt account or new main, Nightmare Zone is the easiest and fastest method in the game. If you do go this route, most people will probably poke fun at your Slayer level due to the lack of skilling while outside this minigame. Fortunately, there is a relatively passive way to train Slayer while doing nightmare zone with a select few tasks. The currently known tasks that are doable in NMZ include:    • Black Demons    • Green Dragons    • Vampyres    • Trolls Although, yo ...
  • ​Tips For Creating a 1 Defense Pure OSRS
    ​Tips For Creating a 1 Defense Pure OSRS

    Oct-31-2019 PST

    One Defense pures have always been the most common build on Runescape due to the ease of starting one up and the additional challenge of fighting. The idea is to create a glass cannon of pure offensive stats to keep it as powerful as possible within the combat bracket. Ofcourse, there are a few things to keep in mind while creating such an account. Managing Your Hitpoints While having a decent life pool is desirable during fights, having too high of health compared to your offensive skills can knock you into a higher combat bracket. Players intentionally plan on using means to train w ...
  • ​OSRS Lizardman Shama Guide
    ​OSRS Lizardman Shama Guide

    Oct-27-2019 PST

    While it’s popularity isn’t what it used to be, the Lizardman Shaman is the only source of the coveted Dragon Warhammer (with a very rare chance at that). Ironmen particularly need to farm this boss thousands of times (on average) to get this drop. This means you need to know the ins & outs of this boss to successfully farm it. Attacks To Look Out For Like most other newer bosses in the game, a Lizardman Shaman has a wide variety attacks with all attack styles. Some of which need to by constant movement or by staying in a certain safe spot. The regular melee and ranged atta ...
  • ​Making Profit With Runecrafting OSRS
    ​Making Profit With Runecrafting OSRS

    Oct-22-2019 PST

    Runecrafting is a skill many players skip out on, even though most training methods net a decent profit. Sure, it is quite boring considering you are just walking back and forth between altars and the bank, but you can watch TV or Youtube while doing most methods. Below are the best methods at the moment to make a profit with the skill, although prices are always subject to change with future updates. Cosmic Runes (500,000+)  Crafting Cosmic runes doesn’t have a particularly high requirement, being only Lost City and 27 runecrafting, but it isn’t very profitable without high-leve ...
  • ​Mithril Dragon Killing Guide OSRS
    ​Mithril Dragon Killing Guide OSRS

    Oct-15-2019 PST

    Mithril dragons are a nostalgiac, hardy dragon that most of us probably remember trying to kill as a kid. They were introduced along with the Ancient Cavern as an upgrade from Steel Dragons from years past and came with a shiny new Dragon Fullhelm as a drop. Unfortunately, they’ve never really been easy or profitable to kill due to how inaccurate even maxed players will hit against them. This short guide will be for those wanting to do them for slayer tasks or just to be a completionist in this game. Gearing Up Since this dragon has an extremely high base defense with the only st ...
  • ​Metal Dragon Guide OSRS
    ​Metal Dragon Guide OSRS

    Oct-09-2019 PST

    Chromatic dragons have existed in Runescape since its classic days, but metal dragons introduced a new dynamic in 2005. They feature hardened defenses, long-range dragon breath, and unique drops compared to their chromatic dragon brothers. If you get them assigned as a slayer task, keep this article in mind before skipping them. Bronze Dragons Bronze dragons were the weakest of the preliminary metal dragons introduced to the game. As you might imagine, they drop bronze bars in addition to dragon bones upon death. Even though they are pure bronze, they still have a combat level of 131, a b ...
  • ​Solo Corporeal Beast Guide OSRS
    ​Solo Corporeal Beast Guide OSRS

    Sep-27-2019 PST

    The Corporeal Beast (sometimes just referred to as Corp) is technically one of the hardest bosses in Runescape in terms of combat level and defenses. While its mechanics are pretty simplistic, it is quite hard for a player to take it on without a group. Within this guide, you will know how to get prepared to take on Corp on your own. The Right Weapon For The Job The biggest reason why Corp is hard is due to its extremely high defense and the fact that its hide can only be penetrated by spears or halberds. There are many spears in the game, but there is no comparison to using the Zamoraki ...
  • ​F2P Melee Training Spots OSRS
    ​F2P Melee Training Spots OSRS

    Sep-15-2019 PST

    Whether you can’t afford membership or you are making a F2P-locked character, there are several training spots you can gain significant amounts of experience. While many of them are in the wilderness, there are even a few tucked away in dungeons, staying out of reach of player killers. This article will go over some of the best F2P Melee Training Spots OSRS that you can use to max out with little effort. Flesh Crawlers – Stronghold of Security Flesh Crawlers are low defense and low-hitting monsters in the Stronghold of Security. Considering that they have a different aggression mecha ...
  • Quest Items You Shouldn't Throw Away
    Quest Items You Shouldn't Throw Away

    Sep-11-2019 PST

    For the most part, random items obtain along quests are complete junk and most people drop them to save bank space. Whether its a reward or a component to completing a quest, there are still some items that are worth keeping for new players or ironmen until they get high-level items. Let’s dive into what you should consider keeping while questing in OSRS... Silverlight/Darklight The Silverlight itself has been a useless weapon, with the exception for perhaps F2P ironmen that want to kill Lesser Demons. This is why most players drop up upon seeing its stats and realizing that a Ru ...
  • OSRS New Last Man Standing Item Rewards
    OSRS New Last Man Standing Item Rewards

    Sep-06-2019 PST

    Last Man Standing is a safe PvP minigame where all players start with the same equipment and levels. As they advance through the battle royale, their gear is upgraded and the last person left alive wins the cash pool. It is nothing new to Runescape, but it had been quite stale up until recently. From the newly added NPC in the LMS area, you can check the rewards and prices at your convenience. You cannot trade in old items, so make sure you are absolutely ready to make a purchase. Staff of Balance The staff of balance takes on the same concept of Staff of the Dead and Staff of ...
  • ​Zalcano Boss Guide
    ​Zalcano Boss Guide

    Aug-30-2019 PST

    Zalcano is a skilling boss, mostly centered around mining, that’s imprisoned underneath the city of Prifddinas. This is also one of the few multi-skill bosses that cannot be killed using combat. You will get a mix of Mining, Smithing, and Runecrafting experience during the fight. She was involved with the god wars and is related to Skotizo, and ventured to Tirannwn to search for her brother. She was imprisoned in her volcanic cell to be studied and contained. You may access her cell in the Southeastern part of the city. In terms of profitability, many players have compared it to Zulrah befo ...
  • OSRS The Gauntlet Guide
    OSRS The Gauntlet Guide

    Aug-21-2019 PST

    The Gauntlet is a recently added solo minigame that mixes skilling and PvM in randomly generated dungeons. Some people may compare this to Dungeoneering in RS3, but at a much smaller scale. The idea is to gather your resources to create and upgrade gear in Singing Bowls while gathering materials for food and potions. While it is likely your account is decently high if you completed Song of the Elves, having max stats in combat skills, fishing, cooking, herblore, and farming will allow you to speedrun this dungeon. Speedrunning is ideal if you plan on using this minigame as a means of moneyma ...
  • OSRS Guide to Crystal Equipment
    OSRS Guide to Crystal Equipment

    Aug-12-2019 PST

    One of the most anticipated features of Song of the Elves is the new crystal equipment, especially the full armor set. Just like with legacy crystal items, items will have charges and will degrade over time. Using crystal shards from various activities around town, these new osrs items can be recharged or created using crystal singing. What is Crystal Singing? Crystal singing was taught to the elves by Seren and it’s the source of their crystal equipment. Singing bowls are found throughout Prifddinas and players will use it to craft or repair their gear. Crystal singing is also found in ...
  • ​OSRS Best Mining Moneymaking Methods
    ​OSRS Best Mining Moneymaking Methods

    Aug-05-2019 PST

    Mining is considered to be one of the most tedious skills in the game, although some updates have been made to increase engagement and profitability. Most activities consist of clicking on each replenished rock and hauling the load off to the bank when your inventory has been filled. Mining basic ores aren’t that profitable, which is why you are better off power mining until you unlock AFK higher-level activities. This guide will go down a shortlist of optimal methods to make money while training mining. Mining Gemstones Estimate: 500,000M/hour Requirements: 40 mining, Shilo V ...
  • 5 Money Making Alts To Fund Your Main Account
    5 Money Making Alts To Fund Your Main Account

    Jul-25-2019 PST

    Most players in Oldschool Runescape obsess over making gold as it is the main source to buy better gear, skilling supplies or even Pking supplies. Since not everyone wants to buy large amounts of osrs gold to take away the challenge of the game, it is becoming quite common that people play multiple accounts at the same time to be more time efficient. In fact, not having at least one dedicated account to make gold probably puts far behind the competition if you ever hope to get a high rank on the hiscores. Luckily, we’ve compiled a short list of AFK money making account builds that are cons ...
  • Underrated Slayer Tasks That You Shouldn't Skip
    Underrated Slayer Tasks That You Shouldn't Skip

    Jul-16-2019 PST

    Slayer is, in part, a skill of luck since Slayer Masters assign random tasks in random amounts. If you don't like a certain task, it costs a considerable amount of points to skip (30) or block (100) just one task. Especially if you are still saving up for the Slayer helmet unlock, you probably shouldn't be wasting them. Below are just some underrated tasks that may be worth doing for the sake of conserving your already limited slayer points... Banshees If you ever get a banshee task from Nieve, it is probably tempting to skip them considering they seem to be abysmal for Melee and S ...
  • ​OSRS Farming Guide
    ​OSRS Farming Guide

    Jul-10-2019 PST

    Farming is one of the most unique skills in the game since it is trained passively. Some find the skill to be profitable while others spend millions of osrs gold to quickly train it up. Within this OSRS Farming Guide, we will go over a few angles of training until Level 99. What Do I Need to Know about Farming? Farming is all about having daily and weekly crop rotations, with most people focusing on fruit trees, wood trees and herb patches for experience. The skill is much more dynamic with recent additions like the Farming Guild, Seaweed patches and the Fossil Island rare tree patches. I ...
  • ​OSRS KBD Guide
    ​OSRS KBD Guide

    Jun-03-2019 PST

    The King Black Dragon in Old School RuneScape can certainly be a formidable foe. It is usually one of the player’s first bossing experiences, due to the fact it is mid-game content, which is when the real bossing starts. Even if you’re extremely high-level, you’ll still need to understand what you’re doing, the strategies and gear you’ll need which is why this guide exists. The King Black Dragon can yield you anywhere from 200k to 1 million OSRS GP per hour, depending on current market rates. Also, you have a chance of getting the pet! The prince black dragon is certainly an amazing pe ...
  • ​OSRS Raids
    ​OSRS Raids

    May-25-2019 PST

    OSRS RaidsIn this article, we’ll explore both Raids 1 (Chambers of Xeric) and Raids 2 (Theatre of Blood). We’ll specifically be looking at their rewards and their requirements in Old School RuneScape. Note that Raids 1 and Raids 2 are not only solo activities but also group activities. Particularly Raids 2 with not many people having completed it solo, because it is incredibly difficult. Having high stats is more important for Raids 2, as there can only be a maximum of five players. Raids 1 can have a maximum of 100 players. This means incredibly low-level players have completed it and have ...
  • ​What Lies Below OSRS quest
    ​What Lies Below OSRS quest

    May-02-2019 PST

    The What Lies Below quest is an Old School Runescape quest in the Runecrafting quest series with as difficulty intermediate. This is a members only quest that got released on the 27th of March in 2017. You can start the What Lies Below quest by talking to Rat Burgiss in Varrock. The quest is about a travelling trader that has been stranded south of Varrock after his cart was attacked by outlaws. You’ll need to help him recover his lost documents that the outlaws stole. That’s not all, The Varrock Palace Secret Guard are on the trail of dealings with the Monks of Zamorak. You’ll help th ...
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