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  • One amazing news to secret of Sliske
    One amazing news to secret of Sliske

    Jun-27-2013 PST

    The latest podcast series above our head - secret Sliske now available for download! Mods Ollie and Raven's interview podcasts in the upcoming serpent - tongued Sliske task play an important role, who must be high in the 6th time. If you are a winner Runescape fans, you don't want to miss it. The dead podcast a new family of iTunes, the episode - and all previous - you can find and download your listening pleasure. Click here to subscribe to our podcast to stay up late!
  • Runescape Strongarm and Arcane Teleports
    Runescape Strongarm and Arcane Teleports

    Jun-27-2013 PST

    To coincide with our skill animation package, released last week, and in today's huge traffic updates of honor, I give you the Strongarm and Arcane Teleports. Strongarm teleport - as you might expect - use of the power of pure, swinging weighty hammer rotating of track and field do you have enough strength to from one place to another. Practice of magic you may prefer the more subtle magic blinking. Summon the rune platform and a spiral stair climbing, across space, the destination of your choice. Animation animation sets and the corresponding skills can from my shop now, so please don't decline as ...
  • The NIS design competitiont winners is coming out
    The NIS design competitiont winners is coming out

    Jun-26-2013 PST

    In order to celebrate our new interface system and showed to our community, we introduced a design interface for you to set the interface of the competition, and choose the best one to join in the game. After much consideration, we can now select the winner of the competition is TechEngineer! Congratulations, TechEngineer. Not only will your layout can custom preset on the screen as soon as possible, you will get the lifetime membership and Solomon store 2000 runecoins! In so many amazing design, we also chose the runner-up, he will receive 500 RuneCoins and 6 months of membership. Our second game ...
  • The amazing runescape QBD skills you donot know
    The amazing runescape QBD skills you donot know

    Jun-25-2013 PST

    Capilic form QBD strengthening shell, melee, range attack damage and precise 1/4 (I tested), magic attack damage precisely to strengthen a quarter. The more disgusting skills, consider using incediary shot spell spell RP (for balancing hit, incediary shot no effect) Forging the fire Forging the fire of sound is too weak, can use in the fourth stage, continuous use 3 times in a special fire to attack the system will remind "the queen black dragon gathers its ehrs strength to breath extremely hot fire", if you stand in the middle every time take 1950 damage, standing in the other place will only be ...
  • Save the Date for RuneFest 2013 to you
    Save the Date for RuneFest 2013 to you

    Jun-25-2013 PST

    Everybody is good, we want to let you know as soon as possible RuneFest 2013 for dates and locations. Please look down! Holding time: on November 2, 2013 Held: south-east England in the UK (London) most probably More information will be released in the next few weeks, about the ticket price, location and activity of events. We are planning something extra special surprise, but those things will hope to cooperate with you. Most important of all, we are considering a new, exciting way 2013 RuneFest was involved in the society as a whole. To find out more event message soon! We are very looking forw ...
  • Members and free players Dance practice
    Members and free players Dance practice

    Jun-24-2013 PST

    We have strengthened the some high level, further distant place a magnet network destination directory, put forward the bundling other useful changes to the transportation system of Runescape. It's easier than ever to resolve Gielinor, which means less time to run, and have more time to play. Unlock a magnet network has seven new destination. As usual, these once and activation of stone, it will be just a teleport spell it the family: Canifis, Eagles' Peak, Fremennik Province, Karamja, Oo 'glog, Tirannwn, Wilderness Volcano Please note that only volcanic wilderness blinking is available for free ag ...
  • The last day to get The Lamp of The Djinn
    The last day to get The Lamp of The Djinn

    Jun-23-2013 PST

    Today is the last day to get the Lamp of the Djinn, saw the most powerful in Runescape, you'll get XP in all 25 skills!!! What are you waiting for? Take action quickly. During this time, you will find some lamp named after five different elves tribe, screaming and wealth through the game. Collect all three pieces of any type is a lamp, you can build a lamp, and awarded XP on a clutch of skills - and your chosen skill emphasizes RUNESCAPE! To collect and hold to all five lamps and lanterns, however, you can take them with bottled faerie tales by creating the Lamp of the Djinn. Inunction, it let the ...
  • The runescape events in this unusual week
    The runescape events in this unusual week

    Jun-22-2013 PST

    If you're reading this on Thursday, June 20, BST before 9 o 'clock at night, you still have time to go to for more than the RuneZone RuneRadio adjustment in this week's episode of the page above the dead podcasts. Our own defense osborne will shed some light on one of the most mysterious character in RUNESCAPE, hazy Sliske! If you missed the episode, don't worry! You can find it (along with the plot) in the past our iTunes pages shortly after the release.   RuneZone community support service invite you to join them in the game of hide and seek with the distortion of Titan's fight night challen ...
  • Theme music Runescape game results
    Theme music Runescape game results

    Jun-21-2013 PST

    It is a long and tough decisions, our audio team choose a amazing works, music theme of our winner of the game. Want to want to go, though, we have our winners! Congratulations on Maxreidneer! You won not only 50, 1000 Runescape Gold with a green skin cosmetics, your music will also be used in Runescape itself! Feast your ears in Maxreidneer winner: we have a really cool item load, even so, our audio team thought they would to Runescape Gold pick several runners-up in the official SoundCloud RUNESCAPE. A shout out Denith2005 PVME Dan, dark ThundaX Xtremeggnog Tobax! If this is not enough, they ...
  • Your opinions and Suggestions to implement with free players and members
    Your opinions and Suggestions to implement with ...

    Jun-20-2013 PST

    All about your feedback this week. We've got our noses grindstone, in the face to make out what you want and is worthy of you to play Runescape 3, but today, we have two common ideas introduced on the basis of a number of small changes in adjustment and feedback: Each request your feedback on our BBS. Each and every one can make even better Runescape also want to immediately to do! One of the first is a tool with extension, now have the ability to store the axe and picks up all the way to dragons. You don't need no at any time - you reliable logging and mining tools simply right click on your best ...
  • Customizable Keybinds in the new Runescape beta
    Customizable Keybinds in the new Runescape beta

    Jun-18-2013 PST

    A few weeks ago, the new beta is open to all members of the interface system, it's nice to see so the players are actively try, and give us some valuable feedback. This feature requires that we compared to the others used to add key bindings NIS, open interface that you can use keyboard shortcuts. New interface system, it is a perfect combination, so now we have added to the NIS beta function. The keyboard is now you are free to customize. We have already opened the almost all the interface functions and mapping to the buttons you want for you. This means that you can open your backpack with B, acce ...
  • The answer you want to Campfire Questions
    The answer you want to Campfire Questions

    Jun-17-2013 PST

    Runescape management team members on the BBS to answer you in Q and A link of the RS3 related issues. They received a lot of related Questions, you can go and see them on the Campfire Questions in the topic reply! P MOD team this week we will celebrate their anniversary of 9, they invite you to join them on some of the events, a very special day! Events will take place in 14, 15 and June 16, you can read this BBS thread details. Title RuneHQ to NEX icy prison in search of a strong gear Godwars end - NEX events. Those who want to attend to the event thread, and make sure you look at the video, if yo ...
  • How to get The Lamp of the Djinn
    How to get The Lamp of the Djinn

    Jun-16-2013 PST

    Tonight, you can get what you seen the most powerful light in Runescape. Get The Lamp of The Djinn, and rub a rub it, all of your 25 skills will get extra XP! Tonight at 1 a.m. BST, you'll find all sorts of new items up for grabs. You can use these lights components assembled into genie lamp. You can also find them in the game fell. There are five different types of lights, you will need to find three matching parts - pot, handle, spout - each assembly. Once that is done as you'd expect - friction XP will give you a new bulb. These lights is the most special, you have the opportunity to choose five ...
  • New interface beta system need to be test by members
    New interface beta system need to be test by me ...

    Jun-15-2013 PST

    The new interface system has entered the testing phase, with the Runescape 3 all the members of the open before launch. We are happy at the end of the test version of the response, we are really happy to be able to display the NIS to the wider community. We can't wait to see what you do. Before we say it, we say again: your feedback is a new interface of power system. We continue to pay close attention to your requirements and ideas on the BBS, the effects test we increased more the function you are applying for, including:   Now, you can in a similar manner to minimize the live action bar. No ...
  • The members only treasure Triskelion in Runescape
    The members only treasure Triskelion in Runescape

    Jun-15-2013 PST

    Today we made a search in the shop: the crystal triskelion key, will lead you to a hidden loot depots, is to make sure you have a nice day. You can find the three triskelion in Runescape all over the world, at a high level (80 +) are mostly members of activities. When you find all three parts, you can combine them into a complete crystal triskelion key. When you do so, you can use a triskelion "localization" of the function, and get the unlock instructions. Keep your eyes peeled - it may not be very easy to find! Triskelion three pieces is not circulation, so you must be on their own efforts to find ...
  • Campfire to solve the problem in the RS3
    Campfire to solve the problem in the RS3

    Jun-13-2013 PST

    Behind the scenes video today. We gathered as much as possible the video, and put them directly to the Mod Mark, Mod Pips and Mod across: if your question was not make it into a video, don't worry about it. The three JMods about this evening, on a BBS to answer your question session based around the campfire from BST run at 7:30 this evening. Issue to opening time from 6 PM BST - pay close attention to this topic for more information! Last week talk about 3 Runescape reaction is enormous, in order to Runescape Gold ensure your problem as much as possible by reply, Mod Mark, Mod Pips and Mod acr ...
  • Offer a free Tshirt for runescape members
    Offer a free Tshirt for runescape members

    Jun-12-2013 PST

    Recently, our Old School community has launched a Runescape vote, in which 10 players suggest slogan will be added to the three fashion OSRS T-shirt design. The vote is under way, let's look at that a slogan will get the highest votes! You can get these limited edition clothing through the following several aspects: Method of determining the is in today to June 16, 2013 to buy 12 months during the period of membership, will have the opportunity to choose three t-shirts. You will not only choose your T-shirt, but you will also ensure that the next 12 months, according to the current speed into the O ...
  • Strongarm and arcane animation skills in Runescape
    Strongarm and arcane animation skills in Runescape

    Jun-11-2013 PST

    This week, I prepared two sets of skills for your animation: one is to the employees's magic arts, the other one is for those who are willing to let his fist to speak! When activated, these wonderful animation will overwrite the existing in relevant skills. Select the Strongarm set up and develop your skills a brute force. Undressed ore stripped it from the rocks with a bare hand cut wood just brute force; By performing a set of push-ups; Take a break and delegate bone dust fall honor! For the true connoisseur of magic, I have a secret method set. A powerful spell casting, directly from the water t ...
  • Win life member with trip to Runescape Competition
    Win life member with trip to Runescape Competition

    Jun-10-2013 PST

    We have the latest video game for a fantastic response, so that, in fact, we think it deserves a bonus, how to display your participation to our help. Our "my Runescape trip" video contest will receive life member! That means champion will never need to open his wallet to pay next month's renewal, and you can enjoy the carefree life member! If you have already entered the competition, you will be pleased to know that you are on the way won the prize! We've extended deadline of the project, so everyone has a chance to get the JuJiang. On June 12, once we have finished your work, and we will get ten ...
  • New remote armor and weapon in runescape this week
    New remote armor and weapon in runescape this week

    Jun-09-2013 PST

    In celebration of Ascension to update the order, and help you in your own way to become a well-functioning remote machine (not to mention that looks really cool, and you the wealth of it), we bring you more good luck this weekend! Skirmisher armor is strong and durable, bow sling warriors of the perfect fit. You will find all five Bai Sexiong deer next to bow - from a fallen deer antlers. Armor and weapons can be changed to fit your skill levels, from level 20 right up to level 60, so they are a great way, level, style. You can also find the arrow feather bow string and not shortbows crates and - i ...
  • Runescape members only Crystal Triskellion for you
    Runescape members only Crystal Triskellion for you

    Jun-08-2013 PST

    Crystal triskellion is the key to a new unknown force, crushed into three parts. A new, the location of the secret treasure will be added to the game world to solve the piece together the key players who, found by hit a high level of in addition to magic target and engaged in all kinds of high level of technical content, three parts. Within each chest found loot will be quite spectacular. But the most important, it also contains some new hybrid transmission device, called Long Shi armor. Keys and parts are not members of the trading, so a good gear will only find the player can collect to the work i ...
  • Runescape campfire Q and A is coming
    Runescape campfire Q and A is coming

    Jun-07-2013 PST

    Arts make us mad, we at the same time we absorb and filling. Thanks for art, we can see the world through our own imagination lens, and share in our mad dreamers. We gossip said nothing. We create the world of ideas. Around the bonfire, we sped behind today and meet some rich and imaginative world, are the creator of Gielinor. Whether you are a student of art. Do you have any interest in the visual arts, or are you just curious, this is your chance, what do you always want to ask the art team Runescape. Live Q&A will kick off in our BBS. As a bonus, if you want to one of our artists give you som ...
  • The latest Runescape community events and news
    The latest Runescape community events and news

    Jun-06-2013 PST

    If you don't know our goals and achievements of part of the BBS, I strongly suggest you to look at the recent game community! This is awesome threads of home, like that from Tim Skye. Tim had decided to experience provides Runescape, and created the lists a surprising number of skills target thread of the content of each simple byte, allow players to try in big range! If you would like to know how is the Tim, or create an own thread, check out our goal and achievement part of BBS. If you haven't checked out of the angel of god in the game, this weekend will be a perfect opportunity to do so. We enco ...
  • Submit your question about Runescape 3
    Submit your question about Runescape 3

    Jun-05-2013 PST

    Next week, Paul will submit your problem in Runescape 3 theme to Mod Mark, Mod Pips and Mod across. Between them, these guys all know there is know about Runescape 3, so this is your chance to get the answer to the problems to be settled urgently. Submit any Runescape 3 questions, you must be in this BBS thread BST on June 10, at nine o 'clock in the morning - we need to ask is, before you ask a question, at a time, and stay in the theme. We will collect as much as possible, we can in video, three JMods and direct them. After the completion of the video will be published on June 12th at http://www. ...
  • The members only strategy to the Order of Ascension on June 2013
    The members only strategy to the Order of Ascen ...

    Jun-04-2013 PST

    At the bottom of the Feldip mountain, the Order of Ascension up new, remote centralized dungeons killer, will be officially coming this month! Since after the death of their god, this huge misguided Guthixians power has made some dramatic action. Including as dark and some mysterious purpose to capture the local people, in their attention to the populous city Gielinor before must stop them. These creatures once the man himself, but now they are quite another. They radiate magic, only has the strongest rangers. They have great strength in the quantity and include a lot of more phyletic: including fle ...
  • Gielinor need your and Runescape vista in Players gallery
    Gielinor need your and Runescape vista in Playe ...

    Jun-03-2013 PST

    Accompanied by an angel of god to Gielinor recruiting loyalists represented by the god for them, and we are curious about you which god has pledged allegiance. Your outlook on life and Zamorak agree? Maybe you will support Saradomin career, or you don't choose which one god, but add no god sent. No matter you choose which a god, this is a let you explain your point of view, and gain more adventurers to support the great opportunity. We welcome your campaign posters have access to our players gallery shows in your works, and woo wavering crowd! Deadline: June 30, 2013 Rules: no real world political ...
  • Runescape NIS design competition is coming
    Runescape NIS design competition is coming

    Jun-02-2013 PST

    Along with the new interface system (NIS), alpha, we listen, modify and adjust your feedback, and it is time to show you help create the content! We want you to submit a video to us or you design the layout of the screenshots to show you the NIS interface, and explain the reason why you do this. If your design catch the NIS development team's eyes and heart, it will be placed in the default layout enjoy the rest of the society and the fear in the game! All the NIS developers will attend chosen by the community in their own pattern. They will be looking for creative and practical, with the reasoning ...
  • Each new 3 month membership package will get Aurora armor
    Each new 3 month membership package will get Au ...

    Jun-01-2013 PST

    Purchase of any new member of a three-month subscription Runescape bags on June 1 and July 31 between its own exclusive Aurora armor.   Inspired by the rising sun, glorious cosmetic cover embodies this powerful display, and is equipped with Aurora Blade sword adorned with sun cover the same motivation to get RuneScape Gold and flame effects.   As long as you make a new 3 month package purchase this option through any method, in which you will receive your armor - including credit card, PayPal or save a red 90/100 days of Runescape pre-paid game cards.   Collection of a ...
  • The emissary of god in Runescape world
    The emissary of god in Runescape world

    May-31-2013 PST

    According to the official news. Guthix without law and order, god in their way back in Gielinor! God emissary one of god's spread throughout the world, Runescape and began to seek god's faithful followers. They have already got some from those promises to support the huge rewards, which is the only need to decide to join! Eight factions, each with a NPC will tell you in god's idea and goal. You can find them in the free zone at different sites: SEREN: fairy kingdom's special envoy, can be found - Endwyr - southern port Sarim. No god: the new faction that god ever Gielinor. Holstein mean they can be ...
  • The new delicate weapons in Runescape
    The new delicate weapons in Runescape

    May-30-2013 PST

    A series of brand new designer really delicate weapon, and now is in hot sale. A total of 15 new weapons to choose from. Whether do you prefer the destructive weapons, can be found in our online store, you look is very amazing. Amazing new weapons are up for grabs: Sword, a sword, hammer, axe, two hands of the sword, spear, claws, whip, ji, shield, short bow, crossbows, and employees, magic wand, the ORB Every single hand weapons have an equivalent equipment to sell, you can get both at the same time. Now can pledge dragon box like cosmetic overrides the same storage weapons, has never been bette ...
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