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  • Runescape Battle armor is coming with the release of rs 3
    Runescape Battle armor is coming with the relea ...

    Jul-24-2013 PST

    Lumbridge battle has started, the two sides have selected. Whatever your choice of camp, you will want to fly to your flag proudly, that my latest appearance. I give you my battle armor. Armor glittering and solid, the colossus meaningful due to its wearer's dedication. Titans armor is reminiscent of the brave, courage, and mental images - all the metal protection shell, of course. Beast armor sports sharp edges and most lethal spike intimidation, and those looking for a magnificence, beating - RAM may be in the quality of their armored armor qi qi beast. Each including a armor cover at the hel ...
  • RuneScape 3 is living with a brand new site look
    RuneScape 3 is living with a brand new site look

    Jul-23-2013 PST

    RuneScape 3 is here! Today, a new era has come, from the official start of the battle of Lumbridge. With a tremendous customizable interface system for in seasonal Hiscores fame, more than six hours of new life for music and a series of technical improvements, it's time to play RUNESCAPE your way. Please note: we strongly recommend that - no matter your computer specifications - you are in the Java client access Lumbridge battle for your first log, rather than HTML5 beta. More RuneScape Gold info is on
  • Special Guests of the Podcast RuneScape
    Special Guests of the Podcast RuneScape

    Jul-22-2013 PST

    The latest podcast RuneScape is now available for download! In the outnumbered JMods by community members! How can become - in their favour? You must listen to our new podcasts in Podbean or iTunes to find! Enough to tease! Now it's time to reveal our special guest's identity. Greeting video masters and first-class RuneScape rap; The first killer a Regicidal Dardan, Vorago; Ryan from RUNESCAPE wiki; And from RuneZone Nathan Road. Join them behind the microphone MODS phoenix, sushi Pi and Jane. Each fan of RuneScape everyone who gets some good well-meaning joke, you should check this one! You can fin ...
  • The Mod Pips will meet with Runescape players on reddit
    The Mod Pips will meet with Runescape players o ...

    Jul-21-2013 PST

    Executive producer of Runescape Mod Pips is ask me Reddit participation (almost) any meeting on July 24th at 7 PM BST. We asked him to give you a prelude, "I am phil, executive producer of Runescape, it means that I am responsible for overall product and the team's 160 + who make. My background is in game design, I was in 15 years, in the past two and a half Jagex game development. I am a hardcore player, especially like games. I'm really looking forward to answer your question on Reddit!" Don't miss this opportunity to ask phil in Runescape, how the team works, how the game, the game development ev ...
  • Runescape 3 is ready to meet with you
    Runescape 3 is ready to meet with you

    Jul-20-2013 PST

    From Runescape 3 start and Lumbridge battle began only have three days, players still have time to go to our online shop to see if what need to prepare.   Behind the scenes look at the latest Runescape 3 video, our JMods he give us some idea about Runescape 3, and tell us, what is the most worth looking forward to us.   More details to Runescape 3 you can find from,-2013.html
  • The regular maintenance of RS on July 19 to 22
    The regular maintenance of RS on July 19 to 22

    Jul-19-2013 PST

    Regular maintenance of our network infrastructure is part of the upgrade program, will be in the coming days. The plan is to solve some players may have experienced in the past few weeks the server connection problem. While the game world will continue to open, will be in the connection interruption and potential server disconnect during the following: July 19 (Friday) : between 8 am and 9 am BST. July 19 (Friday) : to be determined (later in the day there will be a second round). On July 20, Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 am BST. On Sunday, July 21:8:00 a.m. to 9:00 am BST. On 22 July (Monday) : at 8 ...
  • Help you get the event that will happen next
    Help you get the event that will happen next

    Jul-18-2013 PST

    Would you like to help us to shape the future update Runescape? Mod Maz look forward to you in the creation of a new task of Daemonheim focus for help, will put your ideas in our under this topic! Podcasting: this week's podcast community team have some special guests, so, on July 19th (Friday) adjusted to 9 PM BST RuneRadio for more information! If you missed this week's radio, you can check out the archive, here or on iTunes episode (and all previous plot) soon. Jamandy52 RuneZone, war held community is the soul of an interesting event on Saturday, July 20, complete special DJ entertainment from ...
  • Latest beta update with runescape 3
    Latest beta update with runescape 3

    Jul-17-2013 PST

    With 3 Runescape update since one week, we have updated the new interface system of the test, so you can get close to the final version of preview, on July 22, will replace the version. From your feedback, we've made further improvements, the new interface system, most notably, there is a slim model, as well as some convenient to modify bank interface. Here to check the change table. As mentioned earlier, when we announced the Runescape 3 release date, we have decided in the coming months to keep HTML5 games open beta client. RS3 continue at July 22, content of Lumbridge, an epic battle system ...
  • Runescape is going to maintenance on July 17 morning
    Runescape is going to maintenance on July 17 mo ...

    Jul-16-2013 PST

    We will planned infrastructure maintenance on our servers, on July 17 (Wednesday) from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM BST start BST estimated finish time. Will remain available during this time, but it will be an increase in the number of disconnected and the potential performance problems, and for those at that time to play games in the world. We strongly recommend not toy challenging content, participate in PVP,  farming runescape gold, or use any kind of gear, you will not want to lose during maintenance. As usual, we are looking for to make sure that our players have the best experience, and to play Ru ...
  • Latest runescape podcasts through the CM portal
    Latest runescape podcasts through the CM portal

    Jul-15-2013 PST

    When the Mod Crow not forging a demonic plans, what's he doing? Why there is a carnival of the CM team on a daily basis and who will play the drums? Perhaps most important, have the appearance of the bacon in the game caused the mystery of the black hole of Lumbridge - or two simple coincidence? If you are looking for the answer to that question, then you have to listen to our latest podcast - through the portal and CM - MODS rich B, rockets, phoenix, crows and talked about many interesting topic related Runescape sushi PI and its community. You can find this and our previous podcast Podbean and iTu ...
  • Runescape heads out again in game world
    Runescape heads out again in game world

    Jul-14-2013 PST

    Five new killer Mask screaming wealth from July 12, 2013, five killer monster theme: Mask of Mourning (banshees), Mask of Gelatin (jellies), Mask of Dust (Dust devils), Mask of Granite (gargoyles), Mask of Vines (mutated jadinkos). Equipment killer Mask, you Aoll found that it was facing and relevant operational statistics creatures fight, boost damage (if you're in a related task killer), and additional killer XP is made! You Aoll can earn double drops every ten creatures, you killed, moxa, AOS convenient counter and tell you how much you, Aove one so far. While wearing every mask, you can ensure t ...
  • The New Runescape website is online now
    The New Runescape website is online now

    Jul-13-2013 PST

    As a week to another exciting a campfire. As we have said little about the brand new Runescape web site in a special video about Runescape 3 BTS, but today we bring you three great guest had been working on this project, in our BBS to chat with you. Join mode (chief creative designer), li mi MOD Galcian (senior game designer) and MOD Mkilley (project manager) today (Wednesday, July 10) at 5 PM BST when they began to live on the BBS to answer your question! If you have a problem, they make sure that you posted here.   I'm MOD lee male, lead creative designer Runescape. My title is what mean? We ...
  • Adopt Vorago to be your companion in Runescape
    Adopt Vorago to be your companion in Runescape

    Jul-13-2013 PST

    Brave you may have tried to challenge Vorago, that appear in the latest of Gielinor Runescape large entities. You may not know is that he can break, these works have their own mind! In fact, you can take one of the pet - now I introduce you Vorago fragments. This incredible rock partner, it is you, accompany you to adopt and Gielinor. Was the first to partner the pet Vorago fragments. Companion pets on your command performs a unique expression, and can the be fond of according to oneself the recoloured.   Note Vorago fragments from the recently released vitaly, following the pet is very ...
  • Community event highlights on July 11
    Community event highlights on July 11

    Jul-11-2013 PST

    This week, your loyal community office team are recorded in the plot as the theme of the new podcast series! On July 11, 9 PM (BST) your browser is set to RuneRadio, to listen to team members about their Gods Runescape. If you missed this week's radio, you can check out the archive here (and all previous plot), or after the broadcast to listen on iTunes. This weekend on July 14, toxic is back in the second phase of the "Find Me This" event! This is a pure event based on skilling, and welcome you all to attend. Check out how the event thread of work for more information, and how to access. If the bat ...
  • Members only strategy on Bacon of Runescape
    Members only strategy on Bacon of Runescape

    Jul-10-2013 PST

    Today, we provide a classic exploration experience RuneScape. It's full of humor, and a low level to level 80 fantastic rewards, can use of course will include a lot of bacon. Eli bacon is a seclusion, morally dubious farmers, until an unfortunate accident exposed his meat sweet secret for a long time. Pork is proved out after cooking is delicious. However, a few locals are trying a new meat products is clear one thing: if pork is not informed of the world know, the number of pigs will be quickly and mercilessly swallowed. You can persuade the world pig is better than food for certain aspects? You c ...
  • To help design the dwarf task in Runescape
    To help design the dwarf task in Runescape

    Jul-09-2013 PST

    Previously, we in the community launched a special video BTS Runescape, where you are asked to choose the next step we should continue to the three series of tasks. In pirates, dwarf and gnome, you choose to be a dwarf series! Our developers are trying to design the content of the next task. This task is to let you have the opportunity to help build the future of Runescape, so now we decided to put your design skills to test! We will give you a chance through the following game to add the content of your design into the Runescape: Chaos: druid leader for the game, we ask that you design an evil NPC ...
  • Runescape Bigging Up to the Dwarves is coming
    Runescape Bigging Up to the Dwarves is coming

    Jul-08-2013 PST

    From our dead line of another fantastic podcast Bigging Up the Dwarves can download now! From content team Runescape Mod Osborne and his guests Mod John A, and our team to test and QA team fans Mod, Sarah, are discussing the upcoming dwarf finale - vote by you! The Lore fans like Runescape and each and every one should not miss the story of the story. Players you'll learn how to influence the content of the story, at the age of 6 dwarves or other more information. Don't forget: you can on the BBS for the next podcast posted you. You can find we are now in Podbean and iTunes podcast session. Make sur ...
  • Runescape 3 will be released on July 22, 2013
    Runescape 3 will be released on July 22, 2013

    Jul-07-2013 PST

    We are very pleased to announce that Runescape 3 formal launch date: July 22. We have finally revealing the core content of 3: Runescape Lumbridge. This will be a epic scale of world events, your decisions and actions, to shape forever story Gielinor. The future is in your hands Runescape. It's a brave new era for Runescape in technology, stories and games. The HTML5 game client: the next generation of browser technology. It brought great visual quality, improve lighting and rendering distance and color, loaded into the moment, in your browser without the need for a plug-in or Java. New audio e ...
  • Runescape Gielinor need players gallery 46
    Runescape Gielinor need players gallery 46

    Jul-06-2013 PST

    Circulating angel came to a word for the first time. Now the community of talented artists RUNESCAPE for those who have not yet committed to loyalty. If you choose by your side before, now is difficult, it will be almost impossible. - campaign posters to support myself. The watchful Halfingr artistic skill! His evil posters, called "alert", the player's gallery is our undisputed winners. A: congratulations!   We want to highlight at least more than 10 campaign posters, because they are just as good, but to adhere to the rules - only 2 items, we will mention it in our list of the top. One of th ...
  • Community activities and 46 players gallery results in Runescape
    Community activities and 46 players gallery res ...

    Jul-05-2013 PST

    There is trouble brewing in this month's more tribal affairs! If you are a clan leader, how can you be sure to check out Debonnys you and your team can join this weekend (July 6) threads. If you like to test your courage in the wild, RuneZone run wild on Sunday July 14 SD program events. Look at all the details of their thread. Last week we mentioned the rune prompt social competition, we can announce that the award is won by Starryhunt. A: congratulations! They will compete again in July, so if you took a fancy to a shot at winning 90 days of Runescape member, head on over to Runescape Gold th ...
  • Something about how to Fighting with Vorago
    Something about how to Fighting with Vorago

    Jul-04-2013 PST

    Vorago struggle, is the death of a THROWDOWN five stages, each stage has different range of deadly attacks. He made? Use some of the attacks will be different, week by week, so, even if you know how he fight, you will really need in your toes. At various stages of progress is the only way to rebuild, and eventually beat Vorago the only weapons ever, put his lights - a sign of the legendary hammer. Vorago body jammed weapon, and must be left at some point in the battle - a, two, four stages. You need to work how to get the weapon for his work, but we can say that in order to succeed, you need to use ...
  • Modeling and animation Campfire Q and A
    Modeling and animation Campfire Q and A

    Jul-04-2013 PST

    We are glad to invite to a BBS online Q&A. Today invited is a graphical modeling and animation team Runescape! Last time we held a question and answer activity invitation from art team members, we have a lot of Runescape environment artists to join us. This time, we bring you our modeling and animation to give you an insight into their day's work, they have been trying to talk to you. Of course, will answer all your questions. Any interested in creative field of visual art and profession, or the person that we want Jagex game studio work, should all join us in this Thursday, July 4 (BST), 5 PM ...
  • Introduction to members only straegy of Vorago
    Introduction to members only straegy of Vorago

    Jul-03-2013 PST

    A rumbling from Falador northern mountainous areas, this could mean only one thing: a breakthrough proportion of boss war! Vorago is a foresee a future of Gielinor ancient, confusion and conflict. He wants to improve their limit in the battle to avoid any possible disaster, he need to face is the best fighter in the world. Think you can and Vorago face to face? Northern Falador cave, more open pavlik type of the east of the house. Vorago is one of the most difficult enemy of RuneScape, so to bring you the best equipment. You should also call on friends, many high grade and high equipment you will nee ...
  • Members only BOSS battles of level 90 wizard is ready
    Members only BOSS battles of level 90 wizard is ...

    Jul-02-2013 PST

    Vorago is the most difficult boss that we made. Although we always say, but this time it is - when we have developed a new high level of boss war, our first goal is to give your mother is a challenge. This one is no exception. Vorago is a very strong boss, that it takes a real special group to defeat him. Vorago is Gielinor creatures, it is by the planet, and the surface is covered with rock formation of the spirit world - an armani-branded mondy. He wants to know more about the recent incident shocked the world - especially if god began to throw their weight around - challenge the world's most powe ...
  • Members only task to take the bacon home
    Members only task to take the bacon home

    Jul-01-2013 PST

    For the past 12 years, we've been thinking about whether to join bacon. Yes, I know! The fact is, always has a lot of things need to do cooking skills, and so if we are going to introduce the bacon to Runescape, yes, we have to do it. Back to bacon really makes all of the tasks of Runescape so special. You don't need arch Nemesis or powerful demon world diet, make a fantastic story. Sometimes, you just need some crazy NPCS and good English humor. It is a around the comedy and bacon, design tasks, and light dark comedy, and crispy bacon. Is the content of the main tasks for low-level players, bu ...
  • Will your RuneScape 3 screenshots sent to us
    Will your RuneScape 3 screenshots sent to us

    Jun-30-2013 PST

    Version 3 upcoming RuneScape, and we need the world know it. That is why now, we make a new trailer at early stage, shows a RuneScape 3 unusual and very beautiful HTML5 engine. In the trailer, we can see our hero across Gielinor are just some of the most representative and the most exciting attractions in RuneScape. But should include the location? Do you think what kind of elements should appear in the 3 RuneScape? 3 RuneScape just have these, please if you are about RuneScape trailer, what is it? 3 RuneScape is up to you to decide who should be what kind, natural, we are very want to get your help ...
  • The new interface system is testing now
    The new interface system is testing now

    Jun-29-2013 PST

    With the upcoming runescape 3 and new interface system replaced the old system, it is everybody before they release the opportunity to feedback. Your support, so far has been great, since April, our system has made great progress. All this is according to your feedback, and said it would continue to and more than launch runescape 3. Beginning from today, each player will be able to login to the NIS beta access feedback for runescape BBS. No matter you are a member, or free players, you now have the chance to you, to help define the future of the game. In addition to completely open beta, we als ...
  • The latest Quests and Lore is here now
    The latest Quests and Lore is here now

    Jun-29-2013 PST

    Last week we introduced a mysterious Sliske theme of podcasting some epic story, you can expect the future tasks on Runescape gave some joke. As we already have this podcast is a great response, the pursuit of our content team Runescape development gather together a few answer you some urgent question! Mod Osborne, Mod Raven and Mod John a. will sit down and answer them. If you're curious, this may be a penguin in the shop, need to find god is better disco, or just wanted to know how to individual privacy in crystal city, then fell on Thursday, and ask your question! More details can be found in th ...
  • Something happening in the world of runescape
    Something happening in the world of runescape

    Jun-28-2013 PST

    Congratulations Stefanmoek won a "contest of your Runescape trip" first, win Runescape member for life, driven by a huge 36% of the total votes! Also congratulations to our two runners-up RayquazaZer green olivine, like Stephanmoek - they will also gain can use in our digital store, £25 coupons. If you missed any video from the list for the first time, you can still check their Runescape in a dedicated YouTube channel playlist. Finally, we received a huge response from kui not equal to Runescape Gold the game, really will be sent to hundreds of video from all over the world and some fantastic ...
  • The crown of four seasons in runescape
    The crown of four seasons in runescape

    Jun-28-2013 PST

    Latest collection equipment in the game will be on June 28, and on July 8th, you will find the most popular of the four seasons crown. This rare headdress is circulating in the limited time, and both can be traded between players again, also can be in the Grand Exchange trading! In our store, you will see the bound component equipment, there are four types. Collect 500 - any type of seeds, flowers, leaves and branches - and combining them to create a seasonal theme rockhopper. You can also earn these project specific skills training: Coronet of Spring, Flourishing seeds and Herblore; Coronet of Summ ...
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