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  • The emissary of god in Runescape world
    The emissary of god in Runescape world

    May-31-2013 PST

    According to the official news. Guthix without law and order, god in their way back in Gielinor! God emissary one of god's spread throughout the world, Runescape and began to seek god's faithful followers. They have already got some from those promises to support the huge rewards, which is the only need to decide to join! Eight factions, each with a NPC will tell you in god's idea and goal. You can find them in the free zone at different sites: SEREN: fairy kingdom's special envoy, can be found - Endwyr - southern port Sarim. No god: the new faction that god ever Gielinor. Holstein mean they can be ...
  • The new delicate weapons in Runescape
    The new delicate weapons in Runescape

    May-30-2013 PST

    A series of brand new designer really delicate weapon, and now is in hot sale. A total of 15 new weapons to choose from. Whether do you prefer the destructive weapons, can be found in our online store, you look is very amazing. Amazing new weapons are up for grabs: Sword, a sword, hammer, axe, two hands of the sword, spear, claws, whip, ji, shield, short bow, crossbows, and employees, magic wand, the ORB Every single hand weapons have an equivalent equipment to sell, you can get both at the same time. Now can pledge dragon box like cosmetic overrides the same storage weapons, has never been bette ...
  • Runescape dragon gift box is on sale now
    Runescape dragon gift box is on sale now

    May-29-2013 PST

    Is known to all, dragon gift box can convert any equipment and clothing become unthinkable. It is my pleased to announce that dragon gift box will now work on weapons and shields! Can take in each weapon, main hand is one hand or both hands, off-hand weapon or shield on the other hand. Then, when you have a matching type of weapon and equipment in the corresponding hand, your choice of arms or the shield will be displayed. Dragon gift box still work the same as before, you will find it in your account 'equipment' under the label of the interface. From my store with your chosen dragon gift box of the ...
  • If there is one mailboxe in Runescape world
    If there is one mailboxe in Runescape world

    May-28-2013 PST

    I have an idea. If every Runescape players have a their own mailbox. So we can write to every missing players. In this mail you can add a payment system. We can through the postman transfer email Peter. Your mail icon will flash, notice you have new mail. Outside each house to set up a small box, it will be a perfect idea. 1, Members only 2, you have to have a house to set up email in runescape 3, when you have the email, there will be a message to inform you 4. Each level will have a different email address 5, you can send email, and like in your home, from any bank charge belong to your mail ...
  • There are 2 practical skills to kill a Banshee in Runescape
    There are 2 practical skills to kill a Banshee ...

    May-27-2013 PST

    Time stop Will use in phase4, a hatred spirit will be transferred to a corner, you have 15 seconds to kill, if failed to kill success, then the next 15 seconds apart from QBD and casting of hatred spirit cannot conduct any activities, cooperate with fire very deadly waves. Only 1600 HP but hatred spirit, 1 ~ 2 can be struck. And you can pick up the much Runescape Gold which Banshee drop. Life siphon Phase 3, 4, QBD per second to the court in addition to the demons (exception) of preparation time enchantment dealing 100 damage and reply their 200 points until the demons die, this need you kill as s ...
  • The Runescape HTML5 test to open all registered
    The Runescape HTML5 test to open all registered

    May-26-2013 PST

    Runescape Beta program has been running for more than a month, about HTML5 Beta client's response was significant. We have accumulated a lot of feedback and game data, and all of we already passed the first round of testing is necessary. Thank you very much for those so far, and use our test version of the player! We have finished our first round of bug fixes and feedback, and the client has more stable. We also improved the lighting standard, reduce the character model, improve the environmental performance of the water. Now is open beta client to get more time for feedback and game data, look at h ...
  • How to deal Grotworm and dragonkin an artifact
    How to deal Grotworm and dragonkin an artifact

    May-25-2013 PST

    Each phase of the QBD HP after the loss, you cannot attack QBD, then need to open Dragonkin an artifact into the next phase, every second of delay will have a Grotworm, Grotworm HP is very high, will attack with magic, will accumulate a lot of damage in the long term, is the most terrible of Grotworm will disturb you walk a increase to escape the fire waves of difficulties. Coping skills: open Dragonkin as soon as possible an artifact, deal with Grotworm tank only. In addition to teach you a little skill, Grotworm can absorb the demons of the energy, the phase4 hatred spirit energy of damage is very ...
  • Some useful skill of QBD Runescape
    Some useful skill of QBD Runescape

    May-25-2013 PST

    Tortured soul QBD will summon demons system will remind you that the queen black dragon summons one of its ehrs captured, covering the soul has 1600 HP, phase 2 ~ 4 USES, phase 2 call 1 only, phase3 summons 2, only phase4 summon 4. Demons with melee attacks (is very weak, can be ignored), and other special attacks Chaotic cloud Covering the soul will be at the moment she summoned with this skill, demons will talk, talk after 1 seconds an energy group will be under your feet, was present at the meeting by 1 k or so. Every once in a while for the demons will transmit to you use this skill, QBD will ...
  • The new week events in world Runescape
    The new week events in world Runescape

    May-23-2013 PST

    As of the end of this week some PVP? Super - String and his clan will be held in tribal war this Saturday "war god sent". More details can be found in the related BBS post. If you like castle wars, RuneHQ events team will be on the 25th for castle war called boot. Those who seek to improve their capabilities of Super - String players should see on fighting course. From junior to senior, they cover topics, including maximize your work efficiency, using a combination of dizziness and. If you want to kill terrible black dragon king RuneHQ events team will be in the condensed some slew a dragon forces o ...
  • QBD Fire wall skill explanation for Runescape
    QBD Fire wall skill explanation for Runescape

    May-22-2013 PST

    Runescape QBD will bend your head back, sent a wave of fire, the system will remind you "in red font the queen black dragon takes a huge breath fire sea" will have an opening, from the opening, through the will from harm, if fire waves by you you will be two 750 damage (if no fire prevention measures will damage from two 2500). Will be used in phase 1 ~ 4, phase 1 a, 2 two phase, phase three and four Coping skills: if hand faster, from passing through the opening, if the time is not enough, please directly through the sea of fire! You stood there, let the fire waves by words will hurt twice, if you ...
  • Runescape QBD requirements you do not know
    Runescape QBD requirements you do not know

    May-21-2013 PST

    QBD there are a lot of reason to kill you, the first operating properly 1 hours, 6, 7 M should be no problem (steel Titan, drygores will be faster), a steady income not like GWD, C beast by RP, and every time there will be a dragonkin after QBD coffer to you put something in the bank; Royal crossbow as is currently the most powerful range need QBD forging weapons fire forging, which requires you to QBD fourth stage; It's two main could be interested in the 4 books; It is easy to reach, not afraid dead, banking easier The minimum requirements 1. Super antifire potion, don't have this or don't call, ...
  • Runescape members only high tech agriculture
    Runescape members only high tech agriculture

    May-20-2013 PST

    This is high-grade farmers beautiful spring, see today released 10 new plants grow slowly, and as a new agricultural and skills training. As the agricultural skill from 76 to 96, and by using some of the less use of land, high-tech training will make them grow faster. Ten new plants can be divided into two categories: the yield is high, or the experience gained through skills (except agriculture XP), of course. In the first category, there are also some familiar, Ruth's grass and potatoes in the cactus - through farming for the first time. You can also find some new plants: reed bed, toad, tar, mars ...
  • Tell you some community events in Runescape world
    Tell you some community events in Runescape world

    May-19-2013 PST

    Aspiring gladiator duel and lovers will be delighted to hear RuneHQ will run F2P duel arena activities from May 18! If you want to know more information about it, you can visit RuneHQ BBS of the subject. The diligent scribes has been out of The studio is full of candle in The dark, numerous scrolls were made in their ink stains or fist. This can only mean one thing: The Tip of The latest magazine. The magazine contains a series of interesting articles, you can check out here. On the Tip of a related instructions. It is seeking to join their ancient order of the authors and editors, as a guest write ...
  • Discussion to the funny future of runescape
    Discussion to the funny future of runescape

    May-18-2013 PST

    We to seek the aid of many developers, Mod Raven: first Thok saga of developers, Mod Liono: Clockwork Syringe developers, and Mod Wilson, Let Them Eat Pie developers, to assist the Mod Osborne discuss interesting aspect of Runescape. This link will be included in a penguin, pirates and future impressively nonsensical pursue, MOD Wilson is now in the chat. With this, there is a focus on the guest to the penguin mods group discussion, and formal Quickfire roulette function problem. Please note that this link will contain some game breaker! We strongly recommend that you take a listen to this version. ...
  • Runescape new system Alpha is updating for interface
    Runescape new system Alpha is updating for inte ...

    May-17-2013 PST

    The new interface alpha has formally operated for several weeks, now, we are pleased to see the player's reaction. You make full use of the system, and customization options and new functions (especially can adjust the size of a small map) is accepted by the players. As usual, your opinion is our development motivation, so we're always pay close attention to your requirements and ideas in the BBS. This update we have add some players are most in need of function, including: Players control interface transparency: now, you can set the transparency level, you have opened the window of RuneScape Gold, ...
  • The talisman of alchemist is backing now in Runescape
    The talisman of alchemist is backing now in Run ...

    May-16-2013 PST

    Beginning from today, amulet fragments. Its core thought is consistent, collected 10 pieces, turning it into an alchemist talisman and bales of Runescape Gold. If you are using 1-9 pieces created amulet, it will be cosmetics, but collect and transform 10 pieces, make you a special talisman also throw in some handy feature, you will get more gold pieces you are using. Then there were the changes? First of all, the talisman has a new name and new look. Transformation between 1 to 9 pieces get a shining cosmetics the alchemist's talisman. Transformation of a full set of 10 pieces received universal ra ...
  • Part of the Runescape events in May
    Part of the Runescape events in May

    May-15-2013 PST

    In May, RuneHQ skilling race is under way, this week's skills of choice is mining! Catch your pick you can figure out how to get involved in this and future RuneHQ skilling race. Last Thursday, RuneZone aired a new regular podcasts, including Mod Osborne and Runescape team the lore of the developer. You can hear the above the Lore of the podcasts every Thursday, RuneSlayer upcoming website redesign them, and introduced a private beta is seeking tester to check out, and provide feedback. For more information, please check RuneForums post about this subject.
  • The new Elements of Death in Runescape
    The new Elements of Death in Runescape

    May-14-2013 PST

    We recently released a set of clothes and face in Runescape, full of constant elements of the theme, which made me consider: why don't adventures to conquer elements like conquer their enemies, because they beat their enemies? This week, I introduce you to the Death of carefully selected Elements of PVP animation: Elements of Death! Elements of the new collection tells you how to use the power, to change your PVP were defeated in the image. Petrochemical your enemies, see them to dust; Beating the air, and make it become a vicious storm, and with deadly lightning to put an end to them; Make the ashe ...
  • The skill of Runescape Nexus is members only
    The skill of Runescape Nexus is members only

    May-13-2013 PST

    Have some unspeakable horrible things in Lumbridge swamp below brewing, and druids Ysondria need your help to send it back to the pit! Nexus is a new prayer skills training method and the target group is a low-level players in Runescape, there you will direct your inner strength to Lumbridge swamp is formed under the evil things. It is designed to be a social training method and pray so that you can in the use of low-level skills Runescape friends to chat with you. The south end of Lumbridge swamp and the nature of corruption will become clear in the center of the - a dark hole, twisted horns and cl ...
  • To get your free Skypouncer full set now
    To get your free Skypouncer full set now

    May-12-2013 PST

    Buy a red from GameStop Runescape prepaid card, EB Games or GAME on March 21 and April 30 (contain) exchange between own skypouncer equipment! A great about skypouncer game going on, keep all the lurid appeal of with this outfit is so familiar with adult pet owners. You can find us in the following participating retailers: English: the GAME; The United States: the GameStop; The eu and the mainland of the republic of Ireland: GameStop; Canada, Australia and New Zealand: EB Games A look in our store address page, find your nearest retailer. If you don't have a shop nearby, don't worry. Can also go t ...
  • Runescape Duel Arena for free players and members
    Runescape Duel Arena for free players and members

    May-11-2013 PST

    Duel Arena has been given a great big graphic touch up, make it reach the Al Kharid rework standard. Go to and your choice of the enemy is in rough masonry and sandblasting rubble to fight, no better than here in RuneScape, able to prove your worth in a PvP battle. We've made some adjustment, structure, and technology have new special stage for boxing and calling function of a duel, a less visible battle arena, when it is full will automatically start after a duel, so you will always have a place to fight. If you didn't come before a Duel Arena, has never been a better time than now to take part in ...
  • The details to theme music game of runescape
    The details to theme music game of runescape

    May-10-2013 PST

    To transfer the music of the RS rewritten into grand orchestral works, runescape community of talented musicians left the family, spent a lot of time to compose music, to challenge each other. We hope you can submit your own theme from RUNESCAPE. In the game, click on the music icon, select the Main RuneScape listen, two SoundCloud page or check out the latest additions: ScapeBold and ScapeMelancholy. Tell us your choice and the mighty Mod Lord will choose the best win these awards: We want to hear them all! The most important thing is that this iconic music works have traces of you, use your creat ...
  • How to join the design of RuneScape Vistas
    How to join the design of RuneScape Vistas

    May-09-2013 PST

    Extended the draw short is a HTML5 will appear new features, so we think we will attention this month from characters, monsters and gods, more on the landscapes. We want you to 'close' and show you the wonderful, we will see in Runescape 3 rich world of Gielinor. Whether or not you is part of the HTML5 beta, we want to see your work! Use your imagination: for your favorite place to give advice. Maybe you have great ideas about dwarf tree city, want to design a scene in the wilderness, or do you want to create an epic picture. We will, as always the champion and runner-up for us set up some great pri ...
  • Make a video to tell us what is you mean runescape
    Make a video to tell us what is you mean runescape

    May-08-2013 PST

    Now is an exciting moment is a Runescape player, as HTML5 huge change, the sixth generation, even more in the future version. Holding so much promise as the future, we hope to hear from the past and present who contributed to this important moment. We hope that you can create a about Runescape for what do you mean video. Talk about you the most crazy and significant moment, Runescape you important achievement, in the journey of the game you know friend, or why Runescape is so important to you. No matter what your story is, we all want to listen to! Make no more than 3 minutes of video, uploaded to ...
  • Runescape get the story of HTML5 and social control
    Runescape get the story of HTML5 and social con ...

    May-07-2013 PST

    Runescape, the popular free value-added, browser-based MMORPG, is expected to be updated, will completely redefine games including audio and graphics. The formal launch of the game we have on hand, called RUNESCAPE 3, to find out more RuneScape Gold are in store.   First, the new title is called Runescape 3, it will not do with the existing game world, it is the evolution of a 12-year-old title. The new version will be as a game played in the browser, simply roll off all the players at the same time, without having to download a new client or GB update.   The jagex RUNESCAPE publishers, ...
  • The new prop of Party Packs in Runescape
    The new prop of Party Packs in Runescape

    May-06-2013 PST

    The latest version brings the heart of Gielinor holiday spirit. No matter you get achievement, or just enjoy the holiday joy, I recommend: Party Pack! Just the most a Party Pack and place on the ground, and sharing in the companion content: Cake hat, Party Cake, Party music box, a Glass of bubbly, Sparkler, Party horn, the Party popper. Only the Party Pack owners can get Cake hat, although may use its own crown, or guests of their choice. Similarly, they only ask Party cake, Party music box. Placed on the ground near a Party cake - year may for their delicious slice. Use music box, play a happy tun ...
  • The Introduction to the Lore podcasts of Runescape
    The Introduction to the Lore podcasts of Runescape

    May-05-2013 PST

    From the Mod after Osborne RuneRadio interview success, we have decided to start the Lore RUNESCAPE podcast series, which will be 9 PM RuneZone 's RuneRadio broadcast, starting on May 2, once every two week. The Lore team will join JMods in without a meeting to discuss everything you ever wanted to know about the Lore of RUNESCAPE... Maybe the integrated more! For example: what do you want to know why HAM clothes are such an amazing magenta shadow? Or do you want to know what makes such a powerful armored Armadyl. Along with this, the team will let you taste the theya write complex and fascinating s ...
  • The Deadline for Fiesta DE Guerreros and Starfire Weapons in Runescape
    The Deadline for Fiesta DE Guerreros and Starfi ...

    May-04-2013 PST

    Fiesta DE Guerreros This week, this is a double celebration in Runescape world, accompanied by May 5 and the Latin American Spanish RUNESCAPE launch in the near future. Therefore, there are a lot of new prizes! First, there is a spicy snack a group. Four species of small bread dry, each of 200 health treatment, and temporarily increases agility, strength, magic and the constitution. Wraps can combine four toppings, all of which can be traded. Add your choice of first-class 400 health treatment, and increase your agility, strength, magic or constitution, and even more than a pie! Share feelings corn ...
  • Tell you continuation quest poll results in Runescape
    Tell you continuation quest poll results in Run ...

    May-03-2013 PST

    Two weeks ago, Runescape video team bring you the ultimate guarantee that content with our pirate, dwarves, and gnomes mission video to vote! We calculate your opinion, we can now proudly announced that the winner - 41% of the total view - is a dwarf! For those who want to know, dwarf came in second, 31% pirates lowest, only 28%. You can enjoy this new mission later this year. Thanks to everyone who voted - this task is chosen by you, we will let you know in the process of its development. Keep the focus on the next few months to update the pursuit of progress. If you want to get more Runescape G ...
  • New Items Slayer Masks in Runescape
    New Items Slayer Masks in Runescape

    May-02-2013 PST

    Update: to increase the chances of winning killer mask and XP lamp, and 1.5 times the killer XP won lamps. Except the found was also repair these past few weeks, there is no better time than now to go into the game, and started to kill people! Five new mask has been the arrival of the goods, each theme around a particular killer monster (crawling hands, cockatrices, basilisks, kurasks and abyssal demons). Armed with a mask and, on the basis of it, you'll find your statistical battle optimize biological attack, damage by (if you are a relevant task killer), and extra killer XP! Each kill ten creature ...
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