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  • Some new details to RuneFest LIVE
    Some new details to RuneFest LIVE

    Oct-31-2013 PST

    In just a week's time, hundreds of players will come for London tobacco RUNESCAPE RuneFest 3. Now the big day tickets are all sold out. If you don't come, but don't take it too hard - for the first time, everyone can enjoy a little RuneFest, thank RuneFest at the scene. Yes, we have been trying to sock bring RuneFest real-time stream of the world, so, even if you can't let it RuneFest, you still can absorb the atmosphere and comfortable sofa.   RuneFest LIVE GMT (conversion time help, see here) from 11 am start from we tic channel or from RuneFest. com. You can even take on iOS or Androi ...
  • Superior voting results to precious system
    Superior voting results to precious system

    Oct-29-2013 PST

    We did a survey of more than 60%, your precious system plus project of RUNESCAPE voted against it. Though it is clear that many of you want to see the content and expectations at the high end of the game of competition, the credit is not the form, you want to see it in the department of defense idea, will release more detailed voting details soon, but the result is quite clear. Reputation system is not into games.   Personally, I am very happy with the result. I would rather than release from for the player should start from scratch, please. We also have a lot of everyone's feedback. Mos ...
  • Loyalty points balance again in Runescape
    Loyalty points balance again in Runescape

    Oct-27-2013 PST

    Last month, I decided to in my shop, a lot of projects should be available for not only RuneCoins, but loyalty points. Unfortunately, there is a in your emotions, the loyalty point price maybe a bit too high. I think to change this!Beginning from today, either integral or Runescape Gold, and buy all the items, can have their loyalty points to reduce as much as 40% of the price!   This is more than 90 fantastic store project is now in slashed rates!In fact, positive need more than that!If you bought any of the above project loyalty points, I will return you 40%, you will probably saved th ...
  • The new detail of Sirenic armor in Runescape
    The new detail of Sirenic armor in Runescape

    Oct-22-2013 PST

    Only members - a high level of remote update and crafts.Rangers jubilant - sirenic armor is here!Level 90 type power armor is one of the best gear, you can wear the projectile.By a high level of craftsmen use powerful monsters, this also means that skill charms and butchers prospect of making money.Don't hurt, it looks amazing!   Sirenic armor includes three parts: masks (head), chain mail (trunk) and CHAPS (leg). Each requires level 90 defense wear, gives the best slot between damage, superior defense data after death lotus armor.It in the same way to construct armor reduced: once it ha ...
  • Sirenic Armour and the joy of Zaros
    Sirenic Armour and the joy of Zaros

    Oct-20-2013 PST

    This week, into a new high level of rangers and artistic director of the department of defense WhaleFish sirenic RUNESCAPE armored behind the scenes. In addition, there are calls to action from the Mod Maylea, who need your help, to fill in Lumbridge, large type hole town god and regain its former glory. Just like what you see? To prompt a BTS video topic? There is a problem, do you want to ask MOD behind mark next week? Let us know, in the BBS!   Zaros's joy   Above our latest winner podcasts, coils of JMods meeting, Mr Ross himself not to answer your question! Listen to list ...
  • The community of this week welcome you back
    The community of this week welcome you back

    Oct-17-2013 PST

    Clothes are great runescape. There is so much variety and customization options, you can lose for several hours, choose the best one! Our society is really good at creating amazing clothing combination, therefore, we believe that we are willing to give you the opportunity to test your design skills.   We are launching our first design contest, where you can send your Suggestions/winter clothes, a special Christmas it to Solomon's general store, for everyone to enjoy!You don't have to be an amazing artist to participate in, we are welcome your amazing ideas. For more detailed information, ...
  • Runescape Character team show is here
    Runescape Character team show is here

    Oct-16-2013 PST

    To treat you to a truly special in my shop today - the undead regent Ravenskull, two fine new clothes, their ideas behind the story... Issued a challenge to the role of the artist RUNESCAPE: create a new dress to show your skills, content like RUNESCAPE after never on eyes.Questioned, as a matter of fact, I put forward four creation first two today!   But I don't need to explain these wonderful new project, you can hear directly from the horse's mouth!MOD, behind the design of new talented artists, explained, we know that your membership, customize your look and unique love as much as po ...
  • The follow of missing and presumed dead
    The follow of missing and presumed dead

    Oct-15-2013 PST

    Age 6 new task extra high rewards. Continue age 6 missing and presumed death story. This task is a whole new series, with supernatural detective famous faces confounded; Zoom hit the walking dead; Complete dubbing and reward is applicable to cool the coffin load at all levels. Missing, how may die set scenario would be one of the core plot in the age of 6. To beat the devil RUNESCAPE: you don't want to miss this!   The gates of death   Brother Samwell 's living in seclusion, and he never ready for this. A terrible holocaust, he is the only survivor - his compatriot Saradominis ...
  • Analysis of all kinds of situation since the bonds issue
    Analysis of all kinds of situation since the bo ...

    Oct-14-2013 PST

    Mod Pips on bonds, including the use of bonds and the Runescape gold farmer's latest statistics. Everybody is good, since a week bond, we have had a great reaction from the society, and have already seen the new function have immediate impact on competition. There have been some different opinions, it's a pretty big change of the game, this is understandable, some players will be sceptical. In this article, I will share information made some differences in bonds of society have been discussing topics, and to give my own ideas.   Bonds impact   Bond was conceived as a way to we ...
  • The detail of missing and presumed dead
    The detail of missing and presumed dead

    Oct-13-2013 PST

    New task, only members can participate in. This task is I'm really looking forward to, because it began to be released into the game of our most important story for age 6. Foul murder, mysterious message, strange appearance - -, familiar faces, mysterious, but the real thing a real epic, this is just the beginning.   Death - death - have disappeared, Icthlarin - the god of the underworld - trying to fill the blank of the he left. At any other time, Icthlarin might have success, but there has been d Locke Paterdomus temple, neusoft slaughter in the nearby mountains. Can't hope Icthlarin f ...
  • Missing and RuneFest game in Runescape
    Missing and RuneFest game in Runescape

    Oct-12-2013 PST

    Missing and presumed dead   Next week published an epic age 6, missing pursuit, was presumed dead, and the MOD ranked first for us to look at here. Excited, because we are the?Head to the BBS discussion now!   RuneFest game   In this week's podcast, MODS crow, Jane and Paul medium gold dwarf awards for some of the questions to answer. Now, the award include other media, and the video, the winners will be announced in this year's RuneFest! If you are considering to enter our is running, one of this year's competition, or just want to find out more about what the futu ...
  • Bonus XP aftermath to Runescape
    Bonus XP aftermath to Runescape

    Oct-11-2013 PST

    Free members and players.Our bonus XP system principle of work for many of the most popular RUNESCAPE bonus XP project made some changes.Although the change is technology make things run more efficiently, and make it easier for us to develop these projects are many ways, there is a big change.   Many of the most popular XP project bonus will no longer need to wear in order to let you enjoy their own interests.Starting today, these projects have been replaced with the version of the cosmetics, they provide all the XP automatic storage and application of XP rewards in a similar way to reco ...
  • Sirenic armor detail in Runescape
    Sirenic armor detail in Runescape

    Oct-10-2013 PST

    The class of 90 rangers gear - members only.We mentioned that in a few months ago, we will introduce new and higher level game ranger armor increase craftable materials through some of the existing a declaration of surrender.This month, we are proud to introduce sirenic armor.   Added to the level between 78 and 78, killer monsters sirenic scales will be discarded, different opportunities, from the lowest aquanites, from the highest levels of terrible legios heaven.Craftable level 90-93 craftsmen and stitched together, using monocular unique thread, this is the first class of 90 gear is ...
  • Treevolution with high level of the tree in Runescape
    Treevolution with high level of the tree in Run ...

    Oct-09-2013 PST

    Only members, brought two new trees RUNESCAPE: today the old tree and the tree crystal. High-level woodcutter will like their current training opportunities, as well as valuable production - bow before the elders of the log, seed crystal, crystal triskelions and from the latter. We also dark bow, retain the title of the most powerful RUNESCAPE shieldbow updates, and adds new deadly at close head to go with it.   The elder tree   Cutting trees need at least 90 logging, older trees can seek in 10 sites around the world. They provide a good cutting logging XP, the use of the log ...
  • The new clothes ambassador in Runescape
    The new clothes ambassador in Runescape

    Oct-08-2013 PST

    The great conflict between established Saradomin Zamorak conclusion, its effect is felt throughout the Gielinor. With such an important moment in the heart, I would like you to meet: special envoy, ambassador and clothing! Whether you're just insisted that Saradomin Zamorak or vocal supporters, has a robe for you to choose this brilliant quartet.   The ambassador said the value of the guangdong Saradomin: noble, order and wisdom.Similarly, guangdong envoy by different design embodies the same noble temperament. Follow Zamorak, don't worry about it. Chaos of clothes ambassador, and bold c ...
  • High level skilling updates with elders and crystal tree
    High level skilling updates with elders and cry ...

    Oct-07-2013 PST

    Only members, tired of the magic tree cut down?By ivy annoyed?It feels like to hit sawmill sparse inside hua? If this sounds like you, so don't worry, because there are two branches of new trees the woodcutter most worthy of this month.   The elder tree (available at level 90 logging) rare old logs can be cut down, it is used in a variety of skills training activities.Please the old and new shortbows shieldbows (level 60-65 - run) to the viewer skills (level 90 and 95 respectively) and your arrows feather, even burning great Firemaking XP (90).You can sell them, of course, this will be a ...
  • Some different Gold Chinchompa introduction in Runescape
    Some different Gold Chinchompa introduction in ...

    Oct-06-2013 PST

    This week's scream noise wealth gold chinchompa feeding, with the help of a blow out gold and valuables bang!Jump to the scream of wealth, you will find the gold chinchompas, food packaging bags and timer.   Chinchompa won his gold, and in the side.You'll also notice that it is hungry, so it has a special chinchompa feeding food from food packaging bags, screaming or from skilling wealth - gold and it will grow a randomly selected item from the list of valuable reward, reward you. Once it is fully grew up, it will do, let nature take its course of chinchompas and explosive, blasting into ...
  • The best online game gold joystick awards to Runescape
    The best online game gold joystick awards to Ru ...

    Oct-05-2013 PST

    Golden joystick awards are just around the corner, we are proud to announce that we have once again been nominated for an award! As Britain's annual developers, Jagex won two awards, has been nominated for best network game RUNESCAPE. Released this past year has seen the RUNESCAPE 3: the biggest, updating the game has seen your feedback information in one of the leading enterprises in the development of the whole.Players dominate events such as community of Lumbridge, voting task, such as inherent dwarven battles, the Gielinor future is in your hands, is this your votes, will determine the coveted ...
  • Bar mitzvah and Mine Blowing will on October
    Bar mitzvah and Mine Blowing will on October

    Oct-04-2013 PST

    In this week's behind the scenes video design director of the department of defense mark shows us what Gielinorian treat future in October.Tell us what you think, this week's behind the scenes video content and October first BBS.   Bar mitzvah: over the latest winner podcasts, defense osborne and MOD crow chat rite of passage: the upcoming tasks, Runescape will take you to the aviansie home!Keep up with all the latest team to subscribe to our news podcast Runescape.Take the flying Podbean, or has reached the iTunes to do so.   Mine Blowing   Born dwarfs - the latest ...
  • October 3 community activities in Runescape
    October 3 community activities in Runescape

    Oct-03-2013 PST

    Even if you are busy out through innate dwarves, there are a lot of content has a cool community.The following is our pick of social news this week. Rune of love? Leave this from a only Teezkut RUNESCAPE runes are great! Think of a blacksmith skill is impressive? Try to make Torva full armor in real life! This fantastic design from deviationanonymous. The weight of the whole thing over three months to create a powerful 83 pounds!   RuneHQ celebrates its 10th anniversary, on October: a really huge fan site achievement!In order to celebrate this important milestone, they will hold a game e ...
  • The end of Super Sep challenge and October trivia
    The end of Super Sep challenge and October trivia

    Oct-02-2013 PST

    On September 30, 2013, the challenge of hunter GNOME, search for the GNOME gold!   Behind the Scenes in October 2013   We are trying something different than a weird Halloween, provide predictable this October holiday activities to an exciting new twist.Add new trees, Lin however age pursuit and level 90 rangers sixth gear combinations and you have an update for a month, will cheer up yourself even death!   Lumbridge Rebuildathon   October holiday activities to free and members. This is the first time rebuildathon!Explosive of Lumbridge encounter between ...
  • Dried chillis Construction
    Dried chillis Construction

    Oct-01-2013 PST

    After all, where are you going?Well, this is this month occurs: battle of Lumbridge conclusions and the fire god standing in victory, and the other is a mess.The world will be changed forever, like the battle of shock wave in the world, and in the upcoming game content and task.   Before we get there, still have to make a choice, the game can still be open.The large and powerful siege weapons, the rain death and destruction of the battlefield, or a powerful elite force, tearing the enemy and dizziness look down on the people around you. Make sure you have your say in light with the cha ...
  • Everyone benefited from bond rmers
    Everyone benefited from bond rmers

    Sep-30-2013 PST

    Bond is the key, now there are two ways for the player to access and enjoy the game with every piece of quality content.No players ever to feel left out, because they can access all game, provided they choose any kind of way - or traditional payment through the game.How could your personal benefit, to take a look at players in these different point of view: Veterans can use their achievements in the game RUNESCAPE, their members. If you want to find out more about why bonds so important ", please check the recent development of blog from the department of defense Jacmob, who talked about inconvenien ...
  • Something about the Runescape Gold dwarf awards
    Something about the Runescape Gold dwarf awards

    Sep-29-2013 PST

    Gold dwarf video awards from our society has been recognized as excellent video makers. However, there are so many people there, this year's golden gnomes spread small wings, beyond video production - this year, we are celebrating the GNOME is worth, we find that it's brilliant! This means that the talented musicians, artists, HISCORE legends and the stage of cosplay fanatics will be Shared with the video company of RUNESCAPE at this year's RuneFest - everyone wants to get their hands coverted gnome D '.   Will surprise gold dwarf award, we will tell you about the night, and for our offi ...
  • This weekend challenge and the beginning of end
    This weekend challenge and the beginning of end

    Sep-28-2013 PST

    On September 27, 2013, the challenge of the hunter seeker. To complete a big Chinchompa. On September 28, 2013, the challenge of Virginia rand. Killing three criminals. On September 29, 2013, the challenge of social arson. For at least four other players tend to fire health benefits.   At the beginning of the end   Ten weeks of Lumbridge close to its epic conclusion, defense Moltare tell us what is at the end of the activities of the store. He also provides the first suggested that what kind of look forward to in the future now really starting to age 6. http://www.rsgoldfast.c ...
  • Holocaust racing on the App Store to Runescape
    Holocaust racing on the App Store to Runescape

    Sep-27-2013 PST

    Today, we announced the launch to slaughter the car - this year on September 19 in the App Store on the iPhone, the device and the iPod Touch! A new, free game developers behind Jagex midnight club series, holocaust racing epinephrine fuel combined into a single package, to meet every kind of the car and the stunt driving, and explosive operations and real-time eight-way multiplayer online racing fans.   Massacre in the car is free to download and play, let everyone has a chance to test your driving skills - outdriving opponents off bold stunt blow them with a deadly weapon Arsenal to th ...
  • Bonds live and the challenge on Sep 26
    Bonds live and the challenge on Sep 26

    Sep-26-2013 PST

    On September 26, 2013 the challenge of wayward spirits. Help a yellow elves in the Runespan.   Bonds live   Defense of the release of MMG RUNESCAPE bonds after the announcement, we believe that many of you have any questions. So we are running real-time streaming Q&A session covering anything tonight, you will want to ask.   8 PM from BST (Wednesday), the defense department Sept. 25, MMG, defense points and Mod Jacmob will be in the office to answer your questions. Whether it is a problem, how about bond works, why we join their games, or how they work for gold ...
  • Something new on sales of Solomon
    Something new on sales of Solomon

    Sep-25-2013 PST

    All the respect of adventurers, such as savings, so humble opinion shop. Starting tonight, I took a spectacular sales! For the next seven days, I have discounted most stores project. Members and free players can enjoy a series of wonderful projects, in reducing loyalty points or RuneCoin price with Runescape Gold.   All the items sold, loyalty points to buy the loyalty point costs a staggering 50% deduction, this means that the famous project confounded loyalty RUNESCAPE members. On top of this, I would be glad to offer a discount of 20-40% of all eligible RuneCoin project cost. If you h ...
  • Runescape Allen challenge and the SEP challenges of today
    Runescape Allen challenge and the SEP challenge ...

    Sep-25-2013 PST

    On September 24, 2013 challenge lousy shooting, throwing rotten tomatoes a player on the monument.   The challenge of Allen live tonight   Tonight from 7 PM BST Twitch. TV, Allen (also known as the department of defense Campbell) is considering a challenge - to live at night! Will lead to success in his cloak, and the failure will mean the loss of an uncomfortable. Join Allen from 7 PM tonight. In the meantime, he tried to three weeks of the challenge. More challenges news is on
  • Super Sep challenges and RuneFest 3 tickets
    Super Sep challenges and RuneFest 3 tickets

    Sep-23-2013 PST

    The challenge of September 23, 2013 the house party, enter a public house and at least five other people.   RuneFest3 tickets - out now!   RuneFest3 zhang is now available for purchase from RuneFest website! Head, now scheduled you Runescape the latest and greatest of all the things to celebrate. Price of a ticket for $99 you full access to all, RuneFest provided, including:   A gift bag, packed with 3 exclusive RuneFest stolen goods - including A special game items. Inside the meeting, including a pair of meet the manufacturer's favorite JMods chat with you. Gielin ...
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