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  • Old School Runescape starts its third year with free to play content
    Old School Runescape starts its third year with ...

    Feb-20-2015 PST

        Old School Runescape is 2 years recent. however it’s extremely alittle older, provided that it’s a resuscitate of the 2007 version of the MMO. Work thereon is continual, with weekly updates, voted for by the players themselves. Apparently one factor old skool players extremely needed was free-to-play content, and to celebrate the day of remembrance, Jagex is giving them simply that.   Like the regular version of Runescape, free-to-play content can sit aboard the membership stuff. Membership bonds, another feature voted for by the community, also will mean that pla ...
  • Jagex is now agreeing to Bitcoin
    Jagex is now agreeing to Bitcoin

    Feb-17-2015 PST

    Games online organization Jagex has become accepting repayment with cryptocurrency Bitcoin. the company is partnering track of on-line payment solutions BitPay and Ayden to permit consumers to pay with Bitcoin. RuneScape fans should be able to buy both subscriptions and microstransactions with all the computerized currency. Jagex is definitely the newest organization in the video games room to get started on agreeing to Bitcoin. Stores CEX and Green Man Video games, and web publishers Microsoft and large Seafood all started off letting repayment making use of the cryptocurrency last year.   ...
  • Runescape Swatting Victim Says 10 Police Officers Directed Firearm At 10 Calendar Year Old Sibling
    Runescape Swatting Victim Says 10 Police Office ...

    Feb-15-2015 PST

    Last Thursday, US Air Power seasoned Joshua Peters, an passionate Twitch end user, was actively playing fantasy MMO game Runescape using the on the web foundation when his residence was stormed by armed law enforcement before an internet viewers of 60,000.   Peters swiftly realized what was taking place he got become the most up to date victim of swatting an incident where regulators are tricked into dispatching a SWAT crew according to a bogus document or phone call, typically made by competitor online players. Peters, or on the web alias Koopatroopa787, replied for the prank after the ...
  • BTS Video about GameBlast15
    BTS Video about GameBlast15

    Feb-13-2015 PST

    On Friday 20th February at 12:00 UTC, we kick off our 24 hour live stream and Double XP Weekend, as part of GameBlast15. Watch today's BTS Video and find out more about this awesome event, and the fantastic work that organising charity SpecialEffect do, using video games to promote wellbeing and inclusion for people with physical disabilities.  
  • Old School Prize Hunter Valentine 2015
    Old School Prize Hunter Valentine 2015

    Feb-11-2015 PST

    Enjoy is in the air, as Valentine's earnings to Prize Hunter. Pick up some kind of special love and hate themed Valentine's rewards, from 00: 00 UTC (activity time) on 12th February right up until 23: 59 UTC on 16th Feb. On the several times, you can get increased petals on Cherish Hunter, or through skilling, combat and daily difficulties in online game. Simply click your petals to start up a RS Gold Valentine's prize interface. Here, you may decide to scatter or smash increased petals, completing the love or hate bars correspondingly and unlocking rewards as you go. Benefits ...
  • RuneScape and Traditional Participants Have Observed Irregular System Issues
    RuneScape and Traditional Participants Have Obs ...

    Feb-09-2015 PST

    RuneScape and Recently University gamers have experienced irregular group problems, including surges of delay and even disconnections. It was specifically poor this previous Sunday mid-day/night, where lots of athletes got their game play disturbed.   These interruptions are due to DDoS attacks in which trash details are shipped to flood the net relationships to the hosts. This causes participants to lag and is often terrible enough to cause disconnections.   DDoS strikes are a serious issue, and have fairly recently impacted a number of large online activity providers. Old, U ...
  • Bonus Chests are Available All This weekend on Treasure Hunter
    Bonus Chests are Available All This weekend on ...

    Feb-05-2015 PST

    From 00: 00 UTC on sixth Feb till 23: 59 UTC on 9th February, you may charge them up, see what's within, then available them for 2 times the loot of the regular RS Gold chest area!   Just how do Added bonus Chests Function? Head to Jewel Hunter and you'll have the ability to start the newest reward torso straight away, and declare two prismatic lamps. Afterward, every time you make use of a Answer to available a regular upper body, you will include a single charge towards the bonus upper body. You can see what is within the bonus torso by mousing above it, and its particular c ...
  • Solomon Wings Available In Retailers
    Solomon Wings Available In Retailers

    Feb-02-2015 PST

    Start on a flight of fancy this week with 4 a lot more wonderful groups of aesthetic wings 2 of which are personalized to suit well liked skilling costumes!   First, are the ethereal wings. These see through beauties include 4 choices of eerie decorations. The ideal companion to your rune ethereal established.   The gem stone wings would be the all natural go with to the gem stone golem established, and will be changed between a number of glistening hues well suited for any mining journey.   The freefall wings feature abundant white colored plumage for anyone with a ...
  • Runescape Behind the curtain February 2015
    Runescape Behind the curtain February 2015

    Jan-30-2015 PST

      This Feb, Zamorak is preparation 1 heck of your heist, and the Wildywyrm results permanently. In addition, we have obtained enhanced Demon Display Mobs, the amazing GameBlast good cause event and Double XP Weekend, and streamlining Runescape Gold adjustments to fight.   Demon Display Mobs----People Only Demons will need love as well, which means that this month had been giving our Demon Flash Mobs some effectively-deserved TLC. Theyve been produced significantly more rewarding, supplying far better basic falls with a bit of new, unique improvements. First, up, th ...
  • Protean Hides Treasure Hunter
    Protean Hides Treasure Hunter

    Jan-29-2015 PST

    From on 30th January until on 2nd February, all new protean hides and other protean materials are here at increased rates to turbo charge your training only on Treasure Hunter!   The hides stack in your inventory, and clicking on them allows you to craft batches of up to 60. Like other protean materials, you won’t get items from them – but you’re sure to enjoy the Crafting XP, which scales directly to your level. Get stocked up for Double XP Weekend!   You'll see different tiers of protean hide in the Make X interface when crafting, depending on your current Craftin ...
  • Guardians Around The World Plugins
    Guardians Around The World Plugins

    Jan-26-2015 PST

    Handle voyages RS Gold any place in activity, meet 3 new adventurers, embark on a whole new voyage kind and appreciate some spectacular advantages, including a stage 85 katana and wakizashi, and seasinger orb and wand.   Handle Voyages Everywhere You can now manage your voyages from any place in online game using the captain's sign. This lets you send your ships out on new voyages and discover the end result of pre-existing kinds without interrupting your alternative activities. The only exceptions are story voyages, along with the handful of voyages that require that you get an ...
  • First March 2015 Registration Cost Adjustments
    First March 2015 Registration Cost Adjustments

    Jan-23-2015 PST

    In November, we declared that people can be raising the price tag on registration for brand new participants and others who've been unsubscribed in excess of 14 days.   Nowadays, we are able to affirm that this can come into effect on the 1st of Mar 2015. You will discover the new pricing below: The buying price of Connections will likely raise: After the selling price rises, each and every Bond is going to be redeemable for 14 days of membership, 195 RuneCoins or 15 Treasure Hunter Secrets. The retail price increase is not going to impact the RuneCoin value of Solomon is ...
  • Jagex To Host SpecialEffect GameBlast15 Charity Gaming Marathon in Late February
    Jagex To Host SpecialEffect GameBlast15 Charity ...

    Jan-22-2015 PST

      RuneScape and Block N Load maker Jagex Games Studio announced that it will host UK based games charity SpecialEffect GameBlast15 games marathon weekend on February 20th - 22nd. The event is a 24-hour gamer challenge to raise money and help enable individuals with physical disabilities play games (the charitys main goal). At the first GameBlast in 2014, RuneScape and Ace of Spades: Battle Builder communities raised more than £48,000 for SpecialEffect, and more than 90,000 viewers watched Jagex live stream of gameplay, interviews, and real world challenges. Jagex will host this year ...
  • James Hannigan and RuneScape 3 on Top Credit scoreJames Hannigan and RuneScape 3 on Top Credit score
    James Hannigan and RuneScape 3 on Top Credit sc ...

    Jan-19-2015 PST

      ST. PAUL, Minn. - British composer James Hannigan has scored just about every type of game conceivable, from the closing four Harry Potter video games to alarming Dead Space 3. We talked about his newest task, a big on the web fantasy activity called RuneScape 3. Primarily, James composed an orchestra-weighty score, however the developers wanted to highlight the greater number of intimate instances in the online game. "Therefore the orchestral music is mostly employed in cutscenes and menus, as well as to set the scene. However the music that you'll deal with while you really pl ...
  • The Wolf Pack Returns about Hati and Skoll
    The Wolf Pack Returns about Hati and Skoll

    Jan-19-2015 PST

    Hati and Sköll are back for a whole wintery month. Hunt them down for rich XP rewards and - if you don’t already have them - some ice-cool cosmetic items.If you've hunted the beasts before, it'll all be quite familiar. The main change is that the XP rewards are now given as a combination of normal XP and Bonus XP.   If you're new, or just need a reminder, read on. There are three things you can do: Hati - the legendary wolf of Fremennik legend - can be found wandering the woods south-east of Rellekka. He's tough, and his attacks accurate, but work together and you'll take him ...
  • BTS Video 135 On Dragonkin Den RuneLabs
    BTS Video 135 On Dragonkin Den RuneLabs

    Jan-18-2015 PST

    Mod Mark enters the Dragonkin's Den this week as he pitches RuneLabs: the new way for players to get their content ideas into RuneScape. - GM2V        
  • Solomon Retail Store Hot Winter Season Outfit
    Solomon Retail Store Hot Winter Season Outfit

    Jan-12-2015 PST

    Get my Comfortable Winter season Clothing completely new to Solomon's Retailer and also you WILL be set for the chilly journeys prior to you.  This toasty package of nicely-crafted leathers and furs can combat the most sour chilly regardless of whether you're backpacking above White-colored Wolf Mountain or producing towards you to Daemonheim. And do not forget, if you are in a rush or are not able to swing past my store, you can now buy your cosmetic outfits from within your Wardrobe. Just get the object you wish, just click Purchase Now and offering you have the correct level of Ru ...
  • BTS Video 134 Drops Galore
    BTS Video 134 Drops Galore

    Jan-11-2015 PST

    Next week you're in for a treat, as we're buffing up the drop tables for elementals and revitalising rare drops. Mod Deg's here to tell us all about it in today's Behind the Scenes video. We also chat to Mod Chris L about The Drop - a new JMod-led game show to be used in live streams.   <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • Treasure Hunter Alchemist Amulet
    Treasure Hunter Alchemist Amulet

    Jan-08-2015 PST

    Open Treasure Hunter chests from 09th January 2015 00:00 GMT to 19th January 2015 23:59 GMT and you could grab one of the new Alchemist’s Amulets!   Pick up the new fragments on Treasure Hunter and once you’ve collected 10 you’ll be able to combine them into an Alchemist’s Amulet. Upon combining them, you’ll receive a lump sum of cash straight in your pocket and you’ll then be able to use the amulet daily for another pile of gold!   But that’s not all you’ll also have a chance to win the previous amulet that was available before. Combine the old amulet with the ...
  • Boss Domestic pets A Ninja Update
    Boss Domestic pets A Ninja Update

    Jan-06-2015 PST

    We wanted to start 2015 off with a bang, and what greater way rather than present 26 mini family pet types of RuneScape's managers?   You will bag a pet. That's you can obtain each pet as a rare drop from their boss counterpart, and the more kills you rack up the more likely it. As you reach a certain killcount threshold, you will get an increased chance of the boss dropping a pet. Note that these kill matters are retroactive we've been monitoring them because July. Figure out your current complete inside the Beasts program.   Have you got what it takes to conquer a supervisor ...
  • Happy New Year January 2015 Runescape Behind the Scenes
    Happy New Year January 2015 Runescape Behind th ...

    Jan-04-2015 PST

    Boss Pets 26 tiny versions of some of the game’s most fearsome creatures? It’s the single biggest launch of pets we’ve ever made outside of the Summoning skill launch, but these bad boys and girls are far more exclusive than normal. Each one is rare drop, obtainable by killing their larger, more dangerous counterparts around the game. There’s a huge range available, including a mini Nex and Araxxi and a fantastic-looking tiny QBD. This is another great project built on your feedback and ideas, from the forums and via our dev blog. If you’d like to see them in action, check out t ...
  • 2015 Cherish Hunter Battleships
    2015 Cherish Hunter Battleships

    Jan-01-2015 PST

    Open Treasure Hunter chests from 1st January 2015 00: 00 GMT to 5th January 2015 23: 59 GMT and you could pick up among the all new, original battleships!   If you wander across someone else who has a battleship out, then both of them will fight, grab a pile of battleship blueprints from Treasure use and Hunter them to gain some construction XP and create a battleship that follows you through Gielinor!   Depending on how you have commanded your deliver to fight, you will both acquire or drop the fight. Acquire, and you also will be showered with wonderful development XP! Lose, ...
  • Vampyre Quest and Floor 61 Quest
    Vampyre Quest and Floor 61 Quest

    Dec-30-2014 PST

    In the 6th installment of your Myreque collection, your extended raging combat with the vampyres of Morytania will eventually get to its top. For years, you possess helped the Myreque inside their have difficulties, developing weapons, taking and bases minimal jabs at the foe. Finally, the time comes to affect the hurting blow. You will finally face Drakan, in the battle of suitably legendary proportion!     Of course, you simply will not go unprepared. The pursuit will spot you find Safalaan accurate prospective, using it as well as Vanescula assist to all set on your own f ...
  • Let Us Greet 2015
    Let Us Greet 2015

    Dec-29-2014 PST

    2014 The last two days, rsgoldfast Team thank you for YOU always support, send a lot of benefits.   As long as you like our Facebook page, Immediately send Coupons. And, 5 Coupons will be Sent every day on Facebook, Use buying Rs Gold can get more FREE GOLD.        
  • Ten Games We are Looking Forward to the Most in 2015
    Ten Games We are Looking Forward to the Most in ...

    Dec-25-2014 PST

    While 2014 has been a largely disappointing year in games some of the big releases of the year, like Assassin's Creed: Unity, were filled with bugs while other anticipated titles seeing their release dates pushed to 2015. However, then year wasn't a total write off and we've already listed the games we enjoyed the most this year. Having said that, we have high expectations from 2015, and here are the 10 titles we are looking forward to the most.   1. Batman: Arkham Knight Batman: Arkham Knight is the first next-gen outing of everyone's favourite superhero. The Arkham series has been ...
  • Buy Cheap RS Gold get Extra FREE Gold
    Buy Cheap RS Gold get Extra FREE Gold

    Dec-23-2014 PST

    Buy Cheap RS Gold to Get Extra 5% FREE Gold on our Facebook for Christmas and New Year. Like:   From December 25th, 2014 to January 10th, 2015. 5 Coupons will be sent Every Day on Facebook. Buy cheap runescape 07 gold and rs 3 gold you can enjoy extra 5% gold with same price as before.   Coupon Valid for 24 hours, If you can not use Coupon, Others have used it.   Follow Rsgoldfast Celebrate Christmas get Unexpected Surprise    
  • RuneScape Players can Quickly Transition from Legacy to EOC
    RuneScape Players can Quickly Transition from L ...

    Dec-21-2014 PST

    RuneScape players can quickly transition from legacy to EOC and vice versa now. This RuneScape guide will detail how to alternate between EOC and legacy quickly.   First, you must be on a world that is not restricted to legacy or EOC, and not be in combat. Combat settings cannot be accessed while in combat.   When in Legacy, click on the settings tab (the hammer and wrench symbol and select powers from the row of symbols in the options menu that pops up. Selecting that will boot up the EOC combat screen with half of its options grayed over. There is a checkmark on the left sid ...
  • Winter season Saturdays and sundays Dungeoneering
    Winter season Saturdays and sundays Dungeoneering

    Dec-19-2014 PST

    Wintertime Saturday and sunday variety 3 is an earlier Holiday present for specialized dungeon delvers everywhere. From 12: 00 GMT on 19th Dec till 12: 00 GMT on 22nd December, there's a range of Dungeoneering rewards available for anyone adventuring in Daemonheim: Double tokens from each standard Sinkholes and dungeoneering Basic Sinkholes light XP improved by 50% 10% less costly weapon repairs with the Daemonheim investor No report fees for death   Understand that additionally you have the subsequent advantages for Participant-Owned Plug-ins throughout Dec: All Plug-ins v ...
  • Snowboarding Coming to RuneScape
    Snowboarding Coming to RuneScape

    Dec-17-2014 PST

    Jagex Activity Recording studio have today introduced a flurry of winter months designed content material is going to be arriving at the overall game this holiday season such as a new frosty snowboarding and boss. That is correct, snowboarding inside an MMORPG. Make sure you permit it to be like SSX Challenging although with Mages and Fighters.   RuneScape is winter of content starts with a Joyful Cheer function beginning with a dialogue with Santa Clause which allows athletes to have interaction with assorted routines across the function area. Jagex also has stated that a huge Xmas crac ...
  • Runescape Solomon Shop Promote Nefarious Tools
    Runescape Solomon Shop Promote Nefarious Tools

    Dec-15-2014 PST

    Gielinor houses some harmful, mystical animals, and my newest variety of products undoubtedly portrays that. Who knows in which these gruesome weapons originated from? To the melee users, the Nefarious Benefit has brought its reputation into Gielinor, staring straight down your opponent for you well before swiftly getting those to a conclusion. For that collection customers, I bring in the Nefarious Achieve, a bow in whose extra eyesight is critical when making those pinpoint accurate photographs. And for the mages we have the Nefarious Spire which can unleash devastating magic on your enemy, on ...
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