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  • ​OSRS Group Ironman Mode Overview
    ​OSRS Group Ironman Mode Overview

    Nov-10-2021 PST

    Introduction A variant of the Ironman Mode was introduced on the 6th of October 2021. It was the result of a successful pole, and the mode permitted 2 to 5 Ironmen players to group together with Normal/Hardcore Ironman Mode restrictions. This mode could only be accessed by players with new Ironman accounts since the older accounts didn’t have permission to join a group. It’s worth noting that players who join a group before it has even been founded; get a Prestige status that removes their trading restrictions. Trading Group Ironman players can freely trade among the members of ...
  • ​OSRS The Ascent of Arceuus Quest Guide
    ​OSRS The Ascent of Arceuus Quest Guide

    Nov-02-2021 PST

    Introduction This quest is about the event ‘Ascent of Arceuus’, where the citizen of Arceuus had given up on their bodies to gain immortality. Thus, the day was marked as the end of death within the Arceuus house. However, things didn’t turn out that way, because, after decades, a member of the Arceuus house has fallen, but what could be the cause? That’s what you will be tasked to investigate during your quest journey. Quest Requirements · Client of Kourend · X Marks the Spot Skill Requirements · 12 Hunter Other Requirements · 20% Arceuus Favour Recommended I ...
  • ​OSRS Cold War Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Cold War Quest Guide

    Oct-24-2021 PST

    Introduction One of the Zookeepers at the Ardougne Zoo has become preoccupied with the Penguins. Actually, he’s downright paranoid about them, and he’s looking for help to observe the Lunar Sea Iceberg. The first quest relating to the Penguin Quest Series, where two agents are involved in gathering information about the plans of the Penguins. In this quest, you have to go undercover as a Penguin Spy on the Iceberg located in the Lunar Sea. Skill Requirement · 10 Hunter · 30 Agility · 30 Crafting · 34 Construction · 15 Thieving · Also, you will need access to a Craf ...
  • ​OSRS Brimhaven Agility Arena Overview
    ​OSRS Brimhaven Agility Arena Overview

    Oct-17-2021 PST

    Introduction A minigame that is accessible to players for training their Agility. The course is located beneath Brimhaven, and you can start training here from level 1 onwards. The official world for the Brimhaven Agility Course is world 314. It is possible to gain up to 67,000 Agility XP every hour at level 99 Agility because that way you won’t fail any obstacles as you’re maxed out in the skill. If you’re at lower levels, you can expect about 50,000 to 60,000 Agility XP per hour. However, it entirely depends upon the invested time, mouse click, and concentration level. The Brimhaven A ...
  • ​OSRS Regicide Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Regicide Quest Guide

    Oct-11-2021 PST

    Introduction This quest is a continuation of the Plague City quest series, where you’re taken beyond the Well of Voyage, right into a newly discovered realm. You will be tasked by King Lathas to dispose of his brother, and during your journey into the new realm, you will notice yourself surrounded by unique plants, animals, and races. However, once you reach your destination, things aren’t going to be as easy as it appears. So, are you ready to begin this journey? If the answer is yes, then follow the given guide. Quest Requirements · Underground Pass · Plague City · Bioha ...
  • ​OSRS Mage Training Arena Guide
    ​OSRS Mage Training Arena Guide

    Oct-02-2021 PST

    Introduction A member-only minigame that is located north of the Duel Arena. Here, players can earn points by playing various minigames, and through these points, they can purchase a number of items from the shop located on the top floor of the arena. Don’t get confused with Mage Arena, because these are two different minigames, located in two different areas. To proceed further with the activities, players need to bring Nature Runes, Law Runes, Cosmic Runes, and each of the Elemental Runes in the game, or at least the respective staff to take their place. You will need a Magic leve ...
  • ​OSRS Eadgar's Ruse Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Eadgar's Ruse Quest Guide

    Sep-24-2021 PST

    Introduction The following quest is a part of the Troll quest series, and it centres around a single item that needs to be located and obtained so that the druids can continue with their efforts in reclaiming the Stone Circle. For this part, Sanfew will require a rare herb to perform a purifying ritual. Thus, causing you to travel back to the Troll Stronghold and finding it. Requirements To proceed with this quest, you will need to have completed; Druidic Ritual, Troll Stronghold, and Death Plateau, and you will need at least level 31 in the Herblore skill. Other than that, you are req ...
  • ​OSRS Gertrude's Cat Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Gertrude's Cat Quest Guide

    Sep-12-2021 PST

    Introduction A very short quest in which you will have to locate the cat named Fluffs. This task will be given to you by the cat over Gertrude, and once you successfully complete the quest, you will be able to adopt a companion of your own! So, let’s begin. Requirements There are no skill or quest requirements needed for this quest since it’s a very short one. However, you will need a few items, such as Bucket of Milk, 100 GP, Seasoned Sardine (Can be bought from the Grand Exchange), or Raw Sardine and Doogle Leaves (Can be bought from Gerrant’s Fishy Business, or picked sou ...
  • ​OSRS Potions Overview
    ​OSRS Potions Overview

    Sep-05-2021 PST

    Potions play a vital role in Old School RuneScape, as they provide temporary skill boosts and other protective effects that include the consumption of Anti-poison and Anti-fire potions. In order to make these potions, the skill Herblore is required, and it is one of the hardest skills in the game because gathering the resources is quite a tough job. However, let’s look in detail at the potions that can be created with the help of Herblore and the effects that they hold. · Imp Repellent: It is used to hunt Implings and turn them into Impling Jars. · Attack Potion: It temporarily raises you ...
  • ​OSRS Heroes Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Heroes Quest Guide

    Aug-29-2021 PST

    This quest is about proving yourself worthy enough to enter the Heroes’ Guild. There are quite a few challenges waiting in this bumpy path, along with a list of items that you have to gather. During the journey, you’re required to have a companion with you in order to complete the quest. A good suggestion is to join a clan chat and find a partner. So, do you think you have what it takes to take on the quest? Follow the guide below for a smoother experience. Quest Requirements · 55 Quest Points · Shield of Arrav · Lost City · Merlin’s Crystal · Dragon Slayer 1 Skill R ...
  • ​OSRS Fishing Contest Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Fishing Contest Quest Guide

    Aug-15-2021 PST

    The safest route across the White Wolf Mountain is through the Mountain Dwarves’. However, they don’t allow strangers to pass through. So, to gain their trust, you’ll have to win the annual Hemenster Fishing Competition and obtain the trophy for them. Skill requirements · 10 Fishing Items Required · 5 Gold Coins (If you’re going to purchase a Fishing Rod) · Fishing Pass (It can be obtained during the quest) · Garlic (It can be obtained during the quest) · Fishing Rod (It can be obtained during the quest) · Spade · Red Vine Worm (It can be obtained durin ...
  • ​OSRS Sophanem Overview
    ​OSRS Sophanem Overview

    Aug-09-2021 PST

    Also known as the “City of the Dead”, Sophanem is located in the southern part of the Kharidian Desert (at the edge of the map). To gain access into this city, you must start the quest Icthlarin’s Little Helper and progress to the point where you’re allowed to enter. You can also enter by teleporting to the Pyramid Plunder minigame with the help of a Pharaoh’s Sceptre. Access to the city’s bank and other shops is granted after the completion of ‘Contact!’ quest. Even though the city is troubled due to the plagues, players visit the area to gain Thieving experience from the Pyramid P ...
  • ​OSRS Phosani’s Nightmare and Ranged Equipment Rebalance Overview
    ​OSRS Phosani’s Nightmare and Ranged Equipm ...

    Aug-01-2021 PST

    Phosani’s Nightmare A harder version of The Nightmare has been added onto the OSRS platform and it is known as Phosani’s Nightmare. This new challenge can only be completed only by the strongest players who have a good sense of battling solo. To find Sister Snega and the Pool of Nightmares, you’ll have to get past many dreadful creatures that aren’t easy to defeat. However, once you’ve found her, she’ll give you an insight into what’s going on in the area, and let me warn you because the real fight doesn’t begin until you drink from the pool. You’re not allowed to participate i ...
  • ​OSRS The Depths of Despair Quest Guide
    ​OSRS The Depths of Despair Quest Guide

    Jul-25-2021 PST

    A quest that was announced on the 9th of October and played a vital role in following the Great Kourend series. In this quest, you’ll have to help Lord Kandur Hosidius locate his son Artur Hosidius, who has gone missing. Do you think you have what it takes to investigate thoroughly and bring him back home? Don’t worry because the following guide will help you through. Quest Requirements · Client of Kourend · X Marks the Spot Skill Requirements · 18 Agility (It cannot be boosted) Recommended Items · Skills Necklace (To teleport to the Woodcutting Guild) · Super Energ ...
  • ​OSRS Theatre of Blood New Modes Overview
    ​OSRS Theatre of Blood New Modes Overview

    Jul-18-2021 PST

    As an OSRS player, you may be familiar with the place Theatre of Blood, located beneath the Ver Sinhaza castle. The area is ruled by Vampyres, and players are encouraged to fight against dreadful experiments in various raids to obtain rewards. These raids consist of different modes, two of which are the Hard and Story Modes that were recently added to the Theatre of Blood with an update. You can now participate in the toughest challenges in this deadly arena, and bring out the most of your strength by selecting Hard or Story Mode. So, let’s being with the overview of these modes. Ha ...
  • ​OSRS Clans System Guide
    ​OSRS Clans System Guide

    Jul-11-2021 PST

    Clans are a group of players that come together to participate in various events or activities like PK (Player Killing), Minigames, Boss Killing, or Skill Training. Clans can even exist because they’re friends in the OSRS community looking for a name and place of their own. The Hub First off, to set up, or join a clan, you need to head to the Clan Hub which is located southeast of the Grand Exchange. Any questions about setting up a clan can be answered by the NPC named Clerk. He is also the person that’ll provide you with a Clan Cape and Vexillum, which acts as a signature icon for t ...
  • ​OSRS Forgettable Tale Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Forgettable Tale Quest Guide

    Jul-04-2021 PST

    Forgettable Tale is a part of the Rise of the Red Axe quest series, and a sequel to quest; The Giant Dwarf. This quest is about the dwarves residing in the city of Keldagrim. After the events that had occurred during The Giant Dwarf quest, the mining company named Red Axe departed the city and went underground to establish a new headquarter. Due to this occurrence, the commander of the Dwarven Black Guard, Veldaban has started to become suspicious of them and wants your help to investigate whether the Red Axe is to no good. However, the problem is that the only lead he has is a drunken dwarf, who i ...
  • ​OSRS Farming Overview
    ​OSRS Farming Overview

    Jun-27-2021 PST

    Farming is one of the most essentials skills in all of OSRS, which includes planting seeds and harvesting the crops to obtain various hops, vegetables, and herbs. This also includes mushrooms, trees and cacti. The harvested crops have many uses in other skills like Cooking and Herblore, where the initial product can be sold to gain profit. These crops provide a huge amount of experience, and the time required to harvest crops varies depending on the type of seed used. Farming also allows you to log out during the harvesting time, as the crops time to grow. The higher quality of crops you grow, the ...
  • ​OSRS Client of Kourend Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Client of Kourend Quest Guide

    Jun-15-2021 PST

    The first quest involving the Kingdom of Great Kourend, and is also listed as the 131st quest on OSRS. In this quest, you’ll have to help Veos to handle a mysterious client. Veos is a port master, as well as a treasure hunter who helps players to travel from Great Kourend to Piscarilius and Land’s End. Items Required · A feather Recommended Items · Kourend Castle Teleports x6 (Teleporting requires 69 magic and Transportation Incantations to be read). · Xeric’s Talisman x1 (For fast travel to Hosidius). · Energy Restoration Methods like Graceful Outfit or Stamina Pot ...
  • ​OSRS Below Ice Mountain Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Below Ice Mountain Quest Guide

    Jun-06-2021 PST

    This quest is about an archaeologist who is in search of her next big thing. She has a belief that there’s an entrance that leads to ancient underground ruins, located west of the Ice Mountains. However, the entrance is sealed and she needs the help of her old crew to break it. But she cannot leave the entrance area, as she needs to lay claim on it, or someone else will. So, you’ll have to help her get the group back together for this one last gig. The crew consists of three other people, Burntof who is an old dwarf expert in demolition, Checkal, who is a heavy weight lifter, and Marley, who is ...
  • ​OSRS Grim Tales Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Grim Tales Quest Guide

    May-27-2021 PST

    In a faraway land, there was a man named Sylas who used to collect mysterious and worthy items that carried a reward for the person who finds them. In this quest, you have to rescue a distressed dwarf from the terrors that are brought by giant beats. So, for this, you’ll have to prepare yourself to start a journey in one of Brother Grimm’s tales. Quest Requirements · Witch’s House Skill Requirements · 45 Farming · 52 Herblore · 58 Thieving · 59 Agility · 71 Woodcutting All the above skills can be boosted to meet the requirements. Items Required · Tarrom ...
  • ​OSRS Bone Voyage Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Bone Voyage Quest Guide

    May-18-2021 PST

    Curator Haig Halen needs to take the Varrock Museum crew east to an unexplored landmass, but to that, he needs help to finish constructing a barge fit. Even after multiple attempts, he has failed to reach the unexplored island, so you’ll now have to venture across Gielinor while aiding the Varrock Museum, as well as increasing the possibility for a successful journey. In this quest, you will be unlocking access to Fossil Island, which is an unknown archaeological designation. Quest Requirements · The Dig Site Items Required · 100 Kudos (You can earn Kudos by helping the staff at the ...
  • ​OSRS Enlightened Journey Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Enlightened Journey Quest Guide

    May-10-2021 PST

    Auguste, a lone monk is tired of the simplicity that his life offers. He wants his name to be written on books, about how a man bent the laws of physics and sailed through the air. However, to do this he will need the assistance of an adventurer. Will you be able to help him on his journey to becoming a legend? Quest Requirements - 20 Quest Points Skill Requirements - 20 Fire Making - 30 Farming - 36 Crafting The above skills can be boosted. Items Required - 3 Un-noted Papyrus - Sack of Potatoes (Full sack = Potatoes (10)) - An Unlit Candle / Black Candle - R ...
  • ​OSRS Ghost's Ahoy Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Ghost's Ahoy Quest Guide

    May-03-2021 PST

    A ghost port called Port Phasmatys located east of Canifis is full of ghosts who are stuck in RuneScape and aren’t happy with that. You will need to help them pass onto the afterlife. Quest Requirements · Priest in Peril · The Restless Ghost Skill Requirements · 25 Agility · 20 Cooking Required Items · 31 Ecto-tokens (20 if you have a ring of charos (a)) · OR 25 Ecto-tokens using charter ships (10 if you have a ring) · OR a bone, a pot and a bucket for every 5 Ecto-tokens. · Ghost Speak Amulet · 400 Gold Coins · Silk · Spade · Knife ...
  • ​OSRS Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest Guide

    Apr-25-2021 PST

    The owner of the castle north-east of Canifis named Dr Fenkenstrain requires an assistant who can do his dark work for him. You will have to be his assistant and try your level best to uncover the truth about his castle. Quest Requirements · Priest in Peril · The Restless Ghost Skill Requirements · 20 Crafting · 25 Thieving · Items Required · Hammer · Silver Bar · Needle · Spade · Runes to Cast Telekinetic Grab or 50 Gold Coins. · Ghost Speak Amulet · 3 Bronze Wire · 5 Threads · 100 Gold Coins Recommended Items · Holy Symbol ( ...
  • ​OSRS Ratcatchers Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Ratcatchers Quest Guide

    Apr-18-2021 PST

    This is a quest where you help different people with their rat problems, along with an introduction of the Rat Pits which is an area where cats train and fight. Gertrude is someone who knows rat catches around the city of Varrock and she will willingly tell you their whereabouts, as well as some tips on how to catch these awful little monsters. Quest Requirements · Icthlarin’s Little Helper · Gertrude’s Cat Other Requirements · To have started “The Giant Dwarf” · Access to the kingdom of Keldagrim. Items Required · Cat or Hellcat (Full-grown is the best option) ...
  • ​OSRS Mountain Daughter Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Mountain Daughter Quest Guide

    Apr-11-2021 PST

    A Fremennik series quest where the player must help the chief of a mountain camp to locate his daughter. The quest is about a small tribe that split from the Fremennik in Rellekka a long time ago and decided to start living in the mountains that is just east of the town. They have been living there as nomads for quite some time, but now a tragedy has occurred, the chief’s daughter has gone missing and Needs help. Skill Requirements · 20 Agility (Can be boosted) Items Required · An Axe · A Pickaxe · A Plank · A Staff or Pole (Can be obtained during the quest. Dramen S ...
  • ​OSRS Lumbridge Overview
    ​OSRS Lumbridge Overview

    Apr-04-2021 PST

    A starting point for the beginners of Runescape who start their journey after completing the tutorial island. The name Lumbridge is famous because of the bridge that is constructed on the River Lum. This area is also a respawn point for players who die during PVP or while fighting NPCs. However, they respawn point can be changed to other places if the player desires. The main building in Lumbridge is the castle, which has a player bank on the top floor and is also a starting point for a hand full of in-game quests. The central area of the town consists of four main places: The ...
  • ​OSRS Recruitment Drive Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Recruitment Drive Quest Guide

    Mar-28-2021 PST

    The first quest in the series of “Temple Knights” where Sir Tiffy Cashien makes his first appearance. He is the one who recruits them, but to complete the process, one must solve puzzles to show that you’re worthy of the rank. These knights are under the god Saradomin and have been a secret organisation for several ages that are now looking to expand their army. You are one of many who has been invited to apply, but that all depends on how well you do during the tests. Quest Requirements · Druidic Ritual · Black Knights’ Fortress Items Required · 3,000 Gold Coins (If y ...
  • ​OSRS Wanted! Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Wanted! Quest Guide

    Mar-23-2021 PST

    Wanted is a part of the Temple Knight quest series and since you’re now recruitment to the knights, you are tasked to hunt down an overpowered wizard named Solus Dellagar. He has performed several mass murders and is on the loose, it is all up to you to track him down. Quest Requirements · 32 Quest Points · Recruitment Drive · Druidic Ritual · Rune Mysteries · Priest in Peril · Black Knights’ Fortress · The Lost Tribe · Goblin Diplomacy · Enter the Abyss Items Required · 10,000 Gold Coins, or; A Law Rune, Enchanted Gem (Can be obtained from a sl ...
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