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  • ​Let's allocution about melancholia events
    ​Let's allocution about melancholia events

    Oct-14-2018 PST

    Impatience and its aftereffect on melancholia contest and the bold as a whole. So, let's allocution about melancholia events. I beggarly able ones, too-- the Bounce Fayre, the Beach, and Raktuberfest can go yield a hike, and I'm so animated that the closing never happened this year. I'm talking about Spring/Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I've noticed a adjustment lately, that Jagex has replaced alternate melancholia contest (think Apparatus of Disaster, the 2007 snowman event, the Atramentous Zabath event) with chargeless XP buckets. The big barring to this is endure year's accomplishe ...
  • ​Individual accounts a botheration for mobile
    ​Individual accounts a botheration for mobile

    Oct-13-2018 PST

    I've absorb today aggravating to get the adaptable app working. Afterwards some absolute testing I've arise to the cessation that something about some RuneScape accounts is causing a botheration and authoritative the adaptable app crash. What's worse is that if this happens, the app will consistently afterwards bang at the log-in screen. The alone way to "uncorrupt" the app is to annul the app's stored abstracts and accumulation from aural the Android settings menu. I acquire two accounts, which I will accredit to as "Member Account" and "F2P Account". This is a associates alone beta, ...
  • ​RuneScape 3 is wonderful
    ​RuneScape 3 is wonderful

    Oct-12-2018 PST

    These humans are so addled by abhorrence and affected annual that they acquire accustomed themselves to absence how fun this bold in achievement is. Honestly I acquire a abreast maxed ironman on OSRS and in a anniversary of arena I acquire had added fun on RS3 than I had playing OSRS. I dont acquire them, I wont catechism them, but they alone aching themselves. RS3 is admirable and I Deceit adjournment to arise aback to this column months from now and hotlink I assuredly maxed. Look advanced to a abundant approaching with this game. Its admirable and I am apologetic about the MTX but ...
  • ​Unpopular opinion: I like the Wilderness
    ​Unpopular opinion: I like the Wilderness

    Oct-11-2018 PST

    I see a lot of posts achievement antisocial on wildy. It's to be expected, of course, accustomed the attributes of the place, but the arduous bulk of humans allurement for its abatement has me concerned. I see anybody blubbering about how wildy pvp is dead, and it's alone humans killing skillers, and I just think...okay? What in achievement is amiss with that? I mean, abiding I'm no pvp expert, but we acquire added alternatives for pvp, both safe and with risk, in the anatomy of appropriate bang duels and apprenticed arena. The wilderness has a altered alcove now. The attraction of bi ...
  • ​Can we allocution about macros for a second
    ​Can we allocution about macros for a second

    Oct-09-2018 PST

    Okay, okay, okay., I apperceive what some of you are allegedly thinking, but I appeal you, amuse try and accumulate an attainable mind, and aperture with me, because this is important to me, buy RuneScape gold and I capital to see if maybe I could alpha something. I've approved to be careful, and able-bodied articular in the altercation that follows in an accomplishment to alienate as few humans as possible. The accepted apriorism of he anti-macro altercation is that it makes the bold "too easy" and removes a all-important accomplishment gap to top affiliated PvMing. To an extent, I accede w ...
  • ​Combat needs accession evolution
    ​Combat needs accession evolution

    Oct-08-2018 PST

    Posting this afresh on a altered reddit annual aback aboriginal column was removed. For the approaching bloom of the bold I anticipate it's acute that Jagex realizes how important action mechanics are for an mmo game. Specifically how important it is to acquire calmly barefaced arrangement rather than accepting deluge of abilities to be abstruse and activated appropriately for acute efficiency. The best adaptation of action appropriate now is anarchy approach and in my assessment Jagex should advance on that as the capital action arrangement for Runescape. Evolve Revolution ...
  • ​Broadcast System Overhaul
    ​Broadcast System Overhaul

    Oct-05-2018 PST

    Its been quite a while since the broadcasts were changed, there are some things that should probably be moved around, as a reference point, i'll post all the current broadcasts below; #1 Global Broadcast    120 All Skills    Max Cape    120 Invention or Slayer    200m XP in any skill    200m XP in all skills    Final Boss title (100 KC at all bosses)    Insane Final Boss title (all boss pets and 100 KC - including HM - at all bosses)    Jack of All Trades title (all non-combat skilling ...
  • ​BM and Rago teaching marathons
    ​BM and Rago teaching marathons

    Oct-04-2018 PST

    Hi all, I'll be alive a Beastmaster Durzag chase on October 12 (Friday) from 22:00-3:00 and October 13 (Saturday) from 20:00-1:00 AND a Vorago chase on October 19 (Friday) from 22:00-3:00 and October 20 (Saturday) from 12:00-17:00 (Scop rotation) The acumen for these marathons are for learners that wish to get into raids and rago to acquire a way of acquirements mechanics in an ambiance breadth they wont get scolded for accomplishing something wrong. Anyone absent boodle or to physique KC is acceptable (learners preferred). The capital purpose is to advise humans the mechanics and how ...
  • ​Getting abutting to retirement
    ​Getting abutting to retirement

    Oct-03-2018 PST

    After accepting so abounding 99's(not maxed, never will be), accepting Quest cape and accomplishing added goals, it is about time for me to bandy in the towel. Honestly, I'm just annoyed of the grinding. I absence goofing off, bold a assignment in the bold because I wish to, instead of activity like I NEED to buy rs gold. So, I am retiring. I don't plan on abandonment outright. However, I don't see myself paying for associates afresh anytime soon, and I am active out of abilities I wish to finish/things I wish to obtain. Knowing me, I'll log in every now and afresh to adhere out in F2 ...
  • ​Changes to action settings are not updates
    ​Changes to action settings are not updates

    Oct-02-2018 PST

    Changes to action settings are not updates. They are downdates. So I didn't apperceive that this amend was coming, or that it had happened, until I ran arch aboriginal into ED2. I started blooping, hit F4 to change it so bang and ults wouldn't auto trigger, and saw the new interface. Anticipation I was hitting the amiss key. Approved again, no dice. *Slowly dying to bloops* Hit the cog on the adeptness bar and was told NO. Ummm... what? Legged it out of the alcove to sus out what was traveling on. Turns out accumulated has gone to bits in this interface and the affliction allot ...
  • ​Can the next accessory absolution get a Agnostic theme
    ​Can the next accessory absolution get a Agno ...

    Oct-01-2018 PST

    Tl;dr - The next time devs absolution any array of action accessory at bank 70+, accord it the Agnostic theme. Long version: Long afore the god emissaries were released, we had items to represent Saradomin, Zamorak, Guthix, Armady, Bandos, and Zamorak. After their release, those gods got a few added items. Sliske and Seren got some accessory with GWD2 (Seren got added themed with the absolution of Priff and The Light Within.) The arid pantheon saw some T92 accessory with Menaphos release. Surprisingly, even Tuska got a Warpriest set with WE3. The agnostic accept g ...
  • ​How to get into accumulation PvM
    ​How to get into accumulation PvM

    Sep-30-2018 PST

    I'll explain a bit. I accept dead ambrosial abundant all soloable administration (except for ED1-2). For a continued time my endgame ambition was to abandoned Nex. Recently I assuredly managed to apprentice to annihilate her consistently so now I anticipate it's time to move on to group PvM. There are few issues though. 1, I accept no abstraction how to start. I mean, I accept no abstraction which of the accumulation administration are advantageous at all, which crave what and how harder they are about to anniversary other. For classic I apperceive that GWD1 is easier than GWD2, Rax is harde ...
  • ​T90 Amalgam Armor Idea
    ​T90 Amalgam Armor Idea

    Sep-29-2018 PST

    I acquire 3 capital goals with this idea: to achieve skilling profitable, to achieve skilling fun, and to achieve a amalgam armor set with an absolute use. #1 Adept Combatant's Armor T80 armor stats with T75 accident bonuses in all styles, absolute set adoration benefit of +12, maybe a baby lp bonus #2 Set effect: Momentum Every 15 abnormal you are in activity you accretion one Momentum stack, which increases adrenaline accretion from basal abilities by 0.5%, increases hit adventitious by 1%, and increases crit adventitious by 0.15%, up to 6 stacks. Endless with Biting a ...
  • ​Invention: Silverhawk Cossack Variants
    ​Invention: Silverhawk Cossack Variants

    Sep-28-2018 PST

    Was apprehensive if it wouldn't be too torn to acquiesce high-level (perhaps alone Master) Inventors to adapt their Silverhawk boots, creating a brace that functions with a craftable Aristocratic Skilling Outfit's set benefit as they currently do with the Nimble set. The admixture should be something of a chore, and should be beheld as a semi-permanent or big-ticket decision. I'm no Mod and I've got no eye for antithesis but I would anticipate it starts alternating the ambit of: 1, Empty Silverhawk Boots (naturally). Boots may acquire to lose activity stats in this process, if it matt ...
  • ​I had a bigger appulse on that game
    ​I had a bigger appulse on that game

    Sep-27-2018 PST

    Just afflicted my adeptness on actuality because I accomplished I had a bigger appulse on that bold that I thought... aback in 2005 So I'll try to accomplish this brief- I acclimated to run nats for Scarfuncle aback in 2004ish (Larryr, accession alarming girl, was basically my advancement crafter if Scar wasn't on). It was absurd money, anybody was alarming (except you humans that blanket ess), and it was ambrosial easy. For those unaware: Essentially you started by authoritative your way to karamja (take the baiter from Lumbridge could could cause fuck lodestones ...
  • ​Player-Owned Farms is now over two weeks old
    ​Player-Owned Farms is now over two weeks old

    Sep-26-2018 PST

    Player-Owned Farms is now over two weeks old. Here's some poorly-balanced account for new animals! POF got off to a asperous alpha (and it's still ambrosial rocky-- we don't even apperceive how to brand aristocratic dragons yet!) but I ahead it's affectionate of fun. That said, if Jagex decides to absolution a added accumulation for it (which adeptness be a possibility, if they accede it as accepting recovered from its nosedive), there's alpha abeyant in the assorted animals of Runescape-- these are a few that could be in the next batch, advised by anyone who knows as abundant about antithes ...
  • ​Some advice you should apperceive beforehand
    ​Some advice you should apperceive beforehand

    Sep-25-2018 PST

    When your annual was lost... Here's some advice you should apperceive beforehand: - Accounts are in actuality never, anytime deleted or displace (as of now this is the case, the adverse adeptness accept happened in Runescape's infantcy 10+ years ago but it will not administer in about all cases) Even accounts that accept had above aphorism breaking offences adjoin them are permenantly locked, instead of deleted or wiped. - Your log in username will never change, but your affectation name can change. If you change your affectation name, the log in name will breach what it was before. ...
  • List of annual to accomplish solak Great
    List of annual to accomplish solak Great

    Sep-24-2018 PST

    Read below, List of annual to accomplish solak Great... 1. Accomplish grimoire pages 1/4 or even pref 1/3 instead of 1/5. Currently if a accomplished aggregation is application grimoires there is a net lose in grimoire accuse used. It shouldn't be like this and this would advice antidote the crazy bulk of grimorie pages while still befitting the accumulation the same. Analyze it to vorago, breadth a accomplished aggregation of 4-5 humans can use tectonic armor but end up with 10-20x added armor sets even admitting they are application tectonic armor. It should be the aforementioned case with ...
  • ​Some suggestions for the access worlds
    ​Some suggestions for the access worlds

    Sep-22-2018 PST

    Have been active through it out of arduous boredum afresh and accomplished accepting got aggregate advantageous from it, there's not a ton of affidavit to play it aeon as acknowledgment the abilities, abandoned a few of the masks are absolutely worthwhile. So i was cerebration they could add maybe a brace of these annual to accomplish it added advantageous to play. - Aboriginal all-embracing a change to accomplish accessory not abase in access worlds authoritative it a bit beneath of a altercation to run for these rewards. - Add adjustment kits for 4m anima anniversary to the a ...
  • Some advice based on my experience of over 10 years
    Some advice based on my experience of over 10 y ...

    Sep-21-2018 PST

    Hi, I've been arena for over 10 years (was absent for a few years) so here's some admonition based on my experience of the accomplished two years or so! You can play about you wish but what is a adequate goal/mantra is to periodically about-face amid skilling for a day or two and canicule or two of accomplishing quests. Both choices are awful benign to you, abnormally aback accepting academy abilities bureau you get admission to added things (better tools, weapons, allowances and services, etc) and abounding afterwards quests acquire advantageous rewards to commutual them. For quests, ...
  • ​Mini Guide for afk Champ scrolls
    ​Mini Guide for afk Champ scrolls

    Sep-20-2018 PST

    So I just accomplished this and would like to allotment breadth I abandoned did the scrolls and hopefully it helps some people. I acclaim caroming 3 advantage on a abracadabra weapon, and I acclimated assailment pots because I afk'd a lot of with revolution. Breadth I acclimated affect it was still afk, not with summ pots or anything. Acclimated a nox agents with subj/void. Demonhorn for complete pray. In no way are these optimal kph, just appropriate kph whilst accepting in actuality afk afar from sipping aggro pots. Imp: set up cannon about 3 squares south east of the backcountry ap ...
  • A Question about Dragon Hastas
    A Question about Dragon Hastas

    Sep-19-2018 PST

    Like the title, So I afresh (within the endure 24 hours) assuredly accomplished Akin 60 Advance and Defense. I had already completed Absent City, so I was able to use Longswords appropriate away. I had already austere a lot of Barbarian Skills, so I acquire had admission to Hastas for a little while now. Our of curiosity, why does the Dragon Hasta not acquire an adeptness absorbed to it like about every added Dragon Weapon? I angel one acumen is because it's the abandoned weapon that doesn't crave a mainline adventure to complete. At the aforementioned time though, Barbarian Skills, w ...
  • ​How do we fix PVP for RS3
    ​How do we fix PVP for RS3

    Sep-18-2018 PST

    I accept that PvP is no best a advantaged approach of play in RS3, and I in actuality accept why. At the moment there are lots of issues that accomplish it broken/ unplayable, and a decay of time compared to added content. That said I would like to alpha an accessible altercation to apprehend how we could in actuality accomplish PvP agreeable already again? 1. Is there annihilation we can do to the Berserk to accompany humans back? I accept heard some suggestions from humans that would acquiesce you to accumulate your items aloft death, and that the money you would contrarily pay to after ...
  • Just One Small Challenge
    Just One Small Challenge

    Sep-17-2018 PST

    Earlier today I was assigned to adeptness 630 claret runes as my circadian challenge. I ashen my accomplished day aggravating to complete the abuse affair so actuality it goes: To admission the claret altar, Legacy of Seergaze needs to be at atomic partially completed so that's my goal. I alpha with its prerequisite Darkness of Hallowvale - the adventure in which you cantankerous Meiyerditch-ghetto-agility-maze assorted times. Legacy of Seergaze is no altered and continues the bold of coursing the sickle. Also, I overlook the attraction runes for the bang so I do some added fetching. ...
  • What you can do with RSGoldfast
    What you can do with RSGoldfast

    Sep-17-2018 PST

    Buy Runescape Gold We all know that the prices of Runescape gold is changing always and this brings us to online Runescape gold marketplace ushering on the internet. As RS Gold price value per million keeps changing. The only thing we can be assured of prices the when you get at the checkout. So, how to buy Runescape gold online? Runescape gold is an in-game currency that is used by players to buy items either in exchange or by trading between the players. For most players, Runescape gold is used to speed up game progress without playing the game or by paying a small fee. If you decide to buy ...
  • ​RSGoldFast - Why is Mobilising Armies still in game
    ​RSGoldFast - Why is Mobilising Armies still ...

    Sep-16-2018 PST

    Quick bluster about mobilising armies, one of my final trim atone requirements. Aboriginal off, no one plays off spotlight, and spotlights alone action already every few months. Thus, it is about absurd to accomplish rank advance except during a abbreviate 3 day period. I can of advance ask my accompany for help, which I did. Abominably there is a tutorial that they charge to go through in adjustment to play. Normally a tutorial would be a acceptable thing, but in this tutorial key pieces such as their troops disappear. Mobilising armies is an abundantly torn section of ...
  • RSGoldFast - I anticipate Manor Acreage is a austere eyesore
    RSGoldFast - I anticipate Manor Acreage is a au ...

    Sep-15-2018 PST

    Can we possibly get graphical updates to the areas surrounding Player-Owned Farms? (Seers' Village, Fishing Guild, Ranging Guild, and Ardougne) The areas attending anachronous while the acreage looks new. The alone graphically adapted breadth of Kandarin so far is Catherby. Can those areas be prioritized as accepting graphical rework? Abnormally Archery Guild, as the rewards are anachronistic and charge reshuffling. Ardougne absolutely could aswell a rework to board the acreage as well. Reuse some assets from Lumbridge but accord them some altered agreeableness so the city-limi ...
  • ​RSGoldFast - How to in actuality get rich
    ​RSGoldFast - How to in actuality get rich

    Sep-14-2018 PST

    Hello, aboriginal of all, I'm not searching for any accurate "money authoritative guides" or anything, this is added like a abstract post. So, I accept been apprehensive how to get absolute affluent in Runescape. I am not talking about 10m, 100m not 1b. I am talking about accepting able to allow multiplate partyhats. And humans this affluent assume to not be that attenuate anymore. For myself, I accept racked up in actuality a lot of banknote (in my eyes) in the accomplished few years - about 1000m rs gold I'd say. However I did this by alive hard, cutting a lot. Beginning with ...
  • RSGoldFast - How do you apprehend The Complete of Guthix
    RSGoldFast - How do you apprehend The Complete ...

    Sep-13-2018 PST

    My academician is freaking me out. This is in actuality difficult to explain and candidly sounds awe-inspiring as hell, but out of boilerplate I apprehend one of the music advance differently. "The Complete of Guthix" is (or was) one of my admired advance in the library. Afterwards unlocking it I had it on echo ALL the time because I in actuality admired the feel of it, it had an activity to it, array of an basal activity that fabricated me feel added agog about arena and finishing up WGS. However, at one point I al of a sudden started audition the song differently. My antecedent ackn ...
  • RSGoldFast - Honestly how did we get here
    RSGoldFast - Honestly how did we get here

    Sep-12-2018 PST

    I dont accept how did we got to this point, area did it all alpha to crumble. Rs3 citizenry continues to abate every day, osrs keeps growing (yes a fucking 11 year beforehand wersion is accomplishing fucking bigger than the Live one) devs are dwindling. Content with rewards that makes no faculty get arise (ED1-2 aristocratic armours accept no acumen to be even crafted). Menaphos looks like a bisected ass atempt at elf city-limits from a adolescent who spent 10 annual while searching at his fb messages. Aod and telos has become the abandoned 2 administration in the bold that any ...
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