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  • ​RSGoldFast 9th Anniversary Celebration
    ​RSGoldFast 9th Anniversary Celebration

    Jun-09-2022 PST

    Dear Customers of Rsgoldfast, Rsgoldfast has been created for 9 years so far. To Celebrate 9th Anniversary of our website, we are launching a big promo for all customers. You can receive up to 10% extra Gold when you buy OSRS or RS3 Gold during our promotion. As long as you purchase the following products you will get Extra Free gold: OSRS Gold: Purchase 50M, Get 2% Free Gold Purchase 100M, Get 4% Free Gold Purchase 300M, Get 5% Free Gold Purchase 500M, Get 7% Free Gold Purchase 1000M, Get 10% Free Gold Click here to quick buy Cheap OSRS Gold and get extr ...
  • ​OSRS Architectural Alliance Guide
    ​OSRS Architectural Alliance Guide

    Aug-05-2022 PST

    Introduction A mini-quest that revolves around architects from five cities. Yes, the five cities of Great Kourend. In this quest, you need to earn their trust and rebuild the statue of King Rada 1, who was the first king of Great Kourend. The statue was destroyed by a devastating storm. If you think you can prove yourself worthy of the five houses and gain the support of architects from five cities, then let’s begin. Requirements You’ll need various skills depending on the activities that you do. For instance, 42 Mining for any Lovakengj activity. Besides that, you need to have ...
  • ​OSRS Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl Guide
    ​OSRS Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl Guide

    Jul-30-2022 PST

    Introduction A mini-quest that is required to complete in order to start the Scorpion Catcher and Horror from the Deep quests. It is also a requirement to access the Barbarian Outpost Agility Arena. In the quest, you need to visit various pubs and bars, drink their specialty drinks, and finally have them sign off a Barcrawl Card. You need exactly 208 Coins to buy the required alcohol. Other than that, here are the recommended items that’ll assist you throughout the quest. Recommended Items · Restore Potions · Food · Stamina/Energy Potions · Barbarian Outpost Telepo ...
  • ​OSRS Equipment Rebalance Tier Changes & More Overview
    ​OSRS Equipment Rebalance Tier Changes & More ...

    Jul-22-2022 PST

    Introduction Today, we’ll be discussing the recent changes in Equipment Rebalancing and Poll No. 76. There’s also an exciting announcement regarding the Jagex Launcher. Equipment Rebalance: Tier Changes The RS development team has been adjusting the required skills for specific weapons. The last change that took place for ‘The Scythe of Vitur’ was back in December. But now, they have made the item a Hybrid weapon that requires 90 Strength and 80 Attack. It will allow pure accounts to utilize the weapon for an additional combat level. Let’s have a look into what is bein ...
  • ​OSRS Lair of Tarn Rozlor Mini-Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Lair of Tarn Rozlor Mini-Quest Guide

    Jul-17-2022 PST

    Introduction Located southwest of Morytania, the Lair of Tarn Razorlor is a dungeon filled with undead creatures. The zone features a mini-quest where you have to kill Tarn Razorlor. There’s also an easier way around if you have a Slayer Ring, because that way, you can teleport directly and kill him. The objective is to retrieve a diary that helps enhance Slave Amulets. You can find the amulets in the room next to where he dies. Skill Requirements · 40 Slayer Quest Requirements · The Haunted Mine Items Required · 100 GP (to use the banker Odovacar) Recommended · ...
  • ​OSRS Hopespear's Will Mini-Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Hopespear's Will Mini-Quest Guide

    Jul-08-2022 PST

    Introduction This short quest centers around helping a goblin spirit named Hopespear return the remains of the goblin high spirit to Yu’biusk. Quest Requirements · The Restless Ghost (have at least started it). · Desert Treasure · Fairy Tale 2 · Land of the Goblins Skill Requirements · 50 Prayer Items Required · Ghost Speak Amulet · Goblin Potion · Ring of Visibility · Dramen/Lunar Staff · Food & Potions Recommended · Combat Potions · Fairy Ring Network Access · Plan of Mud Sphere Enough combat levels to defeat Snot ...
  • ​OSRS Underground Pass
    ​OSRS Underground Pass

    Jul-01-2022 PST

    Introduction Underground Pass serves as the third quest in the Elf quest series. It takes you on a long journey through the dungeon near Ardougne city. Your objective is to explore the dungeon by the orders of King Lathas, and during the attempt, you’ll encounter his corrupted brother named Tyras. Requirements You need to first finish the quests; Biohazard and Plague City to proceed further. You need your Ranged at level 25. Take two ropes, a bow, a spade, and five non-poisoned arrows with metal arrow tips. You’ll obtain a Plank, a Bucket, and Tinderbox during the quest. There w ...
  • ​OSRS In Search of Knowledge Mini-Quest Guide
    ​OSRS In Search of Knowledge Mini-Quest Guide

    Jun-24-2022 PST

    Introduction In the following quest, you have to assist Brother Aimeri to uncover the mysteries that lie within the Forthos Dungeon. It involves filling three tomes that are found in the Forthos Dungeon’s Temple Library. Items Required · 5x Pieces of Food (Meat, Fish, or Vegetables) · Slash Weapon/Knife (To cut through the webs) · Combat Equipment (at least level 45 combat) Walkthrough First, head to the Forthos Dungeon and start killing monsters to retrieve Tattered Sun, Tattered Moon, and Tattered Temple Pages. You need to gather four of each as they’ll be used ...
  • ​OSRS Legends Quest
    ​OSRS Legends Quest

    Jun-19-2022 PST

    Introduction The quest is about exploring the map of the Kharazi Jungle, which is located in the southern section of Karamja Island. The objective is to establish relations with the natives of the jungle and bring back a gift to display in the Legends’ Guild. Quest Requirements · 107 Quest Points · Family Crest · Heroes Quest · Shilo Village · Jungle Potion · Underground Pass Skill Requirements · 50 Agility · 50 Crafting · 45 Herblore · 56 Magic · 52 Mining · 42 Prayer · 50 Smithing · 50 Strength · 50 Thieving · 50 Woodcutti ...
  • ​Recipe for Disaster
    ​Recipe for Disaster

    Jun-13-2022 PST

    Introduction Recipe for Disaster is quite popular amongst the players of OSRS because of its rewards, and that’s the reason why we’ve introduced this quick guide to help you through. So, let’s begin! Another Cook’s Quest You can begin the recipe for disaster osrs quest by speaking to the cook in Lumbridge Castle. He’ll want you to get the following ingredients for him – Eye of Newt, Glass of Greenman’s Ale, Rotten Tomato, and Dirty Blast. If you already have the ingredients, speak to the cook again and the quest will be completed. Next, you need to head over to the ...
  • ​OSRS Lunar Diplomacy
    ​OSRS Lunar Diplomacy

    Jun-04-2022 PST

    Introduction Lunar Diplomacy revolves around the rivalry between the Moon Clan and the Fremenniks. Completing the quest will grant you a number of rewards, along with access to the Lunar Isle and Lunar Spell Book. Requirements You’ll need the following skill – 55 Woodcutting, 65 Magic, 49 Fire Making, 61 Crafting, 40 Defense, 5 herblore, and 60 Mining. You’ll also need the combat level to kill several level-111 monsters. Besides that, you need access to the Air, Water, Earth, and Fire Altars. You’ll need to have completed the following quests – Shilo Village, Druidic Ritua ...
  • OSRS Guardians of the Rift Overview
    OSRS Guardians of the Rift Overview

    May-29-2022 PST

    Introduction Guardians of the Rift is a newly released non-combat minigame located within the Temple of the Eye. The main objective is to help the Great Guardian close a rift that leads to ‘The Scar,’ which is known as the most dreadful place in the Abyssal Space. You need to supply the Great Guardian with magical stones while also protecting him from the creatures that are entering from the Abyssal Rift. The only requirements to participate in this minigame are the completion of the ‘Temple of the Eye’ quest and level 27 in Rune Crafting. How to get there? The portal to ...
  • ​OSRS Catherby Overview
    ​OSRS Catherby Overview

    May-22-2022 PST

    Introduction Catherby is a fishing town located west of the White Wolf Mountain, and southeast of Camelot. Being a member-only area, there are a number of Fishing Spots available. Besides that, it’s also popular among players for training the Woodcutting skill as there are many different trees to the west. The White Wolf Mountain is known to be dangerous for low-level players as there are level 25 to 38 White Wolves wandering around. Nearby Catherby there’s Seers’ Village and Camelot, which play a major part in several important quests. How to get there? You can either cho ...
  • ​OSRS Beneath Cursed Sands Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Beneath Cursed Sands Quest Guide

    May-15-2022 PST

    Introduction Beneath Cursed Sands is an important part of the Desert Quest series. It revolves around the Tombs of Amascut, which is also known as the third raid in the game. Due to the quest, the Ruins of Ullek and the Necropolis were added to the south-eastern part of the Kharidian Desert. Quest Requirements · Contact! · Prince Ali Rescue · Icthlarin’s Little Helper · Gertrude’s Cat Skill Requirements · 55 Fire Making · 55 Crafting · 62 Agility Items Required · Coal · Iron Bar · Cooked or Raw meat (Anything that isn’t a fish) · Tin ...
  • ​OSRS 2022 Easter Event
    ​OSRS 2022 Easter Event

    May-09-2022 PST

    Introduction The 2022 Easter Event in Old School RuneScape is about helping an Easter Bunny make transport eggs across the Kharidian Desert and Al-Kharid city. You can participate in the event by heading to the Holiday Event icon displayed north of the Al-Kharid bank. The icon is visible on the world map. Part 1 To start the event, you need to head north of the Al-Kharid bank and speak to the Easter Bunny. He needs you to deliver Easter Eggs deeps in the deepest part of the Kharidian Desert. However, the only problem is that the Easter Eggs melt quickly because of the heat so you n ...
  • ​Mage Arena 2 Guide
    ​Mage Arena 2 Guide

    Apr-24-2022 PST

    Introduction The Mage Arena 2 is the sequel to the Mage Arena mini-quest. You can begin the quest if you have 75+ Magic and the ability to cast Flames of Zamorak, Claws of Guthix, and Saradomin Strike outside of the Mage Arena. The objective is to defeat three powerful god followers who are roaming around the Wilderness. The followers are named Porazdir (level 235), Derwen (level 235), and Justiciar Zachariah (level 348). You need to collect their remains and bring them to Kolodion to enhance or imbue your God Capes. Starting Off You need to first head to the same broken house as yo ...
  • ​Mage Arena 1 Guide
    ​Mage Arena 1 Guide

    Apr-17-2022 PST

    Introduction The Mage Arena is a mini-quest released on the 22nd of September 2003. As a player, you need to test your mettle with a shapeshifting wizard; however, you are required to have level 60 in Magic to begin the quest. You’ll also need enough combat levels to defeat a level 112 Black Demon. Walkthrough To start the quest, you need to head into the depths of the Wilderness (level 56). The fastest way to get there is by using the lever in the small building near the west Ardougne gate. Alternatively, you can use the lever located in the ruins of Edgeville. When you pull the leve ...
  • ​AFK Skilling Methods
    ​AFK Skilling Methods

    Apr-10-2022 PST

    Introduction Maniacal Monkeys (Hunter) Maniacal Monkeys are unlocked at level 60 in Hunter; however, you need to complete the quest ‘Monkey Madness 2’ to access the caves. First, you need to mount on a Gorilla, and then you can start setting up your traps without any logs. Finally, lure the Maniacal Monkeys one at a time using bananas. Motherlode Mine (Mining) You can access the second floor of the Motherlode Mine with 72+ Mining, and after you’ve paid 100 Gold Nuggets to the NPC named Prospector Percy. The second floor offers better XP as compared to the first floor, and ...
  • ​Minigame Teleport Overview
    ​Minigame Teleport Overview

    Apr-03-2022 PST

    Introduction You can find the Grouping Tab in the chat-channel interface. The tab can be used to select a minigame from the dropdown menu and enter it to find other players. You can’t join two chat channels at the same time, which means that if you try to join another channel, you will automatically be removed from the existing one. The Grouping Tab can also be used to teleport yourself to different minigame locations (excluding the Volcanic Mine; unless you meet the requirements). The teleport also has a cooldown of twenty minutes, and the teleport can’t be cast from PVP (Player Vs Playe ...
  • ​Flipping Guide 2022
    ​Flipping Guide 2022

    Mar-27-2022 PST

    Introduction Flipping is similar to every other ‘skill’ in OSRS; you can gain experience and knowledge the more you participate in the activity. It’s probably the most profitable way method in the game. Despite the fact that it doesn’t offer any skilling XP, you gain funds, which can then be used to train your skills. Yes, it’s a complicated and scary method if you look at it from a point of view, but once you learn the basics, then the journey is going to be smooth. What is flipping? It’s the act of purchasing items from the Grand Exchange for a low price and then resellin ...
  • ​Volcanic Mine Overview
    ​Volcanic Mine Overview

    Mar-20-2022 PST

    Introduction The Volcanic Mine is located underneath the Fossil Island Volcano. It’s a large volcanic chamber whose entrance is in the north-eastern section of the volcano (where the NPC Petrified Pete is located). You can only enter the mines if you have level 50 in Mining, claimed the five Unidentified Small Fossils from Petrified Peter, and earned at least 150 Kudos. In addition to that, you also have to pay 30 Nummulites to Peter every time you wish to enter the area. Equipment Setup · Head: Prospector Helmet, Mitre, or Proselyte Sallet. · Necklace: Dragon Bone/Bonecr ...
  • ​Barrows Guide
    ​Barrows Guide

    Mar-13-2022 PST

    Introduction Barrows is a combat-based minigame that was released on the 9th of May 2005. It is named after burials mounds in which six Barrows Brothers were entombed. The minigame is about lotting valuable items from the brother’s crypts; however, the treasure is protected by their spirits. It’s a popular minigame among the players of OSRS, as it rewards valuable items, including the unique and powerful Barrows Equipment. The objective is to defeat the six brothers and open the final rewarding chest. How to get there? You can get there by casting the Barrows Teleport in the Arc ...
  • ​Kebos Lowlands Overview
    ​Kebos Lowlands Overview

    Mar-06-2022 PST

    Introduction Kebos Lowlands are located west of the Kingdom of Great Kourend, on the continent of Zeah. It’s one of the three regions that make up the entire continent of Zeah, with the other two being Varlamore and the Kingdom of Great Kourend. Kebos Lowlands has a rocky mountain to the south called Mount Quidamortem. And a sulphurous volcano to the north called Mount Karuulm. Between them lies the Kebos Swamp and a large piece of fertile soil land. These two areas are separated by a river called Molch. How to get there? You can get to the Kebos Lowlands by walking north ...
  • ​OSRS Woodcutting Guild Overview
    ​OSRS Woodcutting Guild Overview

    Feb-27-2022 PST

    Introduction Woodcutting Guild is only accessible to P2P (Play-to-play) players, and the area is located in the southwestern part of Hosidius. To enter the guild, you need to have 60+ Woodcutting, along with 75% Hosidius house favour. Within the guild, you are offered with +7 level boost in the Woodcutting skill; however, the boost is not visible to the naked eye. This boosts stacks with any existing boost that you’re on. For instance, if you’re using the Dragon Axe’s special attack that offers a +3 boost, you’ll receive a total of +10 boost within the guild. It’s worth noting t ...
  • ​OSRS Barbarian Training Overview
    ​OSRS Barbarian Training Overview

    Feb-17-2022 PST

    Introduction Barbarian Training is an expansion of Fishing, Smithing, Herblore, and Fire Making. These set activities provide access to the Ancient Cavern that has several monsters residing within like Mithril Dragons. There’s also Otto Godblessed on top of Baxtorian Falls, who is a barbarian that offers to teach players about Barbarian Skills. You can quickly get there using a Games Necklace to get to the Barbarian Outpost, and then run south. Alternatively, you can use the Barbarian Assault minigame teleport, or directly run there from East Ardougne, and then climb the cliff beside t ...
  • ​OSRS Fairy Ring Overview
    ​OSRS Fairy Ring Overview

    Feb-11-2022 PST

    Introduction Members of RuneScape unlock the Fairy Ring Network after the quests ‘Fairy Tale 1 & 2.’ They need to get permission from the Fairy Godmother herself to use it. There are a total of 45 teleportation rings that are spread across the game. They offer fast travel services to remote locations around the world. You need a Dramen or Lunar Staff to gain access to the teleportation system, along with a set of letter codes that direct you to the location you desire to travel to. If you’ve completed the Lumbridge and Draynor Diary, then you don’t need any staff to use t ...
  • ​OSRS Farming Guild Overview
    ​OSRS Farming Guild Overview

    Feb-05-2022 PST

    Introduction A members-only area that is located within the Kebos Lowlands. To be precise, you can simply walk north of the Kebos Swamp to find the Farming Guild. It’s basically a large greenhouse that is separated into three different tiers, and each of these tiers requires an advancing Farming level to access. You need at least 45 Farming to enter the guild, along with 60% Hosidius Favour. The founding member of the guild is Jane, who herself is the guild master. She found with along with her fellow Hosidius farmers right after the Shayzien army dealt with the Lizardmen wandering arou ...
  • ​OSRS Mining Guild Overview
    ​OSRS Mining Guild Overview

    Jan-23-2022 PST

    Introduction The Mining Guild can be found beneath Falador city. It is a place used by expert miners that have 60+ Mining. You can access the guild from either the above-ground complex that is southeast of the city or through the gates at the southern part of the Dwarven Mines. Both the entrances are guarded by Dwarves who stop the players if the requirements are not met. It’s worth noting that the mine is one of the only ten areas in RuneScape that contains three iron rocks that can be mined without moving. In other words, a perfect spot for power leveling. How to get there? You can ...
  • ​OSRS Cooks' Guild Overview
    ​OSRS Cooks' Guild Overview

    Jan-14-2022 PST

    Introduction The Cooks’ Guild or some would like to call it the Cooking Guild, is a guild for master chefs. It is located in a windmill that is west of Varrock. You’ll need at least 32 Cooking to enter the guild, and you must wear one of the following items – Golden Chef’s or Chef’s Hat. Cooking Cape, Cooking Hood, or Max Cape. Varrock Armor 3 or 4. Once you’re inside the guild, you are free to remove the mentioned items. How do you get there? You can walk from Varrock city or the Grand Exchange. You can use the Skills Necklace to directly teleport outside the guil ...
  • ​OSRS Elemental Workshop I Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Elemental Workshop I Quest Guide

    Jan-05-2022 PST

    Introduction Decades ago, a mineral that had the ability to alter the property of Magic was found. The magicians feared that the effect that it might have on their profession would be bad. So, they sealed the mineral in a workshop forever. In this quest, you will come across a mysterious book in Seers’ Village, which guides you to the discovery of a lost magical mineral known as Elemental Ore. Skill Requirements · 20 Mining · 20 Crafting · 20 Smithing Items Required · A Knife or a slashing weapon that has no poison-related properties. · A Pickaxe · A Needle ...
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