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    Service was at best! I didn't have a printer and I was really scared of losing my money. The guide helped me out of things I didn't have, but we pulled through. I know its a lot of thing to do but just do it and it'll be good. 

    Jun-14-2020, 01:29:44 PST
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    Awesome ! Was nervous and sketchy but yeah they’re super fast easy going definitely use again
    Jun-05-2020, 13:48:53 PST
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    Many people will think this is a scam and i thought it looked sketchy at first but its 100% legit, got my bank cleaned by a hacker hours before and now I have double of what he took so whatever right!? Honestly buy into this and get rid of that feeling of logging to find out you've been cleaned, easy and simple service! will be coming here again!
    May-27-2020, 15:30:17 PST
  • J Ytes
    Brought mills off these guy about 10 times went smooth transaction everytime highly recommended!!!!!!
    May-23-2020, 11:43:14 PST
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    2 out of 2 times, great service! 
    May-12-2020, 02:13:00 PST
  • jordan banner
    excellent service within 5 minutes very pleased for a first time buyer. Trusted and safe meet up !  Thanks again :)
    May-11-2020, 19:44:25 PST
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    I was super nervous at first, made a small purchase to test, went well so made a second, also went well. Would recommend.
    May-04-2020, 13:00:12 PST
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    Great site always fast service ordered a few times and will definitely order again
    Apr-29-2020, 22:22:32 PST
  • Joshua Gregory
    Apr-27-2020, 05:31:30 PST
  • Joshua Gregory
    Great service fast to
    Apr-27-2020, 05:28:20 PST
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