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    Fast and reliable. Will buy again
    Nov-28-2020, 07:00:55 PST
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    two orders and after the first security checks on the first order second order was smooth and fast. thanks again.
    Nov-07-2020, 01:56:07 PST
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    Great service, quick and easy!
    Nov-06-2020, 10:44:15 PST
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    ordered a firecape, did an amazing job! definitely recommend if you’re like me and don’t have a lot of time to get certain items. thanks again! 
    Nov-05-2020, 18:11:29 PST
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    Had them get firecape on my pure with 70 range 1 def 44 pray. Done in 3 hours , these guys are the best!
    Nov-05-2020, 08:18:46 PST
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    Amazing service!

    Oct-13-2020, 15:24:32 PST
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    Fast delivery and nice customer support UwU

    Oct-13-2020, 02:24:36 PST
  • Ryan P
    Legit. Always good service
    Oct-10-2020, 14:28:02 PST
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    I recently left a review stating I paid $166 for gold and didnt get, I am happy to inform you I did receive my gold after working with staff, the problem was on my end not their end. Everything is taken care of and I am satisfied with the results and I will be buying from them again. Thank you so much
    Oct-09-2020, 19:26:49 PST
  • Luis Frausto
    Sep-04-2020, 00:10:59 PST
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