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    Great site, a great price.
    Feb-03-2021, 17:52:12 PST
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    Great deals and very trustworthy. Ive been buying gold on this site for about 1 year now. Proably close to $100 and Ive never been scammed. They also have a GP prize wheel you can spin on every purchase giving you even more gold on top of your order! Keep up the good stuff.
    Jan-18-2021, 18:39:22 PST
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    Delivery speed is very fast, very satisfied
    Jan-18-2021, 16:00:47 PST
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    Bought from them twice and everything went smooth! I was really skeptical at first because I never bought rs gold before. But I highly recommend them for gold needs!
    Jan-15-2021, 18:50:10 PST
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    quick easy transaction will be using again
    Jan-01-2021, 14:55:47 PST
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    Dec-22-2020, 03:54:38 PST
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    Got a firecape from here! Fast service, very happy!
    Dec-16-2020, 12:01:32 PST
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    Item delivered within 5 minutes of my purchase. great service and hassle free.
    Dec-10-2020, 07:14:30 PST
  • James Parker

    Great service and very reliable, I even had a echeque sent accidentally and they sorted the situation very well.

    always good. always fast, always cheap. 

    Dec-07-2020, 13:40:48 PST
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    Reliable website, only complaint is the wait time is slow sometimes. Waited 1.5 hours for my most recent order.
    Dec-03-2020, 21:18:38 PST
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