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  • Ting
    service is good, very cheap.
    Feb-02-2018, 17:10:25 PST
  • Vistor
    Cheap and fast delivery!
    Feb-02-2018, 17:02:28 PST
  • Amylon
    Best rs gold site, buy again and again.
    Feb-02-2018, 16:25:39 PST
  • Frank
    A very reliable website. fast service and legit, Nothing goes wrong the customer service is great. I would keep buying from rsgoldfast shop and wont choose another one at all! 100% trust-able and reliable. very thanksfull. 5 stars from me.
    Feb-01-2018, 18:24:23 PST
  • Mike
    I bought 150M rs07 GP from them. I got my coins 3mins after my order verified! Very very fast service i met so far. I have many friends wanna buy RS Gold, so i will recommened them to buy from here!! A++++++ Service. Thanks again, guys!
    Feb-01-2018, 18:21:56 PST
  • Lee
    I have bought OSRS Gold from Rsgoldfast for many years and everything is going well all the time. Im much appreciated for their great service. They are definitely worth to be recommened!!!!Thank you very much!
    Feb-01-2018, 21:39:07 PST
  • Rank
    Smooooooth sale. thank you so much.
    Feb-01-2018, 16:42:33 PST
  • vank
    service is good, fast delivery.
    Jan-31-2018, 21:35:30 PST
  • Visitors
    Jan-31-2018, 16:30:23 PST
  • Visitors
    Thanks very much, quick delivery.
    Jan-31-2018, 16:30:16 PST
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